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AMUG Newsletter November 2016

By November 17, 2016August 11th, 2017

November 2016

President’s Report

There are just under four months until the 2017 AMUG Conference in Chicago.  WHAT?  YES!!…. a little under four months until the conference!  Registration has taken off like gangbusters, indicating that we will have another year of record attendance.  If you haven’t had the opportunity, take time now to visit our newly refreshed website,  There you can register for the conference, reserve your hotel room, and find the most current conference information.

This year’s Innovators Award will be presented to Carl Deckard, inventor of Selective Laser Sintering.  The Innovators Showcase featuring Carl will be hosted by Todd Grimm in an informal question and answer format.  The dialog between Carl and Todd will give the audience an inside perspective of the innovator behind the technology, on a personal and professional level.  Share the struggles and triumphs during this hour-long session, as Carl describes his journey of Selective Laser Sintering creation.

I think you will be pleased with our 2017 keynote speakers who will share their insights, passion for AM, and challenge all of us to think differently. Look for announcements coming soon that introduce our daily keynote speakers.

The 2017 AMUG Conference agenda is taking shape with innovative technical sessions and hands-on workshops.  Members will appreciate the extra time that the agenda allows for interaction with vendors and OEM technical experts during extended AMUGexpo hours.  It is our member expertise and passion that sets AMUG apart from any other conference.  Bring yours.

Did I mention there are only barely four months before we open the doors to the conference?

Steve Deak

Steve Deak
AMUG President

Strong Industry Support

We are excited to announce that we have sold all Diamond and Platinum Sponsor spots for the AMUG Conference. Compared to last year, this is a 75% increase in Platinum Sponsors. There have also been over 30 companies who have signed up to exhibit, which includes our Gold, Gold Plus and Silver Sponsors.

The companies that are supporting the conference represent a mix of long-time sponsors and exhibitors as well as first-time participants.  They are all eager to show you their latest capabilities in technology, software and materials!

As a reminder, our AMUGexpo takes place on Sunday and Monday evenings (March 19 – 20).  If your company would like to exhibit, please contact Paul Bates or Dana McCallum at  Our deputy VP, Mark Wynn, can also help if you have any questions (

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 AMUG Conference!

AMUG Scholarships

The newly formed scholarship committee is seeking applicants for the Guy Bourdeau and Randy Stevens scholarships. Each scholarship covers transportation, 2017 conference registration and lodging expenses. Before and during the conference, scholarship recipients work behind the scenes with the AMUG Board, building their professional network and learning how AMUG works.

The college student scholarship honors long-time AMUG member Guy Bourdeau, who served as treasurer for many years. This scholarship is awarded and managed by Renee Bourdeau.

The Randy Stevens scholarship is awarded to a college professor or high school teacher with additive manufacturing in the curriculum. Randy was an enthusiastic member and regular technical contributor to AMUG. This scholarship is awarded by In’Tech Industries.

Application deadlines for both scholarships are January 10, 2017. Details and additional information regarding these scholarships can be found on the AMUG website’s scholarships page.


Guy Bourdeau

Guy Bourdeau

Randy Stevens

Randy Stevens

Technical Competition

So how good ARE you?  Want a little competition to prove it?  Make plans now to enter the Technical Competition.  This competition is really fun and lets you show off your skills!

The Advanced Concepts category aims to recognize individuals and their companies for exemplary work with additive manufacturing technologies. Entries in this category will “push the envelope” for a technology (or technologies). Unique applications, processes, and/or utilization are desired in this category.

The Advanced Finishing category has been created to recognize the efforts of those whom we often overlook when evaluating a model. The designers and engineers may hatch a concept, but it is often the parts finishers, model makers, painters and others that bring a prototype to life.

Find the Technical Competition information at, under the “AMUG Conference” tab.  Deadline for entries is March 12, 2017.

2016 Advanced Concepts winner

2016 Advanced Finishing winnner

Destination Chicago

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of November…it seems like just a few days ago we adjourned the 2016 AMUG Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Now our focus is on 2017 and Chicago, Illinois. For those of you who have not experienced downtown Chicago in March, you are in for a real treat.

Downtown Chicago has beautiful buildings, with very unique architecture, shopping and fantastic restaurants, so plan on arriving a few days early and stay a few days after the conference ends just to explore the city.  For the past few years we have set up a Monday and Tuesday event for the spouses and guests. We plan to do the same for 2017 and will keep you informed as activities are firmed up.

Chicago is on Lake Michigan, which means that the temperature is usually a little cooler and the winds are stronger, so definitely watch the weather prior to your travels and pack accordingly.

If you have any question or have issues with hotel reservations, please contact Tom Sorovetz, event manager, and he will do his best to assist you.

See you in the Windy City.


The iconic Chicago Theater



Metal 3D Printing Pushes the Boundaries in MotoGP™ Moto2™

In the high-octane world of MotoGP™ motorcycle racing, technical enhancements can have an impact. Race winning Moto2™ team TransFIORmers is using metal additive technology in an unconventional front suspension system to gain competitive advantage.

Instead of a telescopic front fork suspension, the TransFIORmers motorcycle has a rigid system separated from the chassis using two wishbones. To advance development of its design, TransFIORmers approached I3D Concept, experts in metal additive design and manufacturing. Using a Renishaw metal AM system, I3D Concept worked in partnership with TransFIORmers  to optimize the design of its upper wishbone.

The original wishbone was hand fabricated in steel, requiring twelve separately machined and welded parts. The design was consolidated into a single piece and produced in titanium on a Renishaw AM system, resulting in a 40% (1.3 pounds) weight reduction.

The TransFIORmers bike with AM wishbone is currently on display in Renishaw’s stand at formnext (Frankfurt, Germany) this week. Find out more, and watch the video, with the TransFIORmers case study.

TransFIORmers MOTO2 bike

TransFIORmers Moto2 motorcyle


Stratasys Announces FDM Nylon 6 for the Fortus 900mc

This engineering-grade material is made with the same thermoplastic family typically used for automotive components, industrial machinery and sporting goods. Because it produces strong, tough, break-resistant parts, it is suitable for:

  • Custom jigs, fixtures, guides, guards and other manufacturing tools.
  • Testing components like handles, bindings, gears, joints, bearings and fasteners before investing in tooling.
  • Producing high-requirement, low-volume parts for aircraft or industrial machinery.
FDM Nylon 6 brace

This automotive headlight alignment check gauge was made with FDM Nylon 6.

3D Systems

3D Systems Showcases Digital Molding as Viable Alternative to Injection Molding

With a focus on delivering digital manufacturing solutions that enhance efficiency and workflow productivity, 3D Systems demonstrated Digital Molding at formnext 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. Powered by the company’s Figure 4 technology, Digital Molding enables the rapid, tool-free, continuous production of plastic parts with improved design flexibility, efficiency and economics as compared to injection molding. This ultra-fast, automated Stereolithography (SLA) system enables manufacturers to go straight from CAD to manufacturing, without tooling, for the rapid, end-use production of complex plastic parts.

By eliminating the time and money required for traditional tooling, Digital Molding saves upfront costs and enables immediate part revisions without operational downtime. It is a modular, scalable additive manufacturing process developed by 3D Systems’ co-founder and chief technology officer, Chuck Hull, that simplifies and accelerates the production of plastic parts. More information on this technology is available here.

Figure 4 SLA

Figure 4 Stereolithography system


Carbon’s Diverse and Growing Selection of Materials Reflect Common Engineering Requirements

One of our greatest strengths at Carbon is our diversity of materials. Our CLIP technology helps to unlock the use of a wide range of polymeric materials and properties that are otherwise unachievable for conventional 3D printing technologies. We have developed novel classes of polymers that exhibit the broadest range of material properties ever seen in the industry. We are the only 3D printing company to offer Flexible Polyurethane (FPU), a versatile, polypropylene analog as well as an Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU) which is the only durable elastomer on the market. EPU exhibits elastic behavior under cyclic tensile and compression loads never before achieved with conventional 3D printing materials, giving it incredible impact and tear resistance. FPU is a semi-rigid material with good impact, abrasion and fatigue and resistance that is particularly useful for use cases that require repetitive stresses such as living hinges or snap fits.

Carbon Material (RPU)

Rigid Polyurethane


Flexible Polyurethane


Elastomeric Polyurethane


Cyanate Ester

Closest Thermoplastic ABS or PC ABS Polypropylene (PP) Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Glass-filled Nylon

As we build out our material offering, we continue to find new use cases that are ideal for our CLIP technology. You can check out our progress at for the latest on our materials, technology, and hardware.


How Does SLA Stack Up to FDM & SLS?

Are you living in the past and still believing the old numbers and beliefs that stereolithography (SLA) is brittle and only for prototyping? Take a look at the data in our infographic  and see for yourself the benefits of SLA:

  • A smooth look and feel
  • Consistent strength in all directions
  • Clarity for visual models or to check fluid flow
  • Heat resistance and stiffness
  • Ability to perform functional testing
  • Durability over time

Over the next month, Somos® wants to show you how SLA materials truly perform and share some of the original projects people are doing with the technology. We will also be looking to you to bring your toughest challenges to our application specialists to see if SLA is a fit for your project.

Keep a look out for more information coming soon…

SLM Solutions

Conformal Cooling Case Study

SLM Solutions presents its latest case study showcasing the unique geometries achievable with additive manufacturing and their benefits. Conformal cooling channels, grown within the part, allow for better cooling of tooling inserts that lead to better product performance. This case study explores six iterations of cooling passages that lead to a 75% cycle time reduction.

To download the case study click here.


3D Printed Antenna Bracket Certified for Deployment in Outer Space

For many people, talking of the infinite vastness of the universe conjures up stories of science fiction, usually told by a Hollywood film studio. However, in real life, more than in any other area, it is arguably in space travel that a strong will and clear vision are vital for creating the necessary technology and readying it for deployment in the cosmos.

This was the challenge faced by Swiss technology group RUAG in the construction of its Sentinel satellite, designed for observing our planet from on high. Even here, beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, additive manufacturing is playing a key role. Read more here.

Sentinel satellite component

Sentinel satellite AM bracket


BASF Establishes New Application Technology Center for 3D Printing

BASF recently formed a new dedicated global business unit to help coordinate its 3D printing innovation strategy and market development activities. As part of its commitment to support the growth of industrial 3D printing, BASF also created an Application Technology Center (ATC) for 3D printing in Heidelberg, Germany. Based on BASF’s experience and know-how of traditional applications, the ATC will offer innovation support from dedicated customer services to application development (e.g. OEM’s).

BASF’s current portfolio includes various materials and ready-for-use formulations for all established 3D printing technologies for the fabrication of plastics, ceramics and metals parts. The recently launched Ultrasint PA6 X028, an affordable polyamide 6 powder for sintering, provides superior mechanical stability and higher heat resistance than other polyamides currently used in the 3D industry.

As a new Diamond Sponsor, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can support your market needs even beyond materials.

BASF - Farsoon 3D Printer

Farsoon laser sintering  machine at BASF’s Application Technology Center (ATC) in Heidelberg, Germany.

TCT + Personalize

Formnext Powered by TCT is Well Under Way

The TCT team has decamped from the northwest of England for a week on the Messe Frankfurt floor to see the latest and greatest in future manufacturing technologies at formnext. In advance of the show, the news was pouring in so we suspect (okay, we know because there’s some significant news under embargo) that by the time you are reading this, formnext will be further establishing itself as one of the most important dates in the additive manufacturing calendar.

We’ve got it all covered in our dedicated formnext section on, where you can find videos, interviews, news and reviews as they happen live from the show floor.

Metal AM Magazine

Just Published: Download Your FREE Copy of the Autumn 2016 Issue Now!

In addition to over 45 pages of the latest industry news, the Autumn 2016 issue of Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine includes the following exclusive features:

  • FIT AG: Laying the foundations for high-volume metal additive manufacturing
  • The evolution of AM at GE: On the acquisition trail as the focus turns to technology supply
  • Selecting atomized aluminum alloy powders for the metal additive manufacturing process
  • AMPM2016: Developments in binder jetting technology highlighted at Boston conference
  • AMPM2016: New material developments in metal additive manufacturing technology

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