Compete in 2023

Please note that the entry period for the 2023 will begin Q4 2022.

The AMUG Technical Competition provides a forum for users of additive manufacturing technologies to display their unique applications as well as their finishing capabilities.

The Advanced Concepts category aims to recognize individuals and their companies for exemplary work with additive manufacturing technologies. Entries in this category will “push the envelope” for a particular technology or a combination of technologies. Unique applications, processes, and/or utilization are desired in this category.

The Advanced Finishing category has been created to recognize the efforts of those whom we often overlook when evaluating a model. The designers and engineers may hatch a concept, but it is often the parts finishers, model makers, painters and others that bring a prototype to life.

Users may submit their entries in the Advanced Concepts category or the Advanced Finishing category. Multiple entries are permitted. Each category will be open to all additive manufacturing technologies with a winner and runner-up being selected from each.

NEW in 2022: Members Choice Award:
One entry will be selected by AMUG Member votes to be honored as the members choice.

All entries will be displayed at the conference’s AMUGexpo and will be judged by a panel of DINOs. Winners will be announced during the conference’s general session.


Meet the 2022 Winners

Advanced Concepts

  • 1st Place: Nanci Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing
  • 2nd Place : Andreas Vlahinos Advanced Engineering Solutions
  • 3rd Place: Jason Jones, Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

Members Choice

  • Jung Kyu Im $Daniel Goncalves, Custome Prototypes

Advanced Finishing

  • 1st Place: Bill Braune, Dinsmore, Inc.
  • 2nd Place: Mark Abshire
  • 3rd Place: Brent Wright, LifeNabled

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Previous Years’ Winners