Winning entries for the 2024 Technical Competition.

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AMUG Technical Competition FAQs


Who may enter? Any user of AM – whether representing a company, education institute, non-profit, or government organization – is eligible. You must be a registered attendee of the AMUG Conference and own the IP or have permission to display and photograph the entry.

Is it just for AM parts, or can I enter an assembly with parts manufactured in other methods? You may enter either AM parts or assemblies that include AM and non-AM parts.

Who decides the winners? The winners in the Advanced Concepts and Advanced Finishing categories are determined by a panel of judges. The judges are AMUG DINO recipients and are selected for their AM expertise by the Technical Competition Committee members. The Members’ Choice winner is chosen by the attendees of the AMUG conference by casting votes through the mobile app.

How many times can I enter? Each individual may enter each category once, but with different entries.

Are multiple entries allowed from the same organization?  The competition is for users with advanced ideas and skills.  User organizations, or companies, may have multiple entries, but they should be unique and submitted by an individual who is directly involved with the project being submitted.

What if I’m a first-time AMUG Conference attendee—can I enter the Technical Competition? Yes! We encourage everyone to enter regardless of how many times you’ve attended our conference.

What if I’m not sure if I’ll be ready by the submission deadline? Enter the competition! You can update your submission information up to the deadline. If necessary, you can cancel your submission at any time.

How do I ship my entry to the competition? You are responsible for packing and shipping your entry both to and from the AMUG Conference site. Your entry should be on display until all the winners have been announced.

Do I have to have someone with my entry at all times? Plan to be with your entry and answer technical questions during the judges’ evaluation time and during a portion of the AMUGexpo to speak with other attendees. Your entry will be on display until the winners are announced, and we will have 24/7 security monitoring.

If you have any additional questions, contact