The AMUG Conference is quite unique in many ways. To get the most out of it, you should adjust your expectations, alter your daily schedules and plan to engage with other users from morning through evening. AMUG provides the opportunity, but you create the experience.

To aid those who have yet to attend an AMUG Conference (first-timers), we offer the following FAQs to give you an understanding of this unique event.

What is AMUG?

  • Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.
  • The cornerstone of AMUG is the annual Education & Training Conference.
  • AMUG members meet annually to share information, tips, and tricks on additive manufacturing processes, applications, materials, ancillary equipment, and industry trends.
  • “For Users, By Users” is both AMUG’s philosophy and its guiding principle. Every presentation, workshop, sponsor, and exhibitor passes through one simple filter: does it provide value to AM users? That is the crux of “For Users.” We then turn to users to provide the content and count on them to make the conference valuable, memorable, and unique. That is the “By Users” component.
  • Since its 1988 inception, the organization has been managed by a volunteer board of directors. The AMUG Board of Directors is elected by the members participating in the AMUG Conference. As a first-time attendee your vote counts! More information about this is available below in “Is it important that I Vote”.

Is this a new conference?

  • Absolutely not! In fact, the AMUG Conference began as the 3D Systems North American Stereolithography (SL) Users Group in 1988. While the initial users group was dedicated to SL technology, it expanded to include Laser Sintering (LS) technology after 3D Systems’ acquisition of DTM in 2001.
  • As companies began to add a variety of AM technologies to their rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, the 3D Systems Users Group evolved into what is now the Additive Manufacturing Users Group, and the organization was opened to all AM technology in 2011.

Do I really need to arrive on Sunday and spend the entire week at the AMUG Conference?

  • YES! Plan to arrive early at the AMUG Conference and stay through Thursday night. A few of the reasons to attend the entire event:
    • Saturday and Sunday pre-conference activities include training and certificate courses offered by organizations such as ASTM and SME, as well as off-site tours with area additive manufacturing companies.
    • Sunday afternoon is the New Member Welcome that kicks off the AMUG Conference. The one-hour welcome will give you the opportunity to meet the AMUG Board, New Member Committee, experienced users of AM technology, and other first-time attendees. We will also give you an overview of what to expect during your week at the AMUG Conference.
    • The AMUGexpo is yet another reason to arrive as early as possible! The AMUGexpo is open Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It’s a great opportunity to see some of the latest innovations in action and to speak with knowledgeable members of the industry.
    • Between Monday and Thursday there are over 200 presentations, panels, roundtables, and workshops that will take place. The final day of the AMUG Conference hosts the Workshops on Thursday and provides the most hands-on sessions in one day, so don’t leave early and miss out on them!
    • The event finishes off with the AMUG Family and Closing Dinner, with a themed night and live entertainment.

Is networking and socializing that important?

  • It really is. The AMUG Conference isn’t about sales and contracts; it’s about building connections that strengthen the industry as a whole. Members at the AMUG Conference are very open and welcoming. Everyone is here to learn and network.
  • Be sure to attend the evening dinners and events, and ESPECIALLY don’t miss out on the Wednesday Special Event and Dinner.

What is included in my registration fee?

  • Your AMUG Conference registration includes:
    • Membership status in the AMUG organization until the start of next year’s AMUG Conference. Membership status grants member voting rights for the AMUG Board of Directors election and Technical Competition Members’ Choice Award.
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beginning with dinner at the AMUGexpo on Sunday and ending with dinner on Thursday night.
    • New Member Welcome.
    • Access to the AMUGexpo on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
    • Technical Competition during the AMUGexpo on Monday and Tuesday night.
    • Keynote presentations.
    • Technical sessions.
    • Workshops and hands-on training.
    • Sponsor speaking and training sessions.
    • Wednesday Special Event and Dinner.
    • Access to AMUG Mobile App Access to Conference Proceedings.
  • Pre-conference certificate courses and off-site tours are separate from the AMUG Conference and require separate registration. Certificate courses may have additional costs. See the AMUG website for more information.

After one AMUG Conference, I’ve seen it all, right?

  • No way! The AMUG Conference is not a singular event. As the industry grows and evolves, the AMUG Conference does as well.
  • Every year is different as we work to improve the attendee experience. Also, every year you attend, your personal network grows. You’ll meet new people and learn new things about our industry.
  • The AMUG Conference is definitely not a one-and-done experience!

Is it important to vote for the AMUG Board of Directors, even though I don’t know who these people are or what they do?

  • For sure! As mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that you will choose to have the AMUG experience only once. It’s important to share your voice in this group. Every conference attendee has a say in the growth of AMUG. You will be part of determining the future of AMUG!
  • Biographies for each candidate running for a board position will be available through the online planner and mobile app. Feel free to talk to the candidates about their background and position they are running for. Ask others and become part of the process. You are a member of the AMUG organization, and your vote is important.

What is the dress code?

  • It’s a lot more casual than you might think. Comfort is key, but keep it professional too! Most attendees dress in “business casual” or “smart casual” attire.
  • We also have a themed night on Thursday, so follow AMUG announcements for this year’s theme!

Do I have to always wear my badge?

  • Everyone must wear an AMUG Conference badge and current lanyard to access the AMUG Conference, AMUGexpo, meeting rooms, and the evening events.
  • Your badge includes a QR Code that will allow sponsors and exhibitors to scan and obtain your contact details that you registered with. However, allowing a company to scan your badge is at your discretion. Once the company scans your badge, they will be able to contact you directly. (AMUG follows strict GDPR rules and does not provide your contact information directly to sponsors, exhibitors, or other members. AMUG does not sell the registration list to anyone. Please avoid companies that offer to sell you a registration list).
  • Your badge also includes your login details to the AMUG mobile app.
  • Lanyards change colors each year and must be used with your badges. Please use the AMUG Conference lanyard provided to you at registration throughout your time at the conference.

What if I have a question after I get there?

  • Look for the new member ambassadors in RED AMUG shirts—they are there to assist.
  • Look for AMUG Conference signage to direct you to all common spaces and Help Desk locations.