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AMUG June 2023

By June 15, 2023

June 2023

President’s report

AMUG Members,

In our AM world, we often start a new project before finishing the previous one. That is how we rapidly meet the needs of our customers. And AMUG is no different; we are still closing out the past 2023 AMUG Conference while proceeding with planning the future 2024 AMUG Conference.

In finishing our past conference, AMUG Members will receive an email soon with instructions on accessing the AMUG Mobile App or the AMUG Online Planner to view responses to your questions from the AMUG Business Meeting and the AMUG Feedback Session. Starting the planning for our upcoming conference has spurred lots of activities and changes. We have our Committee Chairs identified, and they will select committee members from the volunteer list we have collected since the conference.  Committee terms will begin in early July.

While AMUG relies predominantly on volunteers to coordinate our conferences, we have a broad range of contractors assisting us. The AMUG Board of Directors has taken a significant step to add another level of support. AMUG has hired its first full-time employee, Jordan Weston. Jordan (previously AMUG Director, Education and Conference) has been engaged as our AMUG Operations Manager. He will have multiple tasks associated with the AMUG Conference operations and logistics. Along with other commitments and duties, he will be responsible for managing contractors and aiding committees to achieve their goals.

Ed Graham of ProtoCAM will fill the AMUG Director, Education and Conference position. Ed has previously served as the Track Leader Committee Chair, responsible for acquiring presenters and evaluating presentations for the AMUG Conference. He will be a great addition to the AMUG Board of Directors.

Mark Abshire

Mark Abshire

Immersed in the AMUG experience: A journey of innovation and inspiration

Reflections from Brent Griffith, scholarship winner 

Chicago has always held a special place in my heart, but little did I know that my recent visit to this vibrant city would become an unforgettable chapter in my life. The reason behind my excitement was none other than my first Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) event, the annual gathering that brings together enthusiasts and experts in AM from around the globe. Participating in the pre-conference preparations and the conference itself would turn this event into one of the most remarkable highlights of my year. I will forever be grateful to the sponsors and individuals who helped make this incredible experience a reality for me.

As I stepped into the bustling venue, energy and anticipation washed over me. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared an unwavering passion for AM, I immediately felt a deep sense of belonging. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, and it was clear that everyone was here to explore the vast possibilities of this cutting-edge technology.

AMUG 2023 was a melting pot of ideas where innovators from various backgrounds converged to showcase their latest research, exchange insights, and collaborate on groundbreaking projects. The opportunity to engage with these brilliant minds was genuinely enlightening. I engaged in deep conversations, soaking up knowledge and gaining fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving world of AM.

Navigating the labyrinth of talks, seminars, workshops, and keynotes was exhilarating and challenging. The sheer breadth and depth of the program left me torn between choices, as I yearned to attend every session and absorb as much information as possible. However, this delightful predicament only amplified my eagerness to explore and delve into different aspects of AM.

Each day brought a new wave of inspiration. From witnessing awe-inspiring demonstrations of cutting-edge 3D printing technology to attending thought-provoking presentations on the future of AM, every moment was a treasure trove of knowledge. In addition, the camaraderie among attendees was infectious, fostering an environment of collaboration where ideas flowed freely and boundaries were pushed.

Beyond the scheduled events, informal interactions during breaks and social gatherings were equally invaluable. Engaging in conversations with fellow attendees and industry experts allowed me to forge new connections and deepen existing ones. In addition, the passion and dedication of everyone around me reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of AM.

AMUG 2023 not only allowed me to expand my understanding of the field, but it also ignited a spark within me. The event catalyzed my creative endeavors and aspirations. It fueled my desire to continue contributing to the ever-growing realm of AM and explore avenues for innovation in my work.

As I bid farewell to the bustling halls of the AMUG Conference, I carried a renewed sense of purpose and a trove of memories that will forever shape my journey in the AM world. In addition, the experience of being immersed in the AMUG community, surrounded by passionate individuals driven by a shared vision, will continue to inspire me in my future endeavors.

In retrospect, my time at AMUG 2023 indeed showed it was more than just a conference; it was, as Mark Abshire stated, “a conversation” and one that solidified my commitment to AM. Moreover, it served as a reminder that by embracing innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, we can shape a future where the boundaries of what is possible are constantly pushed.

Brent Griffith, PE
Product Engineer, Labconco Corporation

Brent Griffith addressing the AMUG audience.

A chance encounter

On the heels of AMUG 2023, Shannon VanDeren, AMUG Vice President, contributed an article titled ‘A Chance Encounter” to Medical Device Developments that explains how one chance meeting led to an unlikely collaboration that resulted in advances in medical models and devices.

The 2023 AMUG Conference showcased one of the greatest attributes of being involved in this event as an attendee, sponsor, or speaker – and that is the networking opportunities. While AMUG touts this as a grand and rewarding outcome, it was a cornerstone of the keynote presentation by Nicholas Jacobson and Rob Ducey, titled “Collaborations between an Animator, an Architect, and a Surgeon.”

The collaboration journey began with a chance meeting at AMUG 2019, where the pair discovered a shared interest in voxel printing. Working together and combining completely different backgrounds and skills, their combined efforts delivered innovations for pediatric epilepsy, cardiology, and cleft palate in the form of medical models and devices. The question that has guided their work is: “How can we represent the body better than anything else out there?”

Read Shannon’s article here.

Rob Ducey (left) and Nicholas Jacobson delivering their keynote presentation at AMUG 2023.


Meltio opens its doors to show its disruptive wire-laser metal 3D printing technology

Meltio is not only growing with new distribution partners around the world, but we have recently opened the doors of our factory in Linares, located in the south of Spain in the province of Jaén in the Andalucía region. This is the factory where our technology is born and the location of Meltio’s team of engineers and professionals combine their efforts to offer the industry our M450 metal 3D printer, Meltio Engine Robot Integration, and Meltio Engine CNC Integration.

Hosting several partners at our headquarters over the past May has been a great pleasure. It was a pleasure for us to attend to our partners 3D Printer Solutions, K3D B.V., and  Snowbird Technologies at the Meltio Linares facility.

Our unique wire-laser metal 3D printing technology is attracting the attention of more and more players in the manufacturing sector worldwide. Why? Because our solutions reduce costs and improve the efficiency of production processes while using commodity welding wire— the cleanest, safest, and easiest-to-use metal feedstock on the market!

Would you like to become part of our ever-growing partner ecosystem? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Meltio team members at the factory in Linares, Spain.


Sky’s the limit: Formlabs’ aerospace customers push innovation forward

As all AMUG members know, aerospace engineers were among the first to recognize the power of AM and use it to reach new heights of innovation. 3D printing is the perfect tool for an industry that is always looking to make parts lighter, more aerodynamic, and more efficient.

To highlight the amazing work our aerospace, aviation, and defense customers are doing, Formlabs has been focusing on new materials, like Flame Retardant Resin, and new applications, like carbon fiber tooling, to ensure that customers across every other industry can benefit from their expertise.

Through two new live webinars in June focusing on aerospace tooling and end-use parts, and new whitepapers detailing how customers make their workflows more efficient, we’re getting everyone up to (sonic) speed. Visit our resources page to learn more, or sign up for the latest news and resources through our monthly newsletter. 

Nextech’s fixed-wing drones (top) and copter-style drones (bottom) use a combination of traditional machining and 3D printing for end-use parts. (Image credit Nextech Drones)

Join GoEngineer at the Stratasys Truck across the country

The Stratasys Truck is back on the road and making its rounds across the country. As the largest reseller, GoEngineer is excited to partner with Stratasys to let you witness firsthand the latest technologies, including the H350 (SAF technology), Origin One (P3 technology), and F770 (FDM technology), along with a plethora of parts from every industry.

Join us at one of our upcoming stops including:

June 27: Fowling Warehouse, Grand Rapids, MI
June 28: Studebaker Brewing, South Bend, IN
June 29: Cerulean, Warsaw, IN
July 18: TopGolf, Schaumburg, IL
July 29: Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI
…and more…

Register to attend.

If you’re in the automotive industry, make sure you register to attend one of two StrataFEST Auto events—either June 22 at SEMA Garage (Plymouth, MI) or July 11 at Andretti Racing (Indianapolis, IN).

StrataFEST is an educational day focused on AM and Industry 4.0 with an emphasis on automotive. The event will include speaking opportunities, hands-on demonstrations, breakout rooms, food, beverages, music, and more!

Register to attend StrataFEST here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Experience Stratasys Truck Tour 2023.

3D printing materials are changing the automotive manufacturing industry

Today’s automobile is a mixture of many different designs, parts, and shapes. 3D printing lends itself well to fabricating many of these parts throughout an automobile because of the variety of materials available, ranging from thermoplastics to thermosets to photopolymers.

3D printing isn’t only used to produce parts and components within and on the automobile. It can also help automotive manufacturers create various manufacturing aids to assist during manufacturing.

As a result, 3D printing materials have heavily influenced what’s possible in the automotive industry. Compared to metal materials, for instance, polymer materials offer:

—Greater accessibility and ease of use
—Extensive material options with varying price ranges
—Strong and lightweight alternatives for metal replacement applications

Read on to learn more about materials that have influenced what’s possible in the automotive industry.

Roush Performance used SAF™ technology and PA11 to 3D print the F-150 grill-mounted camera housing for its entire production run after a late-stage design change.

Tekna collaborates with TriTech Titanium Parts to enable revolutionizing titanium part production

TriTech is the very first company using titanium powders in production for binder jetting applications, which has the potential for large-volume manufacturing. By utilizing Tekna’s industrial-grade titanium powder, TriTech unlocks the full potential of binder jet 3D printing, providing clients with customized, lightweight, and high-strength titanium parts that surpass traditional manufacturing limitations.

“I want to congratulate TriTech and Desktop Metal for their leadership in achieving this historic milestone. By combining our expertise, we aim to accelerate the adoption of binder jet 3D printing and open new design possibilities for titanium components across all industries,” said Luc Dionne, CEO of Tekna.

Read more in the press release.

Smart Fusion: the first-time-right metal AM software

Committed to the advancement and adoption of metal AM, EOS has launched Smart Fusion software technology for laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) metal 3D printing that automatically adjusts laser power in real time. The technology eliminates the need for most support structures, minimizes material use, reduces post-processing requirements, and lowers the cost-per-part (CPP) for metal AM applications.

Smart Fusion’s real-time capability adjusts laser power to address potential manufacturing issues quickly and efficiently. The technology measures the laser energy absorbed by the powder bed and adjusts it using advanced algorithms. As a positive side effect, support structures can be avoided or even eliminated. This saves time and lowers CPP through reductions in post-processing and material consumption.

“Smart Fusion is another important breakthrough for metal AM, especially for those organizations with highly engineered applications, such as energy, space tech, mobility, and aerospace,” said Mirco Schöpf, EOS product line manager, software. “Other solutions in the market have significant drawbacks such as slower build times and a need for an expert to make sure it works. Smart Fusion offers an industrialized solution that is faster, flexible, and more accessible.”

Explore Smart Fusion now.

EOS launches revolutionary Smart Fusion software for metal AM systems.


VoxelMatters’ Post-Processing AM Focus 2023 eBook

As AM has become increasingly viable for serial production, the need for scalable, cost-efficient, and automated post-processing has become increasingly important. In this eBook issue, we explore the state of AM post-processing today and zoom in on some of the key players.

We start by taking a sky-view look at the main post-processing companies in the AM industry and what solutions they bring to the table. Next, we hear from NDT specialist Theta Technologies about its Non-Linear Acoustics method that can save manufacturers time and money by quickly identifying flawed AM components.

We also deliver insights from contract manufacturer Voxel Innovations about a non-contact post-process for metal parts called pulsed electrochemical machining. Finally, we share an exclusive interview with Chad Beamer, applications engineer at Quintus Technologies, discussing hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology and how it can improve the properties of printed components.

VoxelMatters’ eBook can be viewed or downloaded to your favorite mobile device here.

Also online is a complete and exclusive report on 3D printed products at Milan Design Week. Read that article here.

New eBook on post-processing now available.

Gender diversity in 3D printing

In recent years, the drive for gender diversity in leadership positions has extended to various industries, including the traditionally male-dominated field of technology. To gain insights into the current landscape for the AM sector, conducted a comprehensive analysis, collecting data from over 670 companies within the 3D printing ecosystem.

The aim was to shed light on the extent of female representation in executive and leadership roles, painting a nuanced picture of the current reality. Through this analysis, a clearer picture emerges regarding the progress made and the steps yet to be taken to achieve gender diversity in this evolving sector.

Read the analysis here.

Comprehensive analysis of gender diversity in AM.

Digital Engineering 24/

Automotive focus in June issue

The June digital edition of Digital Engineering magazine focuses on the automotive industry, including features on virtual auto manufacturing, hybrid manufacturing production workflows involving 3D printing and traditional techniques, and the use of simulation in vehicle design.

Download the issue here.

June digital edition of Digital Engineering.

3D Printing

Leading the 3D printing industry

What’s on the mind of leaders in our industry? Where do they see the next opportunity, and how are they tackling tomorrow’s challenges?

3D Printing Industry asked Photocentric founder Paul Holt for more information on the million-part production runs and where resin systems are heading. In metal additive, we spoke to Ali Forsyth at Alloy Enterprises to hear how their novel systems lower cost and boost throughput.

Who is leading the industry in 2023? The 3D Printing Industry Awards are back on November 30; get in touch if you want to know more.

Alloy Enterprises’ metal 3D printing. (Photo via Alloy Enterprises)

Metal AM

An inside perspective on China’s thriving metal AM industry

A decade ago, the majority of commercial metal AM machines, materials, and application developments took place in Europe and North America. The picture is very different today, and China has become a leading global player. Clear national strategies, combined with a solid drive to leverage commercial opportunities, have resulted in a powerful and dynamic metal AM industry that is moving rapidly towards self-sufficiency.

In the Spring 2023 issue of Metal AM magazine, Xuesong Pan (Peter), co-founder of China’s 3D printing media company Nanjixiong, reports on recent developments.

Read the full article here.

BLT-S600 metal AM machines in China.

Make Parts

Embracing series production in AM

Evolving from prototype and small-batch production to series production of plastic and metal parts in AM increases efficient utilization of 3D printing equipment, provides a safe working environment, and creates an optimal production flow. Achieving efficient series production, however, requires intelligent automation and networking capable of perfectly integrating long production times of components in 3D printing with shorter upstream and downstream steps.

Global automation provider Grenzebach breaks down automated system solutions that support intelligent synchronization of series production for AM. Read the story here.

Series production is the intelligent automation and network integration of all upstream and downstream processes in the 3D printing cycle. (Image courtesy of Grenzebach)


Concrete 3D printing for Mars habitat

The article by AM Chronicle explores the future of Mars habitats using concrete 3D printing, which has significant potential for cost savings, customizability, and safety compared to traditional construction methods.

Read full story.

Design by Hassell for NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.