Distinguished Innovator Operators Award (DINO)

The DINO Award is AMUG’s most prestigious honor.  It is bestowed upon those with the highest levels of additive manufacturing expertise and a willingness to share that knowledge through contributions to AMUG, its members and the industry it represents.

DINO selection
The additive manufacturing industry is filled with innovative, dedicated and passionate individuals that contribute to the additive manufacturing industry and to AMUG.

Each year, the DINO Selection Committee reviews submitted nominations the list of conference registrants to select no more than 10 deserving individuals.  The committee considers contributions to AMUG (speaker, volunteer, etc.); contributions to the AM industry; years of hands-on work with an AM technology; willingness to share and assist; skill level; and other subjective factors.

Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be a DINO? Consider submitting a nomination for the 2020 DINO class. Nominations will be accepted starting January 1, 2020.

For details on requirements and the selection process, please click here.

Welcome new DINOs

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group welcomed eight new DINOs at the 2018 AMUG Conference.

Front row (left to right): Andy Christensen, Steve Hanna, Pat Warner and Rey Chu. Back row (Left to right): Fried Vancraen, Andrew Sliwa, Douglas Greenwood and Rick Pressley.

The new DINOs have been advocates and early adopters of additive manufacturing in the medical, aerospace, motorsports and defense industries, amongst others. Their efforts behind the scenes and from the public stage have advanced the technology and the applications that leverage its capabilities. Through direct contributions and corporate support, all have had a hand in making the AMUG Conference a positive experience for those seeking insights and information.

Paul Bates, AMUG president, said, “The impact of these individuals on the additive manufacturing industry and on the success of the users group is awe-inspiring. It was my honor to share the stage with this incredible group of individuals that have worked towards a common cause—success with additive manufacturing.”

Over its 30-year history, AMUG has awarded only 149 DINOs. Although there are many deserving of the recognition as a DINO, AMUG limits this prestigious award to no more than ten individuals each year.



Andy Christensen, Somaden LLC
Rey Chu, PADT, Inc.
Douglas Greenwood, Fleet Readiness Center East
Steve Hanna, 3D Systems

Rick Pressley, Renaissance Services, Inc.
Andrew Sliwa, Custom Prototypes Inc.
Fried Vancraen, Materialise
Pat Warner, Renault Sport Formula One


Ted Anderson, GE Additive
Bruce Bradshaw, Arcam AB
Carl Deckard, Structured Polymers
Joerg Griessbach, The SL Pro
Jim Harrison, The Solid Experts

Kim Killoran, Stratasys
Peter Liacouras, Walter Reed Military Medical Center
Steve Murray, Hoosier Pattern
Shannon VanDeren, Layered Manufacturing and Consulting
Kevin Zaras, DSM Functional Materials


Andrew Allshorn, At 3D-Squared, Ltd.
Ben Dolan, UC Irvine
Vito Gervasi, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Elizabeth Goode, GoodeInk
Mike Hascher, Eagle Engineered Solutions Inc.

Joe Holland, Hyphen
Bonnie Meyer, Stratasys
Todd Reese, Realize, Inc.
Dan Welker, Yazaki North America
Jack Ziemba, Aristo-Cast, Inc.


Vince Anewenter, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSoE)
Derek Ellis, Computer Aided Technology, Inc.
Andrew Graves, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Steven Kossett, Natural Resources Research Institute, UMN

Stefan Ritt, SLM Solutions
Harold Sears, Ford Motor Company
Ed Tackett, University of California, Irvine
Mark Wynn, Yazaki North America


Mark Barfoot, Hyphen
Scott Crump, Stratasys
Stewart Davis, CRP USA

Jason Dickman, American Precision Prototyping
Jim Reitz, Rapid Tech Consulting


Chuck Alexander, Solid Concepts
Brian Bauman, Linked In 3D
Paul Bordner, Laser Reproductions

Todd Grimm, T.A. Grimm & Associates
Terry Hoppe, Stratasys


Paul Bates, Reebok
David Bourell, University of Texas
Bill Braune, Met-L-Flo
Duane Byerly, Xerox
Robert Coleman, Mattell
Roger Cunningham, Integra
Mike Littrell, Cideas Inc.
Jason Lopes, Legacy Effects
Frank Medina, Univ. of Texas El Paso
Dan Mishek, Vista Technologies

Larry Monahan, Becton Dickinson
Charlie Norton, NCP Leasing
Ken Patton, RapidTech/Saddleback
Brad Palumbo, Phoenix Analysis & Design
Bradley Ruprecht, US Army
Scott Schermer, S.C. Johnson
Thomas Starr, University of Louisville
Sean Wise, RePliForm
Michael Zerbe, Newell Rubbermaid


Bret Bordner, Laser Reproductions
Mike Connor, Integra
Kevin Dyer, InterPro
Bob Dzugan, buyCASTINGS
Fred Hilbrandt, FBI

Bill Lamey, Boeing
John Schaefer, DSM Somos
Greg Stein, Northrop Grumman
XuXiaoshu, Farsoon Hi-Tech
Arnold Zieger, Dalimer


Ron Belknap, Protocam
Jerry Bordner, Laser Reproductions
Dr. Dave Bourell, Univesity of Texas
ShekuKamara, MSOE

Kevin McAlea, 3D Systems
Bruce Okkema, Eagle Design & Technology
Lance Shanklin, Integra Support


Neil Hopkinson, Loughborough University
Dr. Paul Jacobs, 3D Systems
Harold Luper, Huntsman
Steve McDonald, L3

Dave Rosen, Georgia Tech
Richard Smeenk, Agile Manufacturing
Graham Tromans, Loughborough University


Mark Abshire, DSM
Denny Black, Valeo Sylvania
Chris Huskamp, The Boeing Phantom Works
SteinarKilli, Oslo School

Troy Kuhn, Chrysler
Glideon Levy, University of Applied Sciences
Ariel Lijenstein, Robtec
Jan Richter, Solid Concepts


Rick Booth, Advanced Laser Materials
Carl Dekker, Met-L-Flo
Kent Firestone, Solid Concepts
Gary Graf, University of Louisville

Bruce LeMaster, Applied Rapid Technologies
Tom Mueller, Express Pattern
Gary Rabinovitz, Reebok International
Lawrence Winnen, Tyco Electronics


Joe Allison, Solid Concepts
Daniel Baker, US Army Benet Labs
Philip Conner, 3D Systems
Renee Flynn, Paramount Industries
SoerenGriessbavh, V.G. Kunstsofftechni

Terry Kreplin, Baxter
R.J. Robinson, University of Kentucky
IgataTersuzo, INCS
Georgia Theriot, GT Signiture
James Williams, Paramount Industries


Gregg Banyon, Delphi
Martin Colombo, ATI
Richard Davis, Motorola
Ken Davis, University of Louisville
Al DeWitt, Rapid Solutions

Mike Scanlon, Homes Group
Roger Speilman, Solid Concepts
Brent Stucker, Utah State
Scott Turner, Scicon
Rethia Williams, RMB Products


Kevin Ayers, FBI
Tim Gornet, University of Louisville
David Leigh, Harvest Technologies
Jeff Smith, Moeller Design

Derrick Spaven, RPM Solutions
Bob Speer, ALCOA
Scott Sutterer, DSM Somos
Bob Zubrickie, Tyco Electronics


Phill Dickens, Loughborough University
Judy Gill, Raytheon
Mark Horner, The Technology House


Steve Deak, Hasbro
Beth Israelnaim, Becton-Dickenson
Kevin Kennedy, Prototech Engineering
Tom Sorovetz, Daimler Chrysler


Dave Flynn, Express Pattern
Elaine Hunt, Clemson University
Graham Tromans, Rover Group
Doug Van Putte, Eastman Kodak


Guy Bourdeau, Beckman Coulter
Rob Connelly, Becton-Dickinson
Joe DeGuglielmo, Eastman Kodak
Chuck Hull, 3D Systems
John Mack, General Motors
Fred Steinbauer, Pratt & Whitney

1999, 2002; No DINOs awarded