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Green flag drops on inaugural AMUGderby

Ignite your creativity and start your engines let gravity do its thing in the first ever AMUGderby.

Whether it takes you back to your childhood or it’s the first time you have created a derby car, please join us for this fun event. We’d love for you to compete, but spectators are encouraged to join in the fun.

The AMUGderby will take place on Tuesday evening (March 12, 2024). Gravity-powered racecars, built by AMUG Members, won’t have wood bodies made of pine. Instead, competitors will design and print the racecars using AM technologies and materials. Those bodies will be paired with stock wheels and axles (buy them here).

Two ways to win

The cars will compete head-to-head, and the fastest car will be named the champion of the 2024 AMUGderby.

AMUG will also award a ‘Best Design’ prize. So, while iterating your design for raw speed, let your creativity run wild.


The derby won’t be a free-for-all in terms of vehicle specifications. There are limits to size, weight, and configurations that will be confirmed during pre-race inspection.

For AMUGderby rules, design specs, and a link to purchase wheels/axles, download Rules and Race Procedures (last updated on December 29, 2023*).


Racers are asked to register so that they can compete.

Register to Race


Contact us at

*Updates are possible, so check for the latest revision
before building your car and before AMUG 2024 starts.

Image credits:
Rich Bowen (top and bottom images) – modified
Roy Niswanger (middle image) – modified
Creative Commons License