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AMUG May 2022

By May 19, 2022

May 2022

President’s report

Dear AMUG Members,

It has been crazy busy for me since our event. The craze was fueled by catching up on everything pending and following up on the great actions that developed from the amazing interactions at our event. It is also amazing to know there were friends of mine that I didn’t even get to spend time with during AMUG 2022. I guess this may, or will, happen more and more as we continue to grow.

We are still compiling all of the data from our event. This is a testimony to all of our great committees’ excellent and hard work— please thank them anytime you see them. All of this is helping us learn how to improve. We are already evaluating how to integrate the great suggestions and ideas from so many of our members. Thank you, everyone!

We also had an opportunity to celebrate at the AM Industry Appreciation Event at RAPID+TCT. I hope you all had a great time and caught up with more of our members there. For those that joined us, thank you for attending and showing your support!

With summer coming, I anticipate many of you may be traveling. Please relax, enjoy, and be safe!  Know that while you’re away, your AMUG Board will be working on everything for next year. So, before you get into summertime fun time, set your reminders for October 1 when registration is scheduled to open. This date is for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors— so set a reminder. In the meantime, I will be trying to carve out a moment for some fresh hot apple pie, and maybe I’ll make it à la mode (ice cream)!

Be well and stay safe, my friends!

Carl Dekker

Carl Dekker

Incoming President’s report

My fellow AMUGers,

I am so proud to serve as your incoming President. To get to know each other better, please allow me to start the process by sharing some of my past background and future goals.

I started my career in the 1970s as a machinist/toolmaker using subtractive manufacturing, but I quickly embraced AM in 1988. I am a ‘hands-on’ operator of Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Laser Sintering, PolyJet, and more. I began using AM at an aerospace company and moved into positions as an application engineer working for several AM equipment suppliers. Working as an application engineer with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia to help them use AM successfully in their business has provided me with valuable cultural, communication, and problem-solving skills.

My association with AMUG began as an attendee in 1991 when the conference was open only to Stereolithography users (well before it became the encompassing group we know today). With over 30 years as an AMUG member and almost half of those years working on the AMUG Board of Directors in various positions and on several committees, my business retirement did not mean ending my long-term relationship with this users group. Rather, it offered a new opportunity for me to give back and serve this community that has been an integral part of a successful lifetime career.

My goal as president is to ensure that AMUG’s growth and direction are sustainable while providing a path forward for a new generation to succeed with AM and contribute to AMUG.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Mark Abshire
Incoming President

Mark Abshire
Incoming President

Vice President’s report

I want to take this opportunity to thank every single AMUG 2022 sponsor, exhibitor, and member for your continued support of this amazing AM conference.

You are what makes AMUG what it is!

It was great to see everyone in person after not being able to attend since 2019. I hope you all have a successful 2022, and I look forward to seeing you at AMUG 2023…For User, By Users!

Best wishes,

Andrew Allshorn
Vice President

Andrew Allshorn
Vice President

Incoming Vice Preisdent’s report

After the whirlwind of activity at AMUG 2022, we are immersed in the planning/preparation for AMUG 2023! The continued attention from the span of volunteers serving the AMUG community (committee members and board) is what develops our event with such heart and dedication!

Having served on committees for the last eight years, I was privy to the investment and development of bringing each piece of AMUG together to collectively create the most outstanding gathering of AM users.

Serving as the medical track leader for the last eight years has allowed me to connect with equipment OEMs, material OEMs, customers, and end-users. In thinking forward on other ways I may contribute to the growth of AMUG, it seemed a natural transition to migrate into a role where I may have a broader focus. The role of vice president hovers largely around creating relationships with the sponsors and exhibitors. This is a natural migration as I have been working with them in a more limited capacity on the medical track.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to gaining further momentum with our sponsor/exhibitor community. It has never been lost on me that this community is part of the fuel that helps AMUG to exist. Not only are they financially supporting our efforts, but they are participating in the exchange of valuable information. Our reliance on equipment, material, and service entities allows us to grow in our technology advancements within the user community.

The 2023 AMUG Board respects, adores, and champions the collective AM community. I am eager to jump in and glean from the knowledge and experience of this group!

Shannon VanDeren
Incoming Vice President

Shannon VanDeren
Incoming Vice President

New member meeting – a big success

As chairman of the new member committee, I want to send a special thank you to the first-time attendees for being at the New Member Meeting on Sunday before the AMUGexpo. Also, I want to thank the DINOs in attendance that helped make the new members feel welcomed into the AMUG family. This was the first year we made a concerted effort to include the DINOs, and it was a huge success.

I heard that people were still in the meeting room until 5:00 pm. This was precisely our goal: show ‘first-timers’ the power of networking.

Thank you one and all.


Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

Akila Udage: scholarship winner

As I received confirmation that I had been selected as the Guy Bourdeau Scholarship recipient in 2022, I could not imagine what the AMUG 2022 conference would be like. In my role as a Ph.D. candidate, I have participated in several conferences, but AMUG 2022 surpassed every experience I have had so far.

Through applying to the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship, I’ve learned that the selection process is extremely competitive. As a student of AM, that is one reason why it is an honor and privilege to receive this once-in-a-lifetime recognition. Getting to meet industry heavyweights and veterans is an opportunity I didn’t expect to have before attending the conference. I will never forget the opportunity to present my work to all participants. It is a cherished moment in my life that I will never forget.

Due to my plans to finish my Ph.D. within a couple of months, I am confident that the knowledge I’ve gained about AM at the 2022 AMUG Conference will be beneficial to me very soon. As a young professional about to enter the AM field, AMUG 2022 allowed me to gain a broader understanding of both lighting (my current focus) and AM to get a holistic view of the industry’s demands and constraints. Further, the opportunity to meet industry professionals and educators in the industry allowed me to expand my network and prepare myself to become a leading industry professional one day.

AMUG is one big family, as I observed. It was remarkable how we all felt a sense of belonging and team spirit. AMUG’s committee has ensured that all participants have fun during the conference by providing excellent event organization.

In addition to being deeply grateful for this opportunity, I would also like to thank Renee Bourdeau for continuing her worthy work with the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship. In addition, a big round of applause goes out to the entire AMUG staff for all their hard work. Additionally, I am grateful for Cimquest’s sponsorship of my attendance at the conference.

AMUG 2022 was a very memorable event for me, and I hope to meet the same amazing people again in 2023. Until then, happy AM!

Akila Udage

Akila Udage on the main stage at AMUG 2022.

Look back on AMUG 2022: photo gallery

It’s here…the 2022 AMUG Conference photo gallery is live!

There are over 1,000 images for you to view. And each is available to download as a 1920 x 1080 image. So grab a beverage and relive the AMUG experience.

Enter the gallery here.

1,000+ images in the 2022 gallery.


Covestro Additive

Covestro is changing the name of certain filaments, pellets/granules, and powders

From June 1 onward, Covestro 3D printing materials commercialized under the brand names of Arnilene®, Arnite®, Arnitel®, EcoPaXX®, and Novamid® will change to the product brand name Addigy®, the trademark that Covestro already uses for certain 3D printing materials. The Somos® brand will continue to exist as before, and no changes are being made to the names of our stereolithography and DLP/LCD materials.

Some product names will also be slightly simplified: the material number is getting a letter – an F, G, or P – to indicate the type of material, respectively filament, granule (pellet), or powder. While the product name may change, we want to assure you that the products themselves have not changed.

Product information can be found on the website.

Listing of old and new material names.

Nexa3D launched expanded ultrafast portfolio at RAPID + TCT

During RAPID + TCT, the Nexa3D team was proud to launch the ultrafast XiP desktop 3D printer – now available for order!

The desktop workflow continues to expand as well as the Nexa3D x Addifab partnership now includes the XiP. Accessibility to solutions is the name of the game with this growing collaboration, as scaled-up possibilities with the industrial NXE 400 platform also enable new opportunities for customers like Wilson Sporting Goods. The XiP x FIM combination has brought PepsiCo’s latest bottle cap designs to life, as well.

Also, at RAPID + TCT, Nexa3D highlighted the industrial NXE 200 and dental-focused NXD 200 systems. Post-processing solutions included the xWash and xCure for the industrial systems and all-in-one Wash+Cure for XiP complete workflows that start with NexaX 2.0 software.

Further, the QLS 820 was recently renamed to highlight the power of this scalable powder bed production solution. It can 3D print 8 liters of material per hour with up to 20% density.

Leaders from Nexa3D also spoke to applications success with PepsiCo; highlighted the realities of sustainability; and underscored the necessity of investing in DEI today across the conference stages.

The full ultrafast, production-focused Nexa3D portfolio.

New 3D printing solutions to address production at scale

Stratasys recently announced new materials, printers, and software solutions so that customers can better address their production-scale AM needs. These announcements include:

16 new materials across three technologies

Stratasys Validated materials for FDM 3D printers and a variety of open, exploratory materials for the P3-based Origin One 3D printer that can be used with an Open Material License and polypropylene powder for the SAF technology-powered H350 3D printer.

GrabCAD Print for the Stratasys Origin One and Origin One Dental 3D printers

GrabCAD Print provides users with an all-in-one software solution for streamlining the 3D printing workflow.

The introduction of the F190 and F370 Composite-Ready 3D printers, plus new FDM Nylon-CF10 material reinforced with carbon fiber.

The new printers offer high stiffness and strength materials in a hardened machine ready for composite material printing.

See the press announcements.

New Stratasys composite-ready 3D printers designed for manufacturers to supplement traditional fabrication technologies with high-strength composite 3D printing.

fabWeaver event highlights for RAPID+TCT 2022

The fabWeaver team was excited to have a lot of meetings in booth #1646 with many people from every environment in person.

Following AMUG 2022 a few weeks ago, Thomas Kim from fabWeaver was a presenter in the Tech hub. He announced the launch of the 3D Prototyping workstation and introduced it to product designers, industrial designers, engineers, and all 3D printer users at the RAPID+TCT event on Wednesday.

The title of Thomas’ presentation was ‘Design & Functional Prototyping Process with fabWeaver type A530, the Democratization of FFF Technology’.

It was the perfect time to meet all of you who are interested in fabWeaver. If you missed us at RAPID+TCT 2022, check out our website and download a fabWeaver type A530 e-brochure to get more information about the 3D printer!

Get more details on


RAPID + TCT roundup

The HP 3D Printing  team had a great time at RAPID, and we hope those who attended did as well! In addition to our booth, which showcased our newest and most innovative applications in the automotive, consumer, industrial, and health care segments, our industry experts conducted two well-attended sessions. These were ‘AM is Driving Innovations in Electric Vehicle Performance,’ which featured the innovative work we are doing in the automotive segment, and ‘Customer Panel End2End Workflow Optimization for Production at Scale, Featuring HP’s Automatic Unpacking Station’. Perhaps you caught one of these presentations or one of our daily live demos of the Automatic Unpacking Station—our first public showing in the US of this device— that helps our customers achieve consistent unpacking results through an automatic process with an industrial-grade solution.

Another highlight of the show was the presentation’ Scaling to Production – What it Takes to Get There’ delivered before the keynote on Tuesday morning by Wayne Davey, Global Head HP 3D Printing Solutions and Go-to-Market, and John Dulchinos, President, GKN Additive Manufacturing.

Register here for one of HP 3D Printing’s LIVE virtual tours to learn more about Multi Jet Fusion technology and the digital workflow. These sessions also feature an applications showcase. Please join us for an engaging event!

Car bumper printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Quickparts at RAPID + TCT!

The Quickparts team attended this year’s Rapid + TCT event in booth 3936. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. It has been a great three days of education, exhibits, and making connections with all the amazing people in our industry.

At Quickparts, we aim to empower designers and engineers with the tools to reduce production times, speed up design iterations, and shorten product development lifecycles with high-quality, 3D-printed and machined parts from one of our six global design and production centers.

We offer complete on-demand manufacturing services, from 3D printed metal and plastic parts to traditional CNC, sheet metal, injection molding, and cast urethane models.

If you were not at RAPID + TCT this year but still want to learn more about Quickparts, read Our Story or download our guide on How to Select the Right Manufacturing Partner & Solution.

Computer Aided Technology (CATI)

Get all of your supplies in one place

Are you low on material? Do you need a new type of material? Do you need new tips or extrusion heads?

We’re here to help you easily place your order. Whether you prefer to order directly from our site or would like to talk to our dedicated sales team to ensure you have everything you need, we make the process as simple as possible.

We have everything you need to keep your machines running and your projects moving along.

Start your order.

J850 Material Cabinet.

AMUG 2022: a great edition

Tekna is very proud—as a Diamond Sponsor—to be part of the amazing AMUG community. Once again, we were impressed by the quality of the event, its outstanding audience, the variety of contacts, and the organization!

This year, we had the privilege to animate four technical presentations, including two with our historical partners, Incodema3D and Marle Tangible, on aerospace and medical AM applications, respectively. This showed the benefit of our high-quality plasma powders for L-PBF applications.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by at AMUG 2022 or RAPID+TCT 2022, feel free to contact our Sales Director Jérôme Pollak ( or meet us at the next PowderMet show, June 12-15 in Portland!

We look forward to seeing you next year at AMUG 2023!

Todd Grimm highlighting Tekna’s news and insights at AMUG 2022.

Hexagon unveils iAM roadmap to industrializing AM at RAPID + TCT 2022

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division introduced their exclusive iAM roadmap to industrialized AM from design through part quality at RAPID + TCT 2022. Hexagon experts demonstrated iAM workflows and solutions for every touchpoint in the AM process, beginning with virtual prototyping tools for optimization and stress & deformation analysis to rapidly evaluate multiple AM virtual prototypes. Also highlighted were Hexagon’s unique technologies to simulate the AM process and help users develop strategies to minimize excessive distortions. To complete the roadmap, Hexagon featured a variety of metrology solutions needed to ensure additive parts are built to the required tolerances and dimensional accuracy.

The ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence and founding industry members, including Hexagon, announced the launch of the AM CoE Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization initiative. Hexagon’s Material Center solution was chosen as the materials data management tool for this Additive Manufacturing CoE by the members and ASTM.

TeamDM at Rapid+TCT

Team DM is transforming into the world’s leading Additive Manufacturing 2.0 solutions provider. At Rapid+TCT 2022, ExOne, Desktop Metal, and ETEC were side-by-side with a wide range of new AM technologies, including ExOne’s latest sand 3D printer.

The S-Max Flex is perfect for foundries and pattern shops looking to step into the next era of digital casting. The all-new robotic sand 3D printing system is designed for ease of use and a fast payback. Combining the engineering expertise of ExOne and Desktop Metal, the all-new Additive Manufacturing 2.0 production system pairs an industrial robot arm with an innovative end effector printhead design to build molds and cores into a telescoping job box. What’s more, the flexible system can be used for other applications such as rapid tooling or consumer products from printed media infiltrated with resins for durability.

At RAPID + TCT, we had live demos of the S-Max Flex.

Learn more about the S-Max Flex.

The S-Max Flex is an affordable, easy-to-use robotic sand 3D printing system.

Join EOS North America at Space Tech Expo

Join us at Space Tech Expo May 23-25 in Long Beach, CA, for the west coast’s premier space industry conference and exhibition. We will be showcasing our support-free metal AM technology, responsible manufacturing solutions, and more at booth #1018.

New space propulsion applications made with AI-powered algorithmic engineering software platform, Hyperganic, will be showcased during the show with both EOS and Hyperganic technology experts available to discuss your next AM project. The collaboration of EOS technology and Hyperganic’s revolutionary software is changing the guiding principles of space application design and manufacturing. Register today to visit our booth #1018 at Space Tech Expo 2022 and connect with our Additive Minds consulting team for your next application design.

Register Now.

Register to attend Space Tech Expo 2022 with EOS North America.


The Additive

Know your nozzle

Anyone using a filament-style printer should be familiar with the different types and diameters of nozzles available, as the nozzle selected will have a tremendous impact on part quality, productivity, and operating cost. Click here to learn more.

Other interesting posts on our site:

3D printing and thermodynamic modeling help NASA develop a high-flying alloy. Click here to read.

The White House and leading corporations announce a program to expand the use of additive manufacturing among SMEs.

Harvard researchers work to make ‘3D printing truly 3D.’

Nozzles are the proverbial ‘tip of the spear’ in filament-style 3D printing.

Digital Engineering 24/

May issue covers AM design software and more

In the May issue of Digital Engineering magazine, we take a critical look at some of the deficiencies in design software when it comes to AM and how new/existing software providers are working to bridge the gap between CAD and 3D printing. The issue also includes articles on 3D printing and the digital thread, print quality, and large-scale additive applications.

You can download the issue here.

Read the May issue of Digital Engineering magazine.

Make Parts

3D printing: the “duct tape” for the supply chain?

As AM becomes more accepted as part of a manufacturing supply chain, it is altering the way engineers work and develop products. We recently had a conversation with Daniel Lazier, Product Marketing Manager at Markforged.

You can listen in here.

Listen to the interview with Mark Lazier of Markforged.

3D Metal Printing

Free virtual event: 3D Metal Printing Experience June 7-8

With momentum gained from successful AMUG and RAPID + TCT events, 3D Metal Printing deep dives into metal AM technologies and strategies with its virtual 3D Metal Printing Experience, a free event set for June 7-8.

3D Metal Printing Experience attendees will be able to interact directly with industry experts, learn about the latest technology developments for 3D metal printing, and hear case-study applications for metal AM. The expertise-packed speaker roster includes James DeMuth, CEO of Seurat Technologies; Ron Aman, AM Senior Technology Leader at EWI Buffalo Manufacturing Works; Paul Bates, Additive Manufacturing Lead Project Engineer at ASTM International; Mark Norfolk, President of Fabrisonic LLC; Amy Elliott, Group Leader of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Rob Carter, a member of the ADDvisor Services Team from Barnes Group Advisors.

For details and registration, click here.

The free, virtual 3D Metal Printing Experience features expert presentations, including a keynote by James DeMuth. Photo courtesy of Seurat Technologies.

Metal AM

Attention all metal AM enthusiasts!

Have you got the Metal AM app yet?

Metal AM’s app gives you access to every issue of the magazine on your iOS or Android device, free of charge! This optimized, highly responsive format lets you instantly access the world of metal AM, wherever you are, on or offline.

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