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AMUG June 2024

By June 20, 2024

June 2024

President’s report

I hope this letter finds you rested, restored, and ready for a wonderful summer! June is one of my favorite months as summer starts swooping in, yet it isn’t blistering hot, and the gardens are filled with color.

On to some updates on AMUG happenings…

As you likely know based on our email sent to members, we offered an opportunity for a member vote on potentially changing our AMUG bylaws. The change was around the bylaw stating that the President could NOT be employed by an OEM (equipment, software, material). While the voting option to the membership was in no way suggestive of our wishes for change, it was an opportunity to bring the membership body into the decision-making and development of bylaws that are current and relevant. This board wants to ensure we are reviewing bylaws to keep us accountable and also to keep them current as the organization grows.

Ultimately, we did not reach quorum (we did not have enough votes to allow us to make any changes to the item), so the option of change is unachievable at this time. The bylaws remain the same in that the President position is exclusive of OEM employment.

The board will convene in July for our annual strategy meeting.  We review the previous conference (2024) and plan for the next (2025). Each member of the board is present and will share/guide/collaborate with the other team members to create the landscape for AMUG 2025. There will surely be more information to come after this takes place.

Much of the discussion revolves around survey responses and feedback from members/sponsors. Our goal is to continue evaluating what we are doing well, what needs to be changed, what needs to be omitted, and what we need more of.

Thank you to those who completed their volunteer forms to participate on committees for AMUG 2025. We are always so delighted at the number of members wishing to share their time/skills with us to execute an incredible conference filled with content, networking, workshops, and learnings! The portal is now closed for receipt of those forms, and the committees will be forming over the next month or so.

If you have feedback you want us to hear and consider, please feel free to reach out to our team (you can find each director’s email on the website) or feel free to reach me directly at

Make June a spectacular month!

Shannon VanDeren

Shannon VanDeren

Is Chicago in Your Upcoming Travel Plans?

Consider the Palmer House Hilton when you’re in town for Lollapalozza, IMTS, NASCAR, Pitchfork, or any of the 50,000 other great things to see in Chicago.

Don’t spend an extra $300 on cleaning fees through AirBnB. AMUG can help you get rooms at the Palmer House Hilton. With IMTS coming up, there’s no time to waste. Get those rooms early before all of the rates skyrocket.

If you and others in your party are interested in staying at the Palmer House, please contact Tom Sorovetz to make arrangements. While the room rate is not always discounted, if enough people are interested in staying there, Tom may be able to negotiate a lower room rate.

If you’re interested in hosting some company meetings, Tom can also assist with that.

Feel free to reach out to Tom Sorovetz at For any Chicago-related questions, our Secretary — and former employee of the Chicago Tourism Board — Heather Natal is happy to be your guide. Feel free to message her at:

Consider the Palmer House Hilton for your IMTS trip.

A Week Immersed in Additive: Takeaways by Alex Campbell, Scholarship Recipient

When I applied for the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship, I had only heard of AMUG through the engineers at Ohio State’s CDME. I had previously attended RAPID + TCT, and partially based on that, I was expecting a trade show with fascinating technologies and good networking opportunities. I sought out the scholarship to expand my network and, more importantly, expose myself to new and innovative additive technologies. One of my main goals was to find technologies I could apply to my major as an aerospace engineering student, specifically toward liquid rocketry.

From my first moments at AMUG 2024, when I helped to prepare badges with Renee Bourdeau and fellow scholarship members, I felt right at home. Very much unlike RAPID + TCT, I realized quickly that AMUG Conferences are not only a good showcase of technologies and capabilities but an opportunity to meet the many engineers and dedicated technologists involved in additive as well as salespeople.

From this, I was able to build a great network of engineers from various companies. I connected with engineers from SLM, GoEngineer, RP America, TigerVac, Labconco, ExOne, HP, Stratasys, and many more. Even though I wasn’t in a position to acquire machines or services, I was always able to strike up interesting conversations with presenters at booths during the AMUGexpo and the various networking lunches. I had never been in a place with so many people absolutely dedicated to AM!

I had been involved in consumer additive and metal additive research for three years prior to coming to AMUG 2024. At that point I knew additive was a great technology, but I didn’t think it had received widespread industrial adoption. The AMUG community opened my eyes to this. From the Air Force using metal AM to replace out-of-production parts to using resin parts for workflow improvement on automotive production lines, AMUG Members taught me that many forms of additive are economically utilized.

This inspired me to dive further into consumer resin 3D printing. I had used some Anycubic machines for quite some time, but I had never thought to make engineering parts on them. From what I saw at AMUG 2024, I have started using my resin printers to help me test cold gas nozzle geometries for my learning. AMUG has taught me that additive is an amazing technology and an unprecedented tool in the engineering toolbox. Notably, this was great to find out because I love to utilize additive wherever possible.

I feel fortunate to have spent a week immersed in AM, and I would like to thank Rajeev, Renee, and the AMUG Scholarship Committee for enabling that. I am now starting a job with Blue Origin, and I hope to return to AMUG someday.

Alex Campbell
Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship Winner

Alex sharing his AM work and ambitions at AMUG 2024.

AMUG Reflections from Phil Rufe, Randy Stevens Scholarship Winner

Before I share reflections on my experience at AMUG 2024, I’d like to thank the Scholarship Committee for its hard work. I also thank In’Tech for supporting the scholarship, as well as the AMUG staff and my AM Advisory Committee at Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

Before coming to AMUG 2024, I was told for years that “you have to go” and “it’s a great conference for AM.” I’ve also heard numerous stories from previous AMUG Conferences. In light of that, my anticipation for the conference was high, and the conference did not disappoint. It was like no other I’ve attended.

In preparation for attending, I anticipated several takeaways. One was building a network of collaborators for projects, guest speakers, and an AM knowledge resource for myself and the engineering students at EMU. I was also hoping to gain a better understanding of current and future AM processes, materials, and applications. It was very important to learn from AM professionals what undergraduate engineering students need to know, i.e., knowledge and skills. Lastly, I was interested in starting a relationship with some AM suppliers of equipment, materials, and services that would be interested in having an impact on AM education at EMU.

Looking back, all of my expectations were fulfilled. I met incredibly wonderful people from many industries who were willing to share their time, stories, and expertise. Surprisingly, many connections were made with people and companies an hour or less from EMU. They are connections I probably would never have made without AMUG. A few of them are Toyota, Zeiss, Eaton, GoEngineer, and a little further away, Extol.

Out of all the interactions, workshops, meals, and sessions, one of my most special events was the opportunity, as a scholarship winner, to present to the general AMUG audience what we do in AM at EMU. While I was very nervous, it was an exciting and validating experience.

Upon returning to EMU after AMUG 2024, there remained about six weeks left in the semester. I was immediately able to share some of the applications, process pros/cons, and real-world examples with students in my 3D printing class. My experiences at AMUG 2024 will help further shape that class. Additionally, I now have a broader AM network I can rely on for AM questions and inputs on curriculum, materials, and applications. Hopefully, the network can also provide some AM design projects for my students and potentially guest speakers and/or tours.

In the future, I will definitely attend an AMUG Conference again if I have the opportunity. I highly recommend the conference to all my AM colleagues in academia.

Phil Rufe
Randy Stevens Scholarship Winner

Phil addressing the AMUG audience.


RAPID + TCT 2024 Offers New Executive Perspectives

Gain unparalleled access to the minds shaping the global AM landscape. Join us each morning at 8:30 am as we kick off RAPID + TCT with our inaugural Executive Perspectives Panel discussions. Meet industry luminaries every day as they tackle your biggest AM questions. Hear about innovative trends, industry evolution, and the greatest opportunities and challenges for the future of AM.

Don’t miss these must-attend inspiring talks!

RAPID + TCT’s unparalleled show floor, networking events, and conference make it the can’t-miss event of the year. Click here to join us in LA June 25-27 and use promo code AMUG2024 to walk the show floor for FREE! Want to purchase the full conference pass for only $780? Use promo code AMUGVIP.

Join AMUG at RAPID + TCT using promo codes to save.

HP 3D Printing at RAPID + TCT 2024: Join Us at Booth #2839

HP 3D Printing is excited to announce our participation in the RAPID + TCT event in Los Angeles from June 25 to 27, 2024. Visit our booth to see the latest customer applications and examples of how customers are adopting HP Multi Jet and Metal Jet technologies.

Join us as our team guides you through the manufacturing journey from adoption to scale. Request a meeting in advance to discuss your specific needs through this link.

We are thrilled to announce our executives’ keynotes:

Francois Minec will discuss with a broader panel on June 25 from 10:30 am to 11:15 am.

Savi Baveja will deliver a keynote on June 26 at the SME Main Stage.

Arvind Rangarajan will speak on June 27 at the SME Theater from 10:30 am to 11:15 am.

We look forward to seeing you at RAPID + TCT 2024!

Visit GoEngineer at RAPID + TCT, Booth #1939

As the AM industry meets once again, the team at GoEngineer is excited to bring you access to the latest solutions from our partners. At this year’s RAPID + TCT, you’ll get the chance to see the F170 GREENGUARD and Origin One from Stratasys, along with the Creaform HandySCAN Black and Artec Leo.

We will have a large team onsite to answer any questions you may have about the technology or any issues you’re facing in production. If you’re not already registered, we invite you to use this link to register for free attendance to the expo hall and 20% off a full conference pass.

We look forward to seeing you soon in sunny LA!

Stratasys F170.

Visit Stratasys at RAPID + TCT 2024, Booth #1501

Stratasys is excited to have several customers and experts presenting at Rapid + TCT 2024. Here are a few to make sure you put on your calendar:

NASCAR’s AM Edge: Tues., June 25, 10:00 am

Bob Duvall, NASCAR, will discuss how AM isn’t just for prototyping anymore in NASCAR’s AM Edge: A Stratasys Case Study of End-use am Parts, Enhancing Quality, Competition, and Safety at 200 mph.

Harmonizing Innovation: Wed., June 26, 3:00 pm

Dan Pawlovich, former Panic! At The Disco drummer, is sharing his electrifying journey through the intersection of art, technology, and sound.

Fly Me to the Moon: Thurs., June 27, 10:30 am

Northrop Grumman will discuss its exciting upcoming lunar mission and how it’s testing Stratasys AM materials in space.

Plus, you’re invited to join Stratasys for an exciting medical innovation launch in our booth, #1501, on Tuesday, June 25, at 2:30 pm!

See the whole lineup of Stratasys-related events.

We can’t wait to see you in LA!

See Dan Pawlovich’s (former Panic! At The Disco drummer) 3D-printed drum set from the Viva La Vengeance tour in Stratasys booth #1501 at RAPID+TCT 2024.

The Unveiling of the Hybrid Series – Precision 5-Axis Hybrid Manufacturing, Leveraging Two Powerful Metal AM Technologies

ADDiTEC proudly introduces the U.S. market to the Hybrid Series, a cutting-edge multi-technology manufacturing platform set to reshape the industry. This series exemplifies precision 5-axis hybrid manufacturing, leveraging two powerful metal AM technologies: Liquid Metal Jetting and High-Power Laser DED. The Hybrid Series will be on display in ADDiTEC’s booth at RAPID + TCT 2024.

The Hybrid Series combines the powerful capabilities of Hybrid2 and Hybrid3. The Hybrid2 seamlessly integrates Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) with CNC machining, while Hybrid3 adds High-Power Laser-Assisted Directed Energy Deposition (LDED). This synergy of technologies enables unparalleled precision, speed, and material versatility, setting new standards for advanced manufacturing.

The Hybrid Series features an integrated 2-axis positioner rated for parts up to 100 kg, enhancing the system’s capability to achieve precise 5-axis manufacturing.

LMJ, with its high-resolution capabilities, unlocks the potential for creating intricate and finely detailed components. Utilizing cost-effective commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) welding wire, LMJ ensures complete material utilization and exceptional detail. High-power LDED, renowned for its high deposition rate, accelerates manufacturing, making it ideal for producing larger components or reducing lead times. Like LMJ, LDED employs COTS welding wire, ensuring cost efficiency and full material utilization.

The Hybrid Series boasts a sleek implementation that provides rapid print head deployment for both LMJ and LDED technologies. This fully integrated system simplifies the transition between manufacturing processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

The Hybrid Series is poised to become the go-to solution for industries seeking customized, cost-efficient, and top-quality components. See it at RAPID + TCT 2024.


DMG MORI Center of Excellence Tour During RAPID + TCT in CA

DMG MORI has an exciting opportunity for RAPID + TCT conference attendees.  Join DMG MORI on June 26 for an event; step into the future of manufacturing with an exclusive tour of the Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Cypress, California, just a stone’s throw away from RAPID + TCT.

Discover cutting-edge technology firsthand as they showcase the four end-to-end process chains utilizing LASERTEC DED, LASERTEC SLM, and CNC technology. Engage with the DMG MORI team of experts to delve into the intricacies of the 5-axis CNC machines and automation solutions.

Complimentary transportation from the Los Angeles Convention Center to the Technology Center, as well as lunch, is provided for your convenience, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the forefront of AM. Register now to secure your spot at the DMG MORI event. Come witness the future of manufacturing at the Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Los Angeles. DMG MORI is looking forward to welcoming you!

Exciting News for America’s Industrial Sectors in June!

This June, Meltio will present its new Meltio M600 metal 3D printer in the United States for the first time. The industrial system equipped with Meltio’s unique wire-laser technology was introduced globally in March 2024. In June, it will arrive for the first time in the United States, where it will be shown at Meltio’s stand (#2327) at RAPID + TCT in Los Angeles.

At this very relevant event for the global AM sector, we will also show FORCE Automation’s robotic integration, which is made in the USA and powered by Meltio and the Meltio wire-laser metal 3D printing head. In the booth, that same 3D printing head will be shown as an integration with a CNC machine. Meltio will also participate in the United States at the Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space event (June 11-12 in Pasadena, California).

The new Meltio M600 is an easy-to-use machine that increases productivity on production lines. Its flexibility to work 24/7 all year results in very reliable metal parts. This new system allows the production of aluminum and copper parts, among other metallic materials such as stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, Invar, and many others. In June, Meltio will announce its commitment to expanding its range of services and solutions in the U.S.

The strategy in the U.S. is built on three pillars: reinforcement of the sales team with the appointment of Meaghan Ferris and Gabriel Ortiz; the publication of a new section Powered by Meltio, Made in the USA; and the upcoming announcement of a series of reference sites locations, where customers will showcase their metal parts printed with Meltio’s different systems.

Finally, Meltio will announce new reference site locations in the United States in the coming weeks. There, many industrial customers can observe our technology in operation.

For more information, click here.

The new Meltio M600 will be displayed at RAPID + TCT.


Design World

Can AM fix the Supply Chain?

Over the past few years, lead times on overseas tooling have ballooned from weeks to months or even years. Meanwhile, much of what used to be U.S. manufacturing’s sturdy and productive infrastructure has been shipped off to lower-cost countries or driven out of business. At this point, the arguments for reshoring U.S. manufacturing go beyond the mere economic to the strategic.

Fortunately, AM offers a ray of hope for reestablishing a robust and secure supply chain rooted in domestic manufacturing. Read more at our sibling publication,

Learn how AM can help reboot the supply chain and domestic manufacturing.

3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Advantage: Aerospace, Space & Defense

Additive Manufacturing Advantage Aerospace (AMAA) is an exclusive online symposium from 3D Printing Industry. The event is designed for aerospace, space, and defense professionals who want to leverage the latest in AM technologies.

By participating in this online event, you will have the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge techniques, exchange knowledge on material innovation, and explore the transformative impact of 3D printing on aerospace design and production. The expert-led sessions, panel discussions, and case studies will enhance your professional network and accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies in your field.

The AMAA lineup is expanding daily, featuring industry-leading experts and innovators. Limited places are available, free registration is now open.

How Do AM Executive Leaders See the Future of the Technology?

With RAPID + TCT 2024 ‘rapidly’ approaching, we have been taking a closer look at what attendees can expect at the event. Check out our latest feature, where we go in-depth about the Executive Perspective Keynote series. Attendees will be able to watch leaders in 3D printing, including those from Stratasys, Nano Dimension, Desktop Metal, EOS, 3D Systems and many more.

Register for RAPID + TCT using your complimentary Expo Pass (get it here) and save $125.

Learn more about the Executive Perspectives keynote series at RAPID + TCT 2024.

China to See $8B in 3D Printing Hardware Sales by 2032

Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research has probed the Chinese 3D printing market to determine just how quickly it has caught up to the U.S. and Europe. Despite prior claims of superiority by Western OEMs, it has become clear that Chinese AM companies are often on par with or exceeding their American and European counterparts.

Get the details in the new AM Research Market Brief.

Global AM sales by region, discussed in new market brief.


RAPID + TCT 2024 Preview: Launches, Keynotes & More

For the latest issue of TCT North America, we’ve been finding out what this year’s RAPID + TCT exhibitors have planned for their booths (some are teasing big reveals for day one) and what attendees can expect from the 160+ conference presentations, including speakers from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts to Siemens Energy.

At TCT, we’ve also spent the last few weeks meeting with each of the 15 Executive Perspectives Keynote speakers featured in the series’ inaugural outing. TCT Head of Content Laura Griffiths will be hosting daily panels from 8.30 am on the Main Stage, discussing everything from serial production to sustainability and convergence with emerging technologies like AI.

Take a sneak peek at what you can expect from the show floor in Los Angeles, and subscribe to TCT Magazine for all the biggest news from the event and beyond.

RAPID + TCT show floor in 2023.

Metal AM

Metal AM at RAPID + TCT 2024

We’re excited to once again be a key media partner for RAPID + TCT in Los Angeles!

As the leading media channel for the metal AM industry, we are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest industry developments, and we look forward to meeting everyone at this year’s event.

Come to booth 2927 and meet Metal AM magazine’s Nick Williams and Jon Craxford, who will be there from June 25 to 27. We invite you to drop them a LinkedIn message to discuss how we can collaborate.

Attendees will have the chance to pick up copies of our latest issue at the venue.

Not at the event? Download your digital copy for FREE today here.


Dive into the May/June Edition of 3D ADEPT Mag

Right on time for RAPID + TCT 2024!

This new edition of 3D ADEPT Mag is a reminder that sometimes real-life principles can unconsciously be applied to manufacturing concepts. Some people often seek drastic changes or new beginnings, believing that only the new can bring fulfillment and success. Yet, true growth and improvement often lie in refining and optimizing the aspects of our lives that we already possess.

In the manufacturing world, where the allure of AM technologies overshadows what already exists, long-standing processes can help refine and enhance production processes. This May/June edition of 3D ADEPT Mag assesses the foundation of previous efforts (hear “technologies”) and determines what strengths could be leveraged to deliver better 3D-printed parts.

Pick up your print copy at the RAPID + TCT 2024 trade press area and access the digital version here.

May/June Edition of 3D ADEPT Mag.

Get the VoxelMatters Post-Processing AM Focus 2024 eBook

Post-processing: The last—but certainly not least—stage of AM. Post-processing is often seen as one of the final hurdles to making additive technologies truly scalable and industrially viable. However, incredible advances have been made in recent years to further automate various post-processing steps, which have contributed to minimizing the labor involved in finishing prints, as well as reducing the time and costs of post-processing.

In this AM Focus eBook, we are honing in on the latest trends and advancements in post-processing for metal AM in particular. We’ll start by highlighting the companies at the cutting edge of metal post-processing technologies, spotlighting Solukon’s latest powder removal solution. The publication also includes a detailed look at the innovative FAST/SPS spark plasma sintering technology and exclusive insights into a new research initiative out of NC State that is increasing the automation and efficiency of post-processing machining and measurement for metal prints.

Read or download VoxelMatter’s Post Processing AM Focus eBook 2024 here.

Post-processing eBook now available.


Out Now: June Issue of Digital Engineering

The June issue of Digital Engineering focuses on generative design, with features on how generative AI and natural language processing can enable the next phase of design innovation. We also take a look at combining AM and subtractive manufacturing solutions and how engineers can optimize designs for these hybrid scenarios.

You can download the issue here.

Generative design, and more, in the June issue.