Operations Committees, which report to the Board of Directors, support the organization at the strategic/business level.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered to address issues that arise between the full board meetings. It also formulates the agenda for board meetings. It also provides organizational oversight and is responsible for overseeing the implementation of board policies and making sure that the board is establishing and maintaining good governance practices.

Chairperson: Carl Dekker, President (Met-L-Flo)

Contact at President@amug.com

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops long-range financial plans, investment policies, financial and operating policies and the AMUG budget. The committee will have oversight of investments and financial condition of AMUG.

Chairperson: Vince Anewenter, Treasurer (MSOE)

Contact at Treasurer@amug.com

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee has the responsibility for ongoing board development, leadership development, board and board member assessment, board education, and ensuring that the board is equipped with proper guidelines and structure to do its work. In addition, the committee reviews the bylaws, board policies and documents regularly and recommends timely amendments or replacements when necessary.

Chairperson: Leslie Frost, Secretary (GE Additive)

Contact at Secretary@amug.com

International Committee

The International Committee advises the board on strategies for development and growth of its leadership role worldwide while actively serving as Ambassadors for AMUG in areas where membership is less robust and in need of development. The committee provides guidance on programming, events, and activities which would allow AMUG to fully engage with destinations around the globe.

Chairperson: Stefan Ritt (3YOURMIND)

Contact at International@amug.com

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is  steward of the AMUG brand and image, assure that the users group has internal and external marketing and communications programs targeted at specific market segments, and that AMUG programs are consistent with clearly defined objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of the users group.

Chairperson: Kim Killoran (Stratasys)

Contact at Marketing@amug.com

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee establishes procedures for obtaining new members, and encourage, promote, and retain individual and organization members.

Chairperson: Andrew Allshorn, Vice President (At 3D-Squared)

Contact at Membership@amug.com

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee is a benefit available to all AMUG Members. This committee enables AMUG members to network with AMUG members who have volunteered to share their expertise, guidance, and support. The Mentoring Committee is intended to build bench strength in the AMUG Board and Committees, and the AMUG members professional development and through leveraging the expertise and talent of the AM community.

Chairperson: Elizabeth Goode, Principal Consultant (GoodeInk)

Contact at Mentor@amug.com

New Member Committee

The New Member Committee works with the membership committee with a focus on first-time attendees. It communicates with new members and provides guidance on how to engage at AMUG.

Chairperson: Derek Ellis (Fischer Unitech)

Contact at NewMember@amug.com

NextGen Committee

This committee is under development.

Chairperson: TBA

Contact at NextGen@amug.com

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the annual slate of candidates for the AMUG Board. The duty of the nominating committee is to find the best candidats for available Director and Officer positions.

Chairperson: Paul Bates, Past President (UL)

Contact at NomCom@amug.com

Partnership Committee

The Partnership Committee focuses on the interactions between AMUG and all external entities, including industry and trade associations, professional organizations, and media publications. The committee will develop and manage both long-term strategic partnerships and immediate media partners for the annual AMUG Conference.

Chairperson: Gary Rabinovitz, Chairman (Reebok)

Contact at Partners@amug.com

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee develops and oversees AMUG volunteers. The committee provides an open and transparent process for AMUG members to volunteer to serve prior to and at the annual AMUG Conference. Its goal is to create ease-of-engagement and develop members’ understanding of the volunteer structure. Through their efforts they will provide clarity of roles and responsibilities, including an understanding of what committees require in terms of content expertise and/or constituent representation.

Chairperson: Leslie Frost, Secretary (Ge Additive)

Contact at Volunteer@amug.com


Conference Committees, which report to the President, support the development and enactment of AMUG Conference activities.

Agenda and Program Committee

The Agenda and Program Committee is responsible for the development, arrangement, and delivery of the coming year’s annual AMUG Conference.

Chairpersons: Elizabeth Goode, Principal Consultant (GoodeInk)
Gary Rabinovitz, Chairman (Reebok)

Contact at Agenda@amug.com

DINO Selection Committee

The DINO Selection Committee is responsible for developing and facilitating the selection process of AMUG members for the AMUG DINO (Distinguished INovator Operator) award, as well as, present the award to the recipients at the annual conference.

Chairperson: Gary Rabinovitz, Chairman (Reebok)

Contact at Dino@amug.com

Education and Conference Program Committee

Chairperson: Carl Dekker, President (Met-L-Flo)

Event and Hospitality Committee

The Event and Hospitality Committee is responsible for selection and management of the annual AMUG conference location/facility and hotels.

Chairperson: Thomas Sorovetz, Event Manager, (FCA LLC)

Contact at Events@amug.com

AMUGexpo Committee

The AMUGexpo Committee ensures proper handling of contracts, floor space, exhibitor registration, security, and other logistics; or, it manages an exhibits-management company.

Chairperson: Mark Wynn (Yazaki)

Contact at expo@amug.com

Recognition Committee

To ensure the recognition of outstanding achievements by individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to AMUG and its’ members. The committee will be responsible for all AMUG awards presented at the AMUG conference, coordinating awards for the Scholarships and Technical Competition, and developing a timeline and script for the awards presented at the conference.

Chairperson: Mark Barfoot (EWI)

Contact at awards@amug.com

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee plans and runs conference registration procedures and logistics (both advance and on-site), including handling of credit card fees, cancellation policy, and creation of name badges; or, it manages a registration-management company.

Chairperson: Kevin Zaras (DSM Additive Manufacturing)

Contact at registrar@amug.com

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee advises the AMUG Board on the awarding of scholarships; Guy E. Bourdeau and Randy Stevens. The Committee is responsible for reviewing all scholarship applications, selecting scholarship recipients, and coordinating the winner’s participation at AMUG.

Chairperson: Brett Charlton (BD)

Contact at scholarship@amug.com

Sponsor and Exhibitor Committee

The Sponsor and Exhibitor Committee manages and coordinates the Diamond and Platinum speaking and training sessions at the annual AMUG Conference. Thhis committee works directly with the Agenda Committee.

Chairperson: Jamie Cone, Vice President (BD)

Contact at VicePresident@amug.com

Technical Competition Committee

The Technical Competition Committee is responsible for the promotion and management of the Technical Competition at the AMUG Conference.

Chairperson: Jason Lopes (Carbon)

Contact at TechComp@amug.com

Track Leader Committee

The Track Leader Committee focuses on the conference tracks and development of the education and training
programs provided to the attendees. The committee is responsible for determining what speakers and sessions are presented at the AMUG Conference during the AMUG Track sessions. The committee will act as the moderators at the conference for their individual tracks.

Chairperson: Jordan Weston (MSOE)

Contact at TrackLeader@amug.com