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AMUG April 2024

By April 18, 2024

April 2024

President’s report

I hope this first post-conference newsletter finds you rested, inspired, educated, ambitious, and connected! Speaking for myself, I can nod my head to all of these things! AMUG 2024 had a lead-up filled with meetings, letters, planning, contracts, site visits, phone calls, app building, Formstack stacking, and enthusiasm. Our five-day event shared with you makes every moment of dedication well spent. Oh, how I enjoyed the days spent together at our conference!

“Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.” We definitely changed some things for AMUG 2024, and we did so with the greatest of intentions and the hopes that we will clearly know whether the changes should continue to be implemented, reverted back, or evolve once again. This is where YOU come in! Your mobile app has a yellow button showing “Evaluations & Certificates” where you can complete a survey. There are also surveys coming soon from our Director of Membership and our Director of Sponsors & Exhibitors, which will be more specific. We’d love to utilize your responses as we strategize for 2025 when our board gathers in July.

Assessing the changes we made for 2024—and revisiting the things that remained constant—will be central to our discussions in upcoming meetings where we build the plans to keep AMUG impactful, relevant, and highly regarded in our industry.

You may recall that we will also be forwarding an email for voting to change one section of the bylaws (currently, it limits the role of President to be held by an individual NOT employed by an industry OEM) that requires a membership vote to execute—this was brought up and opened up for discussion in our business meeting.

OHHHH, speaking of change… you heard our announcement at the business meeting that we have secured our dates/location for AMUG 2026. Our 2026 conference will be in Reno, Nevada, from March 15 – 19, 2026. Mark your calendars now! I’ve seen some rumblings online regarding planned ski trips/spa trips/sightseeing that would book-end conference attendance. This warms my heart as I watch AMUG Members plan to share social time. This truly is a community!

Before Reno, we will return to Chicago for the 2025 AMUG Conference, which will be held from March 30 to April 3, 2025.

Rest assured; we are back at it with conviction and determination to build AMUG 2025 to be content-rich, technology-inspired, educationally stimulating, collaboration-focused, and joy-filled! As always, if I may be helpful to you or you wish to connect with me, I welcome that. Please do reach out at

Appreciating you,

Shannon VanDeren

Shannon VanDeren

Join the team: Volunteer for an AMUG committee

We are officially opening the application process for new AMUG Committee Members via the volunteer form. This form will only include committee membership at this time. Eligible applicants must be AMUG Members in good standing and have attended the 2024 AMUG Conference. Committee terms last one year, starting in July 2024 and ending in June 2025.

While filling out the volunteer form, applicants can choose up to three committees of interest. There is also a section to include a short bio, where you can include skills and details that could set you apart from others. This extra information is always appreciated when there are many applicants to review.

For a listing of committees and brief descriptions of their functions, visit the committees page.

The volunteer form will be open until June 1, 2024. Contact for any questions!

Expo Committee members hamming it up during AMUGexpo setup for the 2024 conference.

Input needed: Complete the conference survey

2024 AMUG Conference attendees: Don’t forget to complete your 2024 AMUG Conference survey. Your participation is not just a chance to win a special prize but a valuable opportunity to share your insights and shape the future of our community. Your voice matters!

The survey can be found in the mobile app that was made available to conference attendees (members).

Completing a conference survey is important because it allows us to gather feedback on various aspects of the event, such as content, speakers, logistics, and overall experience. This feedback helps us understand what worked well and what could be improved for future conferences. Your input can directly influence the quality and effectiveness of future events, ensuring they better meet the needs and expectations of attendees like yourself.

Thank you for helping pave the path for better AMUG events!

Open the mobile app and click on this button to send feedback to AMUG.

AMUG Board for 2024-2025

AMUG Members elected Shannon VanDeren, Tim Bell, and Claire Belson Barnes, who will serve as President, Vice President, and Director of Membership, respectively. Each will hold these positions for two years. Shannon and Tim will be officers of the corporation, and all three will be directors who are members of the AMUG Board.

Separately, the AMUG Board appointed Daniel Landgraf and Bruce LeMaster to fill the vacated positions of Director of Sponsors & Exhibitors and Director at Large, respectively. Bruce will take over from Gary Rabinovitz, who is resigning at the end of his term. Daniel will fill the position that will be open when Tim Bell, the current Director of Sponsors & Exhibitors, moves into the Vice President position.

With the election results and appointments, the 2024- 2025 AMUG Board members are:

  • Officers
    • President: Shannon VanDeren, Layered Manufacturing & Consulting
    • Vice President: Tim Bell, Sciath aiM Forge Inc
    • Treasurer: Robin Van Bragt, Eagle Design & Technology, Inc.
    • Secretary: Heather Natal, GoEngineer
  • Directors
    • Director at Large: Bruce LeMaster, Applied Rapid Technologies
    • Director of Education & Conference: Ed Graham, Prototek
    • Director of Events and Hospitality: Thomas Sorovetz. T. A. Sorovetz, LLC
    • Director of Membership: Clair Belson Barnes, LightForce
    • Director of Sponsors & Exhibitors: Daniel Landgraf, KraussMaffei Technologies
  • Ex Officio
    • Immediate Past President: Carl Dekker, Met-L-Flo
    • Immediate Past Treasurer: Vince Anewenter, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

The 2024-2025 AMUG Board at the conclusion of AMUG 2024 and prior to the two appointments.

Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Gary Rabinovitz

To cap off decades of active involvement with AMUG and in recognition of all of his contributions, Gary Rabinovitz, AM/3D Printing Lab Manager at Reebok, was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2024 AMUG Conference. Gary is only the second in the organization’s 36-year history to receive this honor.

Gary is a member of the board of directors (Director at Large) and chair of both the DINO Selection and Collaboration Committees. Without interruption, Gary has served as an AMUG officer or director since 2011. Over those 13 years, he has held the following positions: Vice President, President, Past President, Advisor to the Board, Chairman, and Director at Large. In 2001, he was elected President of the Selective Laser Sintering Users Group, which merged with the Stereolithography Users Group to form what is now known as AMUG.

Paul Bates, Gary’s former manager at Reebok and a longtime friend, presented the award. Paul said, “Much of what Gary has done is unknown to the AMUG membership. But having worked closely with him for so many years, I witnessed his pivotal role in providing leadership, guidance and counsel as AMUG transitioned over the past 24 years. I have also seen his diligence in doing the work needed to make the changes possible and keep AMUG true to its mission.”

Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition, Gary.

Gary Rabinovitz (right) with Paul Bates following the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Five receive DINO Awards

The prestigious Distinguished INnovator Operator (DINO) Award recognizes tenure in the AM industry, years of service, contributions to the industry, and active support of AMUG and its conference. Over its 36-year history, AMUG has awarded only 193 DINOs.

At AMUG 2024, five individuals were recognized with DINO Awards:

  • Jamie Cone, BD
  • Steve Grundahl, Prototek
  • Thomas Murphy, New Jersey Innovation Institute – COMET
  • Vadim Pikhovich, MAGMA Foundry Technologies
  • Bob Renella, GoEngineer

Receiving a DINO is not the endgame for those who demonstrate the passion and dedication that the DINO Selection Committee seeks. Instead, it is a momentous milestone in the years-long support of the community, which is very true for Jamie, Steve, Thomas, Vadim and Bob.

Congratulations to each of you for receiving this recognition.

AMUG’s newest DINOs (from left): Vadim Pilhovich, Thomas Murphy, Jamie Cone, Steve Grundahl, and Bob Renella.

Technical Competition results

The 2024 Technical Competition entries “Demonstrated ingenuity and highlighted projects that are only made possible with the use of AM technologies,” said Bonnie Meyer, Technical Competition Committee Chair. But there could only be one winner in each of the three categories.

For Advanced Concepts, Chris Baschuk, Director of Clinical Services at Point Design LLC, had the winning entry titled “Lightweight Revolution: Ventilated Multi-material Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis.” Manufactured with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion, in rigid PA 12 and flexible TPU, the patient-specific device balances functionality with user comfort by leveraging the distinctive capabilities of AM.

Mike Littrell, President of BuildParts by CIDEAS, Inc., had the winning entry in Advanced Finishing. “Coin-Operated Rides” displayed visually stunning scale replicas that pay tribute—in style, materials, colors, and functionality—to a carefree, bygone era of entertainment and culture. The scale models included a “Race to the Moon” rocket scooter and a futuristic spacecraft from a 1950s point of view.

Advanced Concepts and Advanced Finishing are judged by a panel of AMUG DINOs. The third category, Members’ Choice, is assessed by AMUG Members. The top spot in this category went to Sam Mills, Engineering Specialist for Eaton, for “Fully AM Luminaire. ” Sam represented a team of AM and material science experts that successfully created a luminaire (90% 3D printed) to tackle Department of Energy (DOE) manufacturing goals for reshoring, SKU reduction, and efficiency.

2024 Technical Competition winners receiving awards from Bonnie Meyer (from top): Chris Baschuk, Sam Mills, and Mike Littrell.

Winning entries in AMUG's 2024 Technical Competition for Advanced Finishing, Advanced Concepts and Members' Choice.

The winning entries in the 2024 AMUG Technical Competition (from left) are Coin-operated Rides (Advanced Finishing), Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis (Advanced Concepts), and Luminaire (Members’ Choice).

AMUG 2024 wrap-up and RAPID + TCT spin-up

What an AMAZING 2024 AMUG Conference and AMUGexpo! We hope all who attended walked away with a lot more knowledge, friends, and network connections than you had when you arrived.

Wednesday night’s Special Event & Dinner at Radius was very enjoyable, and many donned 80s attire fitting of the evening’s theme. We want to thank Roger Mitchell and Red Oak Meetings and Events for sponsoring the “Breakfast Club” band, which was a huge success.

On the topic of the event at Radius, we have possession of a lost watch. If this could be yours, please get in touch with Tom Sorovetz to claim it and have it mailed to you.


Because of AMUG’s collaboration with SME, AMUG Members can access discounts and perks for RAPID + TCT (June 2024 in Los Angeles). With the promo code “AMUGVIP,” you will unlock steep discounts on a full conference pass for RAPID + TCT and hotel reservations (at the Hyatt Figueroa). Additionally, there are VIP benefits, including ground transportation between the hotel and conference center, concierge services, a lounge for breakfast and snacks, and more. For details, read the SME article below.

To claim the VIP treatment, use promo code “AMUGVIP” when completing your RAPID + TCT registration.

AMUG Members stepped back into the 80s at the Special Event & Dinner.

AMUGderby: The results are in

The inaugural AMUGderby was a huge success. Over 80 racers and hundreds of spectators participated in the Tuesday night event at AMUG 2024.

In the best design category, Lino Stavole of RICOH/3D for Healthcare took the top spot.

For speed, Steve Charles of MacLean Additive had the fastest average time and the quickest lap times for the event in six of his races.

Rounding out the top six spots for speed were:

  • 2nd: Chase Armstrong of Boeing
  • 3rd: Brent Griffith of Labconco
  • 4th: Vince Anewenter (Shake and Bake Racing) of MSOE
  • 5th: Kate Ashby (Basement Prints) of littleLot3D
  • 6th: Dave Howe (Problem Child) of Parker

The AMUGderby was a great success partly due to the local BSA Cub Scout Pack. It provided guidance, supplied the track, and ran the show. In return, AMUG donated to the Pack. However, AMUG Members made an even greater impact by donating their 3D-printed cars to the Scouts.

We received this note from the Scouts:

The scouts (and parents) LOVED checking out the printed cars. We ran some at our derby this past Sunday so they could see them go. We were all impressed at the variety of materials and designs and appreciated that, just like the Scouts, there were fast cars, slow cars, cars going for design, and a lot of variety. One of my co-leaders sent this note: “My buddy is a den leader in Arkansas. He’s also a professor in computer engineering. He was loving the 3D cars.”  In short, they were a hit and another way to get the scouts interested in STEM in general and 3D printing in particular.

With enthusiasm for the derby and its positive impact, we plan to bring this activity back in 2025.

AMUGderby winners (from top): Lino Stavole for design and Steve Charles for speed.

AMUG 2024 photo gallery

Want to relive the 2024 AMUG Conference or egosurf to download the pictures that captured you at the event? If so, great news: the 2024 photo gallery will be live on Monday, April 22. Bookmark the gallery link and stroll through the memories next week.

875 pictures capture AMUG 2024 from Sunday’s New Member Welcome meeting to the hands-on workshops on Thursday. All photos are arranged in topic buckets, such as evening activities or workshops, to make navigating this mountain of pix more manageable.

If you find an image you like, you can download it at 2K resolution.


Visit the photo gallery to relive AMUG 2024.



Precision redefined: Scan 3D on LASERTEC DED machines

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, precision is the cornerstone of excellence. DMG MORI LASERTEC DED machines have ushered in a new era of accuracy with Scan 3D technology. This groundbreaking integration combines laser precision with 3D scanning capabilities, redefining the possibilities in manufacturing.

With Scan 3D, LASERTEC DED machines meticulously scan the surface of materials, capturing even the most intricate details with unparalleled accuracy. This digital replication of the physical object is the blueprint for precise machining, ensuring that the finished product flawlessly mirrors the original design.

The advantages are manifold. Complex geometries, once a challenge for traditional methods, are effortlessly realized with Scan 3D. Moreover, the streamlined process reduces the need for manual intervention, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors.

Maintenance and repair of the Scan 3D system are crucial to uphold its peak performance. Regular calibration and software updates ensure continued accuracy and reliability. If there are any issues, DMG MORI’s dedicated support ensures swift resolution, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.

Innovation knows no bounds with Scan 3D on the LASERTEC DED machines. As industries strive for perfection, this technology stands as a beacon of precision, paving the way for a future where intricate designs are brought to life with unparalleled accuracy.

Scan 3D technology on LASERTEC DED machines.

March, the turning point for worldwide industry: The new Meltio M600 released!

March has marked a turning point for the industrial sector worldwide. Why? Meltio has made a new AM solution available to manufacture and repair metal parts—the new Meltio M600 metal 3D printer. This new system is more accurate and powerful. It allows manufacturing of metal parts in aluminum, copper, and other metals, such as titanium, nickel, and a wide range of stainless steels. Not only that, but it is also an easy-to-use machine, which increases productivity on production lines with its flexibility to work 24/7 all year and results in very reliable metal parts.

Giorgio Olivieri, applications manager at Meltio, presented the strengths of the new Meltio M600 at AMUG 2024 in Chicago.

Giorgio stated about AMUG 2024, “The event offered the usual, yet quite unique capability of allowing interaction with users and other players in the industry. As Meltio, we had the chance to participate in a technical panel, which was a very interesting learning opportunity for both the audience and the panelist. It was great to attend it in Chicago”.

The participation allowed Meltio to showcase a product launch in the USA simultaneously with the official release in our headquarters in Spain. This generated a lot of interest in the industry and from potential users, allowing immediate direct feedback to be collected.

With the new Meltio M600, Meltio—the leading manufacturer of wire-laser metal deposition systems— takes a leap forward and presents a new generation of metal 3D printers conceived to introduce metal AM to the world of industrial production outside of niche areas. The Meltio M600 is designed to solve problems of long lead times, costly stock keeping, and increasingly fragile supply chains, thanks to its unique metal 3D printing technology.

For more information, click here.

The new Meltio M600 metal 3D printer.

There’s still time to be an AMUG VIP at RAPID + TCT!

Thank you to everyone who’s already taken advantage of the AMUG VIP Program to attend RAPID + TCT (June 25-27 in Los Angeles)! We encourage all AMUG Members to join you for North America’s largest AM and industrial 3D-printing event to gain access to these exclusive benefits:

  • Save over 40% on the Full Conference Pass
  • Preferred VIP Room Rate of $239 at the Hotel Figueroa
  • Unlimited access to the VIP Lounge with breakfast, snacks & beverages
  • $100 Uber voucher to help you get around!
  • VIP seating at all main-stage presentations

To enjoy these special perks, you can purchase a full conference pass for only $780 using promo code AMUGVIP.


Save big and enjoy perks with AMUGVIP at RAPID + TCT.

HP introduces game-changing material at AMUG 2024

At the recent 2024 AMUG Conference, HP Inc. unveiled its revolutionary new material, HP 3D HR PA 12 S, in collaboration with Arkema. This innovative material sets a new standard for surface aesthetics while significantly reducing costs for users of HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printing solutions.

Accel Digital Solutions, a burgeoning startup in the AM sector, stands out as a leading adopter of HP 3D HR PA 12 S. Founder Brandon Teets praises HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology for its unmatched precision, speed, and quality, enabling substantial value through time and cost savings across industries such as automotive, healthcare, and sports.

Accel Digital Solutions’ embrace of HP’s groundbreaking material exemplifies the transformative potential of AM.

To learn more about this exciting partnership and the impact of HP 3D HR PA 12 S, watch our AMUG 2024 recap video here.

HP 3D HR PA 12 S, enabled by Arkema, launched at AMUG 2024.

3D printing in full swing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own mini-golf course? Would it be like ‘Happy-land’ or more like Congo River? Given pro-golfers’ new ability to 3D print their clubs, we bring you the latest GoEngineer challenge to design a 3D-printable, tabletop mini-golf hole!

As always, our winner will receive a 3D print of their design. Join the GoEngineer Community to submit your entry (and find a forum to chat about designs overall). Get designing and enter here.

 GoEngineer tabletop golf design contest.

Stratasys to test 3D-printed material performance on moon

In this moon mission, Stratasys will provide 3D-printed samples that will be brought to the lunar surface by an unmanned lander. Three materials will be the focus of two different experiments led by Northrop Grumman.

The first experiment assesses the performance of a sample part made with Stratasys’ Antero® 800NA FDM® filament (a high-performance PEKK-based thermoplastic) filled with tungsten.

The second experiment will include Antero 840CN03 FDM filament, which features ESD properties, as well as a new ESD photopolymer manufactured by Henkel for use with Stratasys’ Origin® One 3D printers and designed for high-heat environments.

Parts will be brought to the lunar surface by an unmanned lander in a Stratasys 3D-printed carrier structure made from ULTEM™ 9085 thermoplastic, which is a material also commonly used in commercial aircraft interiors.

Read the press release.

FDM Antero 840CN03 radiation experiment housing with red UTLEM 9085 “Remove Before Flight” cover to protect the test samples during transport and installation.

ADDiTEC speeds to victory at Homestead-Miami Speedway

In an electrifying display of speed and precision, ADDiTEC Racing emerged triumphant at the prestigious Homestead-Miami Speedway this past weekend. Securing first place in the Best Overall Time across all classes, ADDiTEC showcased unparalleled skill and innovation in the world of motorsports.

Facing fierce competition, the ADDiTEC Racing team navigated the challenging circuit with unparalleled finesse, leaving competitors in their dust. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering determination propelled them to the forefront of the race, ultimately clinching victory.

“We are thrilled to have emerged victorious at the Homestead-Miami Speedway,” said Brian Matthews, CEO & founder of ADDiTEC. “This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team and further reinforces our excitement and ambition to use our cutting-edge AM technology to enable success in motorsports.”

Not content with just one accolade, ADDiTEC Racing secured second place for the fastest lap in their class, further solidifying their dominance on the track. This remarkable feat underscores ADDiTEC’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of speed and performance.

As trailblazers in the AM realm, ADDiTEC’s bold foray into the motorsports industry is redefining standards of excellence, affirming their status as a formidable presence, both on and off the track. The ADDiTEC Racing team is delighted to drive innovation and push technological boundaries within the exciting realm of motorsports.

ADDiTEC Racing took best overall at Homestead-Miami Speedway.


VoxelMatters launches new Composites AM 2024 market report

The latest data reflects that the global core AM market for composites generated $784 million in 2023.

VoxelMatters released its updated comprehensive study on composites AM on April 15, 2024. The report, titled Composites AM Market 2024, presents information on sales and business activities from all major companies operating in this sector.

The new study is based on VoxelMatters’ updated database of core composites AM companies (i.e., suppliers of hardware, materials, and services) and offers comprehensive analyses and forecasts of the global composites AM market, which is considered a sub-segment of the overall polymer AM market, that generated $784 million in revenues in 2023, growing to 7.8 billion by 2033 and reflecting a CAGR of 25.8%.

The report is based on key insights based on data from 172 hardware manufacturers, 153 material suppliers, and 421 service providers.

Get the report here.

New report: Composites AM Market 2024.


Design for AM—and more AM topics—in the latest issue

The April edition of Digital Engineering focuses on AM and includes features on best practices for DfAM, securing design IP in distributed manufacturing, using AI to reduce print failure, and more.

You can download the issue here.

AM focus in the April edition of Digital Engineering.

Design World

How 3D printing makes distributed manufacturing possible

The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) published a report on Engineering the Future of Distributed Manufacturing, identifying priorities that can revitalize U.S. manufacturing with sustainability and resilience in mind.

In this podcast, Tali Rosman, startup advisor and Entrepreneur-at-Residence at Toronto Metropolitan University, shares how 3D printing plays a role in ERVA’s vision. Tali has worked at Stratasys, led Xerox’s former 3D printing subsidiary, Elem Additive, and now serves as a business advisor with expertise in advanced manufacturing.

Listen to the podcast or read the accompanying Q&A.

Learn how 3D printing impacts distributed manufacturing in this podcast with Tali Rosman.


East revolutionizing dentistry: The impact of 3D printing in dentistry

This article by AM Chronicle delves into the impact of AM in digital dentistry. Written by Dr. Vibha Kailaje, based on her personal experience, it explores the topic from a practical perspective.

Read the full story.

AM in dentistry.

Digital Inventory Services (DIS) launched at AMUG 2024

On the ground at the 2024 AMUG Conference, spoke to the CEO of Würth Additive Group, AJ Strandquist, about the company’s new Digital Inventory Services platform and the changing shape of the 3D printing sector.

Read the article here.

AJ Strandquist addresses AMUG Members during the DIS product launch.


Catch up on AMUG 2024 highlights with TCT Magazine

It’s already been a month since the 2024 AMUG Conference, but here at TCT, we’ve still got plenty of content to share from our week on the ground in Chicago.

In case you missed it, we recapped Todd Grimm’s fireside chat with Innovators Award winner Greg Morris, who shared the story of the famous GE LEAP fuel nozzle and how it helped to validate metal 3D printing as a production technology. We also reflect on Jason Lopes’ keynote about his work at Gentle Giant Studios, which he described as “a cross between Santa’s workshop and Frankenstein’s laboratory.”

In the next issue of TCT North America, we’ve also got a conversation with Dr. Nicolas Jacobson about his work with bitmap 3D printing in healthcare and an exclusive interview with Materialise’s new CEO, Brigitte de Vet-Veithen. There’s even more on our special AMUG ‘first impressions’ podcast.

We’re now turning our sights to TCT 3Sixty and RAPID + TCT in June. We’ll have previews for both in our next issues, so if you want to get involved, get in touch.

Greg Morris on stage with Todd Grimm,

Metal AM

The Spring 2024 issue of Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine is out now

In addition to featuring over 110 pages of industry news highlights from the last quarter, this issue includes the following deep-dive articles:

  • Metal powders in Additive Manufacturing: An exploration of sustainable production, usage and recycling
  • Inside Wayland Additive: How innovation in electron beam PBF is opening new markets for AM
  • An end-to-end production case study: Leveraging data-driven machine learning and autonomous process control in AM
  • Consolidation, competition, and the cost of certification: Insight from New York’s AM Strategies 2024
  • Scandium’s impact on the Additive Manufacturing of aluminum alloys
  • AM for medical implants: An analysis of the impact of powder reuse in Powder Bed Fusion

Get your free PDF download here.

Out now: Spring 2024 issue.


Join Deutsche Bahn AG, Würth Additive Group & Siemens Mobility for the second Additive Talks session

“How to ensure a pragmatic use of AM across the digital supply chain?”

While exact estimates are hard to determine, market analysts agree with the fact that spare-parts manufacturing is a multi-billion-dollar industry – given the fact that it spans different vertical industries, some of them being crucial to the growth of AM.

When one looks at the capital cost required to carry inventory, the administrative and insurance burdens related to that inventory, the “stock risk cost,” or even the transportation costs, the idea of no longer storing any physical parts and producing them only where and when required rapidly becomes attractive.

If AM can be a great enabler of a digital inventory, one should remain cautious about its ability to address the supply chain challenges of a given industry. Indeed, organizations that consider pivoting towards a spare parts business model should be able to make strategic decisions that are not limited to producing on demand with AM at various locations.

During the next Additive Talks session, on April 24 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm CET (9:30 am to 10:30 am EDT), executives from Deutsche Bahn AG, Würth Additive Group, and Siemens Mobility will go beyond the use of AM as an opportunity to focus on the strategic steps to consider in a successful AM spare- parts business.

Discover and join the speakers here.