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Board of Directors Responsibilities and Composition

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the AMUG Board of Directors are:

Establishing Identity and Direction
    • Ensure Effective Planning: The AMUG Board of Directors reviews and revises the organization’s strategic plans and governing documents.
    • Advocate the Mission, Objectives, and Purpose: Ensure the AMUG Bylaws, Mission, Objectives, and Purpose are reflected in the AMUG operations and conference programs.
    • Continue building on the AMUG Brand of hospitality through professional education and training, while engaging and networking with members.
Ensure Resources
    • Build a competent Board through orientation, mentoring and continuing education & team work.
    • Ensure adequate financial resources through the adopted policies related to funds and expenses.
    • Ensure the Board’s composition and supporting volunteers, vendors and contractors reflect the strategic needs of the organization
    • Ensure resources are in place to develop and successfully provide the AMUG Conference and Business Meeting annually for its members.
    • Enhance the Organization’s Industry Standing through continual outreach to the community and review of feedback and information related to the organization’s reputation to implement innovative programs to engage with AMUG members and the AM industry.
Providing Oversight
    • Support and evaluate the Board Operations.
    • Monitor and strengthen programs and services offered to its members.
    • Protect assets and provide financial oversight of the AMUG operations.
    • Ensure legal and ethical integrity (Care, Loyalty, Obedience).
    • Pay attention to the organization’s activities and operations.
    • Put the interests of the organization before personal and professional interests.
    • Comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws; adhere to the AMUG Bylaws; and remain the guardians of the mission.
Board Operations
    • Board of Directors regularly assesses its own performance.
    • Board of Directors regularly engages with committees to provide guidance and assistance as needed.
    • Regularly review the AMUG Policy, Procedures and Governance Manual.

The AMUG Board of Directors is comprised of nine (9) voting Directors, four serve simultaneously as Officers (AMUG Bylaws, Section 1, Number of Directors).

The Officers of the Corporation are a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These Officers will also serve simultaneously on the Board of Directors. Except for the Treasurer, no offices may be held by the same person or employees of the same company, or employees of affiliates of the same company at the time of election or appointment, with the exception that the Treasurer and Director at Large may not be from the same company.

In addition, the following individuals are non-voting members of the Board of Directors: Immediate Past President and Immediate Past Treasurer. The Board of Directors may appoint one or more individuals who participate in Board of Directors matters in a non-voting, advisory capacity. Non-voting Board members are not included for the purpose of determining a quorum of the Board.

AMUG Board of Directors
    • President (Officer of the Corporation)
    • Vice President (Officer of Corporation)
    • Secretary (Officer of Corporation)
    • Treasurer (Officer of Corporation)
    • Director at Large
    • Director, Education & Conference
    • Director, Event & Hospitality
    • Director, Membership
    • Director, Sponsors & Exhibitors
Open positions in the coming election: Secretary, Treasurer, Director- Education & Conference, Director- Event & Hospitality, Director-Sponsors & Exhibitors
The nomination period has ended.