2018 Innovator Showcase with Fried Vancraen of Materialise

Fried Vancraen
CEO, Founder

Passionate about a new technology called ‘rapid prototyping’, and firm in his belief that it could help create a better and healthier world, Wilfried “Fried” Vancraen founded Materialise in 1990, where he remains CEO to this day. Materialise was established as the first Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau in the Benelux countries. Immediately after its foundation, the company concentrated on researching and developing solutions for transferring data to Rapid Prototyping machines, for industrial as well as medical applications.

Today, Materialise is a global company that provides open and flexible platforms that enable players in industries such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods to build innovative 3D printing applications that make the world a better and healthier place.

Fried Vancraen began his career in 1985 after receiving a Master of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. Working as a Research Engineer and Consultant at the Research Institute of the Belgian Metalworking Industry, Fried discovered 3D Printing.

Fried holds several patents related to the technical and medical applications of 3D Printing and remains committed to using the technology to make positive changes in people’s lives. In recent years, Fried has been awarded the RTAM/SME Industry Achievement Award, has been selected as the most influential person in Additive Manufacturing by industry professionals and TCT Magazine, and has been listed one of the five leading players in this sector by the Financial Times. He is also the recipient of a 2013 Visionaries! Award from the Museum of Art and Design in New York, and most recently, an inaugural inductee into the TCT Hall of Fame.

2017 Innovator Showcase with Carl Deckard of Structured Polymers

Carl Deckard
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Structured Polymers

Carl Deckard, who is Structured Polymers’ co-founder and chief technology officer, conceived and developed the Selective Laser Sintering technology while at the University of Texas at Austin. The concept of Selective Laser Sintering took shape when he was an undergrad. Mr. Deckard then pursued it for his master’s degree and Ph.D work. Carl then co-founded Nova Automation, which was later renamed DTM Corp and ultimately acquired by 3D Systems Corp.

With the launch of the Sinterstation 2000 in 1993, Selective Laser Sintering moved from the research labs into industry.

In 2012, Mr. Deckard teamed with Jim Mikulak and Vikram Devarajan to found Structured Polymers, a material company focused on improved materials for Selective Laser Sintering and other powder bed fusion additive manufacturing processes. Mr. Deckard has also served as assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University.

2016 Innovator Showcase with Scott Crump of Stratasys

S. Scott Crump
Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder,
Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board


Scott Crump is the Chief Innovation Officer of Stratasys. In this role, he focuses on leading and managing innovation by originating and encouraging new ideas, which will result in new solutions and products.

Mr. Crump is the inventor of Fused Deposition Technology (FDM) and a co-founder of Stratasys, which he started in his home garage with his wife, Lisa Crump. The company shipped one system in the first commercial year, and now it has shipped over 120,000 3D printers since inception.

He has served as the CEO, Chairman, and Treasurer of Stratasys from the 1988 start up through 2012 and as Chief Financial Officer from 1990 – 1997.
Mr. Crump is on Stratasys’ Board of Directors since inception and has served as Chairman of the Executive Committee since 2015.  From 1998 to 2015, he served as the Chairman of the Board.

Prior to founding Stratasys, he co-founded IDEA, Inc. and served as its Vice President of Sales from 1982 to 1988. The company was a premier-brand manufacturer of load and pressure transducers.  Mr. Crump continued as a Director and shareholder until its sale to Vishay Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) in 2005.

Mr. Crump holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and attended UCLA’s Business Management Development for Entrepreneurs program. Mr. Crump is a registered professional engineer.

2015 Innovator Showcase with Chuck Hull of 3D Systems

Charles “Chuck” Hull
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
3D Systems

Charles W. Hull is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 3D Systems. Chuck Hull is the inventor of the solid imaging process known as stereolithography, the first commercial 3D printing technology. With the founding of 3D Systems in 1986 he initiated the 3D printing industry and continues to lead it today with cutting edge innovations ranging from state of the art production 3D printers that have changed the game of manufacturing to the first home-certified 3D printer, the award winning Cube®. He is a named inventor on more than 60 United States patents, plus numerous other patents around the world in the fields of ion optics and 3D printing.

In 2014 Mr. Hull was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his globally impactful and transformative work inventing and pioneering 3D printing. He also received The Economist’s prestigious 2013 Innovation Award, recognizing significant contributions across the fields of science, technology and society.
In 2011, along with Avi Reichental, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year for manufacturing in the Carolinas.

In 1997 he received the Albert M. Sargent Progress Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. In 1996 he received the William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award presented by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and was named Entrepreneur of the Year for high technology in the greater Los Angeles area by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Institute. He received the 1995 Rank Prize, presented by The Rank Foundation in London, and in 1994 he received the Jacquard Award from the Numerical Controls Society for his invention and commercialization of stereolithography.

Prior to founding 3D Systems, Mr. Hull served six years as vice president of engineering at UVP, Inc. in San Gabriel, California, a systems manufacturing company. Before that, he spent 10 years as an engineering manager at DuPont’s Photo Products Division, concentrating on the development of analytical equipment for chemists, including mass spectrometer and GC/MS systems. Earlier in his career he was a senior engineer at Bell & Howell.

Mr. Hull received a BS in engineering physics from the University of Colorado in 1961 and an honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Loughborough University in the U.K. in 2005.