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2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

By March 28, 2024news, Press Release

Gary Rabinovitz Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Additive Manufacturing Users Group

ZEELAND, MICH., March 28, 2024 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) today announced Gary Rabinovitz as the recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award, the second in the organization’s 36-year history. Rabinovitz, AM/3D Printing Lab Manager at Reebok and a member of AMUG’s Board of Directors, was recognized during the group’s 36th annual conference for 24 years of service, hard work and dedication.

Paul Bates, Rabinovitz’s former manager at Reebok and a past AMUG President, presented Rabinovitz with the Lifetime Achievement Award. During the award presentation, Bates recounted his long association with Rabinovitz, having introduced him to Reebok and additive manufacturing as well as facilitated his volunteer work for AMUG.

Paul Bates (left) had the honor of presenting his friend and colleague Gary Rabinovitz with AMUG's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gary Rabinovitz (right) received AMUG’s Lifetime Achievement Award from friend and colleague, Paul Bates.

Gary Rabinovitz. on stage at AMUG 2024, expressing his appreciation to AMUG and its members for honoring him with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gary Rabinovitz during his emotional acceptance speech after receiving AMUG’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bates said, “Much of what Gary has done is unknown to the AMUG membership. But having worked closely with him for so many years, I witnessed his pivotal role in providing leadership, guidance and counsel as AMUG transitioned over the past 24 years. I have also seen his diligence in doing the work needed to make the changes possible and keep AMUG true to its mission.”

Rabinovitz, filled with emotion, could not speak for several moments after accepting the award. When he composed himself, he said that the three priorities in his life are family, wrestling, and AMUG. His wife, Mary, who has been a volunteer at AMUG Conferences for many years, was present to share in celebrating Rabinovitz’s contributions.

Rabinovitz said, “This Lifetime Achievement Award means the world to me. I never imagined being a volunteer in the AM industry for over two decades and then being recognized for it.” He concluded, “I am very humbled to receive this prestigious award from AMUG.”

Within his heart-felt, emotionally charged reaction to receiving the award, he also expressed gratitude for Reebok’s support of his volunteer work over his 27-year career with the company.

Shannon VanDeren, AMUG President, said, “Gary has been a significant contributor to the additive manufacturing industry for most of his years as a user within Reebok. Gary has consistently contributed his energy, time and experience to varied organizations with the mission to further advance additive technologies.”

“Across decades, the consistency of his involvement is what is so marked to me as I look upon his contributions,” she concluded.

Rabinovitz’s involvement in additive manufacturing user communities began with the Selective Laser Sintering Users Group, which merged with the Stereolithography Users Group to form what is now known as AMUG. In 2001, he became president. From 2002 to 2006, he was president of the Z Corp Users Group (unaffiliated with AMUG).

Without interruption, Rabinovitz has served as an AMUG officer or director since 2011. Over those 13 years, he has held the following positions: Vice President, President, Past President, Advisor to the Board, Chairman, and Director at Large.

When he took on the role of Vice President in 2011, AMUG’s future was unclear as it transitioned from a group focused on two technologies to one that served all users of all additive manufacturing technologies. With his efforts and those of others central to the restructuring, AMUG has endured, grown and thrived.

Considering his heavy workload at Reebok, Rabinovitz did not set out to be elected Vice President in 2011. However, he unselfishly accepted a nomination when no other members considered running for this role.

Beyond his roles on the leadership team, Rabinovitz has contributed as a conference volunteer, coordinating the pre-conference giveaway-bag stuffing and other behind-the-scenes activities. He has also chaired the Collaboration Committee and DINO Selection Committee since their inception.

Rabinovitz joins Thomas Sorovetz as the most honored AMUG member, having received the three most prestigious awards that the group bestows: President’s Award [2014], DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award [2001] and Lifetime Achievement Award [2024].

The custom Lifetime Achievement Award reflects Gary Rabinovitz's long-time passion for wrestling.

The custom award presented to Gary Rabinovitz expresses his long-term passion for wrestling.


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