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DINO Awards presentation (2020)
Kate Schneidau, 2020 Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship recipient
Chris Kaminsky, 2020 Randy Stevens Scholarship recipient
AMUG 2019 Recap (2019)

uploaded by CimQuest

AMUG 2019 Conference Highlights (2019)

uploaded by GoEngineer

AMUG 2017 – BASF Overview (2017)

uploaded by BASF

James Hobson video tour of the conference (2015)

uploaded by Hackaday

AMUG testimonial ft. Jason Lopes (2015)

uploaded by AMUG

AMUG testimonial ft. Mike Littrell (2015)

uploaded by AMUG

IMTSTV iSpy recap of top 10 coolest things at AMUGexpo (2013)

uploaded by IMTS