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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is in recognition of 20+ years of exemplary and outstanding service for the Additive Manufacturing Users Group.

Gary Rabinovitz (left) receiving AMUG's Lifetime Achievement Award from Paul Bates.

Gary Rabinovitz (left) receiving Lifetime Achievement Award from Paul Bates.

President's Award

The President’s Award is in recognition of exemplary vision, leadership, and tireless years of service for the advancement of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group.

Thomas A. Sorovetz (2000)
Patti Brown (2006)
Guy E. Bourdeau (2007)
Robert Zubrickie (2010)
Timothy Gornet (2013)
Gary Rabinovitz (2014)
Mark Abshire (2016)
Elizabeth Goode (2019)
Vince Anewenter (2021)
Terry Hoppe (2021)
Mark Wynn (2023)

Mark Wynn receiving President’s Award.

Innovators Award

The Innovators Award recognizes those who have cultivated innovative ideas that have advanced the additive manufacturing industry.

DINO Award

The Distinguished INnovator Operator (DINO) Award is bestowed upon those with the highest levels of additive manufacturing expertise and a willingness to share that knowledge through contributions to AMUG, its members and the industry.

While exclusive and highly prized, the number of DINO Award recipients would overshadow the other prestigious awards. So, we have listed the honorees (and provided further details) on the DINO page.

Unlike the other awards, nominations for DINO candidates are welcomed. To nominate a worthy candidate, visit DINO selection page.

The DINO Award

The DINO Award presented in 2023.