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AMUG Newsletter June 2017

By June 22, 2017

June 2017

President’s Report

For the past 12 months, we have written about AMUG growth, changes in the organizational structure and how members can get involved in shaping future conferences.

Growth took many forms this year. First and foremost, the 2017 conference attendance set a new record, resulting in a “sold-out” conference. “For users, by users” is the hallmark of AMUG, resulting in a record number of technical presentations, sponsorships and exhibitors across an ever-increasing number of AM technologies. I want to thank everyone who planned and executed the 2017 conference, truly making it a success.

Significant year-over-year attendance growth spurred numerous changes in the organizational structure, aimed at better serving the membership and positioning the conference for the future. Starting with a new website, improved registration process and the first-ever conference mobile app, members experienced easy access to timely information. Formation of many subcommittees has engaged more members to assist in matters such as scholarship selection, agenda content, officer nominations and much more. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to serve these critical functions, again emphasizing the “for users, by users” mantra.

Which brings us to how you can get involved. As the 2018 AMUG Board welcomes a new president, Paul Bates, and two new vice-presidents, be sure to share your thoughts and ideas for the 2018 conference through the secretary at Find a committee to suit your interests by visiting the website and lend your enthusiasm and expertise to the 2018 conference.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve you as AMUG president. Look forward to an exciting and innovative 2018 conference as Paul Bates serves as AMUG president for the next conference year!

Steve Deak

Steve Deak
AMUG President

Incoming President’s Report

Thank you to the many members of AMUG, as well as the board, as I accept the opportunity to take on the role of president of AMUG.

I want to thank Steve Deak in particular as he is leaving me with the largest and most stable organization in the group’s history. We had record-setting attendance in Chicago this year and the conference’s first sold-out event. Of course, this leaves me with very big shoes to fill.

April 8, 2018, the opening date for the 2018 conference, is coming quickly, and there is much to do to prepare for St. Louis. We are going to be meeting this summer to start the planning process and begin preparations for this coming event as well as continuing to hone the board and each person’s role in building our conference.

I look forward to working with the board, both old and new, to get this off the ground and have yet another amazing AMUG Conference.

Paul Bates
Incoming President

AMUG Conference Track Leaders and Call for Speakers

Track leader is a very rewarding volunteer position and an extremely important role in the success of the AMUG Conference. Thank you to those that have responded to our previous request for track leaders. As we confirm the interest of past track leaders, we may find that we have additional openings so there is still time to submit your name for consideration.

Our call for speakers will open on October 1, 2017. Please begin to think about presenting at the 30th-anniversary conference of AMUG. For consideration, it is critical that your presentation is informative or educational (not a sales pitch). We are also looking for “hands-on sessions” as well as “panel discussions.”

For questions or to express interest in either track leader or presenter roles, please contact AMUG Chairman Gary Rabinovitz at

Submit Suggestion for the Innovators Award

Each year AMUG presents the Innovators Award, highlighting an inventor and technology that has made a direct impact on the additive manufacturing industry. Recipients of the award are interviewed on stage at the conference in the Innovators Showcase. Previous recipients of the AMUG Innovators Award include Chuck Hull, Scott Crump and Carl Deckard.

We are inviting the AMUG community to submit recommendations for the 2018 AMUG Innovator Award. Submissions must be made by August 1, 2017, and include the innovator’s name, the technology he/she invented and the contribution/impact it directly made on the AM community.

The AMUG Board will review the list of innovators and select the 2018 Innovator Award recipient at its strategy meeting in August. Submit your AM innovator recommendation to

Past Innovators Award recipients: Chuck Hull, Scott Crump and Carl Deckard.

Seeking Site Tours for 2018 Conference

AMUG is currently looking for companies in the Saint Louis area that are interested in hosting tours of their facilities on Sunday, April 8, 2018. Past tours have been well attended and well received by AMUG attendees, and we would love to extend the opportunity to host a tour to all companies that are interested.

We will be finalizing our tour destinations by September 1, 2017, so please contact Gary Rabinovitz, chairman, at for additional information or to express your company’s interest in participating.

Conference Outings

It is only June, but AMUG is already working on the pre-conference outings for the 2018 event.  On Saturday, April 7, 2018, the plan (weather permitting) is to golf at the Gateway National Golf Links, and on Sunday the 8th you can take aim at the St. Louis Skeet and Trap Club.  More information will be available in future newsletter articles.

For spouses and guests, we intend to put together outings on Monday and Wednesday that will take place while the conference is in session. We would love to hear your thoughts on possible destinations and activities. Due to renovations, the 2016 outings did not include the St. Louis Arch so that is a possibility for one of the stops. There are many other possibilities…send your ideas to Tom Sorovetz, event manager, at

View of St. Louis from Gateway National Golf Links.


SLM Solutions

Selective Laser Melting Financing

As a long-term partner with service around the country and expert technical support, SLM Solutions is proud to offer financing options on selective laser melting systems. Take advantage of no payments for 90 days or 0% interest. More Information available here.

Financing options now available through SLM Solutions.

Now Available – EOSTATE Exposure OT

EOS is raising the quality assurance for additive manufacturing to a new level with the addition of exposure optical tomography to EOSTATE. The world’s first commercial OT monitoring system for metal industrial 3D printing, the EOSTATE addition is available on our EOS M 290 machines, meeting the tough requirements for seamless component inspection in real time.

Developed with MTU Aero Engines, EOSTATE Exposure OT paves the way for the serial production of additive components with:

  • Nondestructive 100% inspection
  • Monitoring of the complete construction process, independent of the component size
  • Programmable software for part-specific quality control

Shatter the boundaries of conventional manufacturing with EOS industrial 3D printing. Whether it’s engine parts, subsystem components or even structural components for the aerospace industry, our technology gives you more freedom in design, enabling function integration, and resulting in weight reduction. Lower your costs during production and flight with EOS.

Click here for more.

Exposure optical tomography added to EOSTATE.

Redefining Jewelry Design with Lace by Jenny Wu and ExOne

Jenny Wu began her career as an architect, but she always had an interest in jewelry. Often, she would use 3D printing to make architectural models. As she began experimenting with jewelry design, she realized that 3D printing would give her the freedom to create elegant, complex pieces that could not be possible through traditional methods. She launched her company, Lace by Jenny Wu. ExOne Binder Jetting was able to help Jenny Wu bring her designs to life. Binder Jetting gave her the ability to create customized, made-to-order pieces for her clients without the limitations found in traditional welding jewelry techniques.

To learn more about how Jenny Wu is using Binder Jetting and other forms of additive manufacturing, visit the LA Times article. You can also visit her website.

3D-printed jewelry from Lace by Jenny Wu.

BASF Design Contest – Last call!

We are in the final weeks of the Design Contest on ‘How to use BASF Materials for Functional Parts.’ As a reminder, the winner will take a 1 x week trip to Heidelberg, Germany, to work with our 3D-printing experts at our new Application Technology Center. You have until July 1, 2017 to fill out the application and submit your design.

The top 10 design submissions will be contacted, and BASF will begin application development. The winner will be announced next year at the 2018 AMUG Conference.

For more information, please visit or contact us at

Design Contest is accepting submission up to July 1.


Renishaw Race to Innovate for Land Rover BAR

The Renishaw additive manufacturing team raced to innovate by producing hydraulic manifolds for the Land Rover BAR racing catamaran to compete in the 35th America’s Cup.

Land Rover BAR design team understood the potential of metal additive manufacturing to save weight and improve the efficiency of its hydraulic system, and it has worked with Renishaw additive manufacturing team for the manufacture of customized manifolds using Renishaw technology.

The structure of these manifolds helps improve the flow of hydraulic fluid, and they are lighter than conventional manifolds. This streamlining assists the racing team’s four ‘grinders’ who act as a human engine, turning specialized hand cranks to generate the hydraulic pressure to drive hydraulic actuators, which in turn drive control surfaces on the race boat.

Watch and read the full story here.

Demonstration Land Rover BAR metal AM hydraulic manifold.


Utah Trikes Finds Customization Success with New FDM Nylon CF

The new Stratasys FDM Nylon 12CF, a carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic, allows companies like Utah Trikes, a producer of trikes, quads and custom wheelchairs, to create custom, cost-effective products for their customers. With a history of 3D printing, Utah Trikes found that some materials are too flexible or brittle to effectively implement into their entire production line. But with Nylon 12CF, Utah Trikes has a high-performance, strong material they can use for production parts as well as jigs and fixtures.

Prototyping is now more reliable and accurate with FDM Nylon 12CF as this new material stands up to rigorous testing required for production parts. It meets the demanding needs of the production environment and can become a replacement for metal tooling in applications like forming or end-of-arm tooling.

Check out the full customer success story on Utah Trikes here or visit the Stratasys website for more information about the new Nylon 12CF.

Utah Trike’s application of the Nylon 12CF in their production process.

HP Accelerates Reinvention of World’s Largest Manufacturing Market with Asia-Pacific 3D Printing Expansion

HP Inc. last week announced the commercial availability of its award-winning Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution and the expansion of its 3D printing business across the Asia-Pacific region. Hangzhou Shining 3D ePrint Tech Co. Ltd., a leading 3D printing services provider with more than 10,000 customers worldwide, plans to collaborate with HP to deploy customized 3D printing innovations in more than 50 locations across China.  Infinite 3D Printing, one of China’s largest 3D printing solutions providers, also plans to install HP’s 3D printing solutions in multiple technology centers. HP also announced it is extending its Partner First 3D Printing Specialization reseller program to the Asia-Pacific region and adding more than a dozen new partners; is expanding its open 3D materials and applications ecosystem with the addition of Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Company; and is opening new 3D Printing Reference and Experience Centers in multiple countries. Find out more here.

DMC2017 (Shanghai, China) attendees gather to see HP’s Jet Fusion.

3D Systems

Wiivv Delivers Mass Customization by the Foot with 3D Systems’ SLS Technology

Wiivv was founded on three core tenets: mass customization, localized production and little to no inventory. Guided by these principles, Wiivv seized its first business opportunity in footwear to offer custom orthotic insoles derived from customer captured foot data. Using a simple yet accurate smartphone app, Wiivv produces individualized products on demand for delivery direct to its customers.

After exploring a host of production technologies, the Wiivv team settled on SLS 3D printing with the 3D Systems sPro™ 60. According to Wiivv, this methodology has enabled the company to thrive without the obstacles that arise in traditional manufacturing.

“[Our sPro 60] allows us to be 100-percent custom with our insoles,” says Michael Salmon, design lead for Wiivv. “Otherwise we would have to cut individual tools, get castings of each foot for heat molding, and use many other expensive or time-consuming processes.”

For more details of Wiivv’s application and experience with 3D Systems’ SLS printing, click here.

Wiivv custom insole printed on 3D Systems’ sPro™ 60.

Take a Bite Out of Carbon! New DPR 10 Resin Launched for Dental Applications

Carbon is making headway in the dental market by helping dental and orthodontic labs simplify the model-making process with its Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, M-series 3D printers and newly-launched DPR 10 resin. Traditionally, dental labs have had to deal with slow cycle times, complex hardware design/use, and insufficient service and support. In contrast, Carbon, as a trusted partner, provides the speed and accuracy for dental model printing across multiple builds for a repeatable and scalable print solution.

Not only can labs expect an estimated 10x improvement in print times and a lower cost per part, but Carbon’s hardware and software are also simple and intuitive to use. With connected printers, labs always have the latest software version, ensuring the highest accuracy for dental models. Additionally, Carbon printers have best-in-class uptime and come with predictive service and support. Lastly, the DPR 10 resin offers great resolution, stone color and excellent surface finish with fewer striations – ideal for thermoformed aligners.

For more information, contact

New DPR 10 resin introduced for dental and orthodontic labs.

Reduce the Cost and Time of Investment Casting by 20%

Peridot, Inc., a service bureau that has been providing services to the marketplace for over 20 years, is using Somos® Element to transform investment casting and open up new business opportunities. Compared to other processes, Somos Element produces a high-quality finish with features including low residual ash. In addition, the material is antimony free, allowing final parts to be cast with multiple metal alloys, including titanium. Somos Element has helped Peridot cut investment casting costs by up to 20% and reduce time-to-market by between 10% and 20%.

Read how you can get similar results here.

Investment casting pattern, produced by Peridot, made with Somos® Element material.

Additive Manufacturing Magazine

First Five Sessions of Additive Manufacturing Conference Announced

Organizers of the fourth annual Additive Manufacturing Conference (AM2017) have announced the first five sessions of this year’s event.

Presented by Additive Manufacturing magazine, the Additive Manufacturing Conference is a two-day technical conference, exhibit hall and business networking event focused on the industrial applications of additive technologies for making functional components and end-use production parts. The event will run from October 10 -12 at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The first five sessions are as follows:

  • Next-Generation Design for Additive Manufacturing by Duann Scott, business development and strategy for additive manufacturing, Autodesk
  • 3D-Printed Tooling by Jarod Rauch, CNC programmer, B&J Specialty Inc., and Benjamin Fisk, general manager, Methods3D
  • Additive Manufacturing – Don’t Leave Home Without It by Dr. Paul K. McConnaughey, associate director, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Hybrid Additive Manufacturing: Evolution and Implementation of Practical Applications by Evan Syverson, additive business development manager, Sodick Inc.
  • Industrialized: Tangible Solutions’ Story of Trials and Triumph Building the Factory of the Future by Adam Clark, CEO, Tangible Solutions

Registration for AM2017 is now open. For additional information and to register, visit

AMUG Family Get This FREE

The June edition of DEVELOP3D Magazine is available to download now – and as an attendee of the amazing AMUG Conference, you get it for free!

Covering the entire product design process – from sketching, CAD, simulation, 3D printing, through to manufacture – it takes in all industries from precise jewelry all the way up to giant aerospace projects.

Check out all our 2017 issues here, and sign up to get 10 copies completely free each year – what are you waiting for?

3D Metal Printing Magazine

3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour, August 16-17, Chicago

Plan now to attend this metal additive manufacturing conference in Schaumburg, with presentations from several industry experts to learn about the latest technology developments for 3D metal printing. Included are tours of Renishaw and Sodick, each providing case-study presentations.

Among the impressive list of speakers:

  • Todd Grimm, president, T.A. Grimm & Associates
  • Sandra DeVincent Wolf, executive director, NextManufacturing Center, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Cullen Hilkene, CEO, 3Diligent
  • Paul Bates, general manager, UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center, University of Louisville
  • Ryan Lozier, AM engineer, Caterpillar

To learn more and register to attend, visit

TCT Magazine

There’s Still Time to Submit Your TCT Award Application

The inaugural TCT Awards are fast approaching, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of applications so far. However, we received more applications in the final couple of days than at any other time period, and as such, we were approached by many for an extension.

A few maneuvers in the independent judging process means we’ve been able to push the final date for submissions out to Friday the 23rd of June. So, if you have an application or a technology you’re proud of, head over to and submit.

Submit applications for TCT Awards.

The Best 3D Printer Materials: Metals Edition

As indicated by GE’s majority acquisition of Arcam and Concept Laser and the formation of GE Additive, metal additive manufacturing has officially gone mainstream. Metal 3D printing will only be as strong as the materials that are available for use with the technology. For that reason, has created a guide to some of the most common metals found in AM. Read it here.

Illustration of gas atomization, one method for making metal powders.

Metal AM Magazine

Distortion in Metal Additive Manufacturing: Modeling and Mitigation

There is a growing recognition that software can play a vital role in determining the success or failure of additive manufacturing. Today’s dedicated AM software can quickly and accurately simulate distortion in metal AM processes, significantly reducing build failure rates, minimizing the associated economic impact and contributing to the enhancement of the technology’s reputation amongst end-users.

As Autodesk’s Michael Gouge and Pan Michaleris explain in an article published in the Spring 2017 issue of Metal AM magazine, success is about far more than having the right machine or specifying the right material.

Download your FREE PDF copy here.

Sample powder bed fusion simulation part—dimensions are roughly 275 x 200 x 40 mm.