2023 AMUG Conference Opportunities

Sponsor & Exhibit

The AMUG Conference provides the opportunity for leaders in the additive manufacturing industry to showcase their products and services to the owners, operators, and key decision makers of AM technology.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that help companies educate and train their current users while introducing new and exciting products, applications and materials. This is also a great opportunity for companies to engage with the AM community to meet new prospects and help define the future of AM.

All AMUG Sponsorships include:
  • Recognition in the official AMUG Conference program
  • Placement on the AMUG website with logo and link
  • Recognition on signage during the conference*
  • The right to use a “sponsor” title in your company promotional materials
  • Additional benefits based on sponsorship investment

*excludes Bronze Sponsorships

AMUG Exhibitor Package includes:
  • Recognition in the official AMUG Conference program
  • Space in the AMUGexpo
  • Listing in conference planner and mobile app

Sponsor and Exhibitor registration for the 2023 AMUG Conference is now closed.

Sponsorship investment levels:
  • Diamond: $35,000 SOLD OUT
  • Platinum: $17,500 SOLD OUT
  • Gold: $7,500 SOLD OUT
  • Gold (no booth): $7,500 SOLD OUT
  • Silver: $2,500
  • Bronze: $1,000
Exhibitor investment
  • AMUGexpo Exhibitor – $3,500SOLD OUT

Below, summaries of what AMUG offers with each support level. For further details and comparisons, please review our 2023 Sponsor and Exhibitor Prospectus.

Diamond Level - $35,000

Diamond Sponsorships are designed around the concept of a mini-user group within the AMUG Conference. As such, these sponsors have a large, dedicated space that is open throughout the entire conference to display equipment, conduct user meetings and make presentations.

Returning in 2023: AMUG Training Sessions, where Diamond Sponsors can conduct hands-on training workshops, and a designated room  (for the entire conference) for business or sales meetings.

This package offers the most promotional/exposure tools, including newsletter articles, signage, website presence, and co-branded give-aways. Diamond Sponsors also get some time in the spotlight during the conference’s general session.

AMUG rounds out this package with six full conference passes and four AMUGexpo passes for booth staff.

Platinum Level - $17,500 [SOLD OUT]

Platinum Sponsorships offer exposure throughout the AMUG conference and promotion before, during and after the event. At this level, sponsors get to display an AM machine(s) and ancillary equipment for the full conference and conduct one presentation. For 2023, we offer the option (at no additional cost) to reserve a private room for business or sales meetings.

This package offers a lot of promotional/exposure tools, including website presence, conference signage and logo printed in the conference program.

AMUG rounds out this package with two full-conference passes and two AMUGexpo support staff passes.

Gold Level - $7,500 [NO BOOTH OPTION ONLY]

Gold Sponsorship is for those companies that want to participate in the AMUGexpo and receive some marketing through AMUG assets.

At this level, companies get a booth in the AMUGexpo*, one full-conference pass, two AMUGexpo support staff passes, and promotion by AMUG before, during and after the conference.

* Gold Sponsors may opt for the ‘no booth’ option, which adds an additional conference pass in lieu of an AMUG expo booth.

Silver Level - $2,500

Silver Sponsorships receive recognition and exposure on the AMUG website and in conference materials, such as signage and conference program.

Bronze - $1,000

Bronze Sponsorships are an option to support the AMUG Conference as a “patron.”

However,  there is recognition on the AMUG website and in the conference program.

Exhibitor-only at AMUGexpo - $3,500 [SOLD OUT]

The Exhibitor Package is for those that want to display their products and services at the AMUGexpo, which is a Sunday- and Monday-night event. For 2021, we have also added 10:00am – 1:30pm on Monday.

Please note that this option allows the display of non-AM equipment (ancillary equipment, e.g. cleaning station, scanning, tumbler, etc.).  To exhibit AM equipment at the AMUGexpo, contact our Director, Sponsors and Exhibitors to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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