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AMUG November 2023

By November 16, 2023November 29th, 2023

November 2023

President’s report

Being that it’s a month that often leans toward GRATITUDE, I want to take a dedicated moment to express our most sincere gratitude to the multitude of people contributing their time and energy to build our next AMUG conference… our board of directors, our committee chairs, our committee members, our volunteers, our contractors, and our committed sponsors and exhibitors! I’ll also extend appreciation to those committed to speaking or training at our 2024 conference – you are vital to creating technical content to both educate and inspire the AMUG membership.

AMUG 2024 is only four months away. While most of the event will be unchanged, we’ve sprinkled in a few alterations that respond to our members’ and sponsors’ requests; ensure that we grow and develop; and exemplify creativity and innovation (the very things that drive this industry).

One notable change is in the AMUGexpo. We have modified the schedule to allow all sponsors/exhibitors to engage with our members through Tuesday evening. Our hope is that we all take advantage of that dedicated time and space to learn from one another and for sponsors to showcase/train/demo their products and services to facilitate more successful deployment by our user community. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have deeper conversations and application training with the members who are already utilizing AM within their workplace. We are also working on a special attraction at the AMUGexpo on Tuesday evening (more information will come soon). This addition alters the floor plan, prompting a slight delay in opening booth selection.

Don’t forget some pre-conference action steps you can take right now.

As always, if I may be helpful to you as you consider your involvement with AMUG 2024, I want to hear from you. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at

I look forward to sharing a week with you in March!

Shannon VanDeren

Shannon VanDeren

Early-bird registration for AMUG 2024

Calling all users – Registration is open, and many people have already secured their spots with the early-bird discount. Don’t miss out on this worm! Join the foremost additive enthusiasts and users at the 2024 AMUG conference.

Register today to save before the price increases from $1,295 to $1,495 on January 6, 2024.

Register before January 6 to save.

Keynote speakers for AMUG 2024

Our keynote speakers for AMUG 2024 will bring creative flair to the stage with insights and applications that will inspire and stimulate AMUG Members. Jason Lopes will return to the AMUG stage on Tuesday, March 12, and Olaf Diegel will travel from New Zealand to deliver his keynote speech on Thursday, March 14.

Ed Graham, our director of education and conference, said, “Our 2024 keynote speakers embody additive manufacturing as an art form for tackling complex challenges and elevating what is possible.”

Jason is now with Gentle Giant Studios, serving as its director of additive manufacturing. His talk will pull from projects in the creative services space that leverage AM and 3D scanning to overcome ‘impossible’ challenges and transform creative ideas into reality for items ranging from movie props to consumer products to fine art. Jason is an AMUG DINO and an influential advocate with many blockbuster films to his credit.

Olaf, a professor of additive manufacturing at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, has long been recognized for his artistic, stylized guitars. He will present Design for Additive Manufacturing: Understanding Value. In his keynote, he will demonstrate how good DfAM practices can shift AM from a slow, expensive approach to one that can transform products into successes that contain value-added features. The DfAM insights will be pulled from his experience as a professor, a design consultant, and an entrepreneur (his company, ODD, designs and manufactures 3D-printed guitars).

(top) Jason Lopes, with his friend Sulley, and (bottom) Olaf Diegel, with a ‘digital twin’, will be AMUG 2024’s keynote presenters.

AMUG Board elections: take the first step to get on the ballot

We hope that you will consider taking on a leadership role for AMUG. In March 2024, we will hold elections for president, vice president, director of membership, and appointment of director at large. Your contributions as a board member (or as part of a committee) will be instrumental in leading the organization (and as you do that, you will learn and grow professionally).

The first step to getting on the election ballot is to advise us of your willingness to serve via a submission of interest (find it here). Next, the Nominating Committee will reach out to discuss the position(s), hear about your background and skills, and vet the fit for a position. The next step is to submit a self-nomination form, which the committee and board review.

If you are interested, don’t delay. All submissions of interest and nominations must be received by January 26, 2024.

The Nominating Committee looks forward to helping you to get a clear understanding of the positions and how to contribute. We are interested in getting all candidates as prepared as possible to help our organization continue growing. If you reconsider during the vetting process, we will help you engage in other capacities. We want you to shine in the best way possible.

So, don’t let the end of the year catch you off guard. Send AMUG your submission of interest now, or send your questions to us at

For further details, visit the job descriptions page and the nomination and election process page.

Interested in running for a board position? Take the first step before January 26.

AMUG at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt

The tradeshow halls were packed—859 exhibitors, 32581 visitors—and busy all four days. The AMUG International Committee, represented at Formnext by Dror Danai, Daniel Landgraf, Ulf Lindhe, Andrew Graves, and Stefan Ritt, was present and put the word out to visitors to meet once again at AMUG 2024.

The major players in our industry once again used Formnext as a platform for their new product introductions. There were many notable announcements, but “the return of the Chinese manufacturers” to the show was particularly noticeable in metal AM.

And, the trend was bigger parts, faster builds, and (many) more lasers. Companies representing China included BLT, Farsoon, Eplus3D, Shining3D, HBD, and AmPro. They had metal AM machines with build areas up to 1.5m x 2.0m outfitted with up to 28 lasers! With big, fast machines at a lower price point, the Chinese manufacturers have to be taken seriously.

In the Victorian (Australia) expo space, several companies were present, and one brought forth the topic of military use of AM. In Europe, the militaries are slowly discovering the benefits and practicalities of AM with some acceleration due to the Ukranian conflict. But the story in the Victorian space was all about the global AM community where the Australian company sold a coldspray machine to the U.S., delivered it via Germany, trained in Poland, and then delivered it to the Ukraine.

Discussions among the committee members and attendees revealed the need for a greater public display of the daily operations, showing real industrial integration of AM to build confidence and fuel growth. Companies like GE and Siemens (for turbine blade production) and Stryker (for implants) have embraced and integrated AM. Yet, they hold onto this information as a competitive advantage. The outcome is curiosity and questions like “Does it really work?”

Intermediate compressor case manufactured on the new BLT-S1500 (1.5m x 1.5m x 1.2m / 26 lasers).


HP unveils new leaders in Personalization & 3D Printing Business

HP is strategically enhancing its Personalization & 3D Printing Business with key leadership appointments to drive global innovation. Savi Baveja, former chief strategy & incubation officer, is now president of personalization & 3D printing, leading from Barcelona. The 3D Printing Center of Excellence in Barcelona is pivotal for HP’s industrial 3D printing portfolio development.

Dave Prezzano, a seasoned HP executive, assumes the role of global head of go-to-market, leveraging his extensive leadership experience.

Mariona Company, previously exclusively global head of sustainable packaging, has expanded her role to include the global head of marketing for the 3D printing business, actively fostering growth and innovation in both domains.

The trio recently participated in Formnext, where they shared their commitment to accompany customers, big and small, through their journey from adoption to scale. Their next stop: AMUG 2024!

Stay updated by following HP 3D Printing on LinkedIn, and follow their new announcements showcasing their commitment to advancing eco-friendly practices here and here.

Savi Baveja, Dave Prezzano, and Mariona Company recently hosted an event for HP’s Digital Manufacturing Network Partners in Frankfurt.


Evonik introduces the world’s first carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK filament for long-term 3D-printed medical implants

Evonik is introducing a new carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK filament for use in 3D-printed medical implants. This smart biomaterial can be processed in common extrusion-based 3D printing technologies such as fused filament fabrication (FFF).

Dubbed VESTAKEEP® iC4612 3DF and VESTAKEEP® iC4620 3DF, the two available filaments feature 12% and 20% carbon fiber content, respectively. The two grades offer a choice of material depending on the required strength and flex properties of 3D-printed implants such as bone plates and other reconstructive prostheses.

“By introducing the world’s first carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK filament for long-term medical implants, we continue to design biomaterials that open up new possibilities in today’s medical technology for patient-specific treatment,” says Marc Knebel, head of medical systems at Evonik. “In trauma applications, for instance, 3D printed solutions offer an enormous time advantage over traditionally manufactured medical devices. It is conceivable that patient-specific solutions can be manufactured within two or three days, significantly improving the recovery phase.”

With a diameter of 1.75 mm, VESTAKEEP iC4612 3DF and VESTAKEEP iC4620 3DF are supplied on 500g and 1,000g spools that can be used directly in standard FFF/FDM 3D printers for PEEK materials. The filament is subjected to strict quality management for medical materials.

Learn more about Evonik’s implant-grade 3D printable filaments.

Evonik’s new PEEK filaments feature 12% and 20% carbon-fiber content, offering a choice of material for the strength and flex properties of 3D-printed medical devices. (Image: ©Evonik)

Save on your capital equipment

There are a few weeks left in the year to purchase your equipment and maximize your tax deduction. This year’s benefits include:

  • Deduction limit for 2023: $1,160,000
  • 2023 spending cap on equipment purchases: $4,050,000
  • Bonus depreciation: 80% in 2023 (includes new and used equipment)

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Save on capital equipment.

Meet the FDM system that can double your throughput and lower your costs

What do you get with your current AM capabilities? Consider things like average time-to-print, production volume per shift, and typical print backlog. Now ponder this: what if you could print twice as fast, double your throughput, and put a serious dent in your day-to-day backlog? How do you make that happen? Meet F3300™, the newest member of your FDM additive staff.

Unveiled at Formnext last week, the F3300 establishes a new standard in FDM industrial 3D printing, with up to twice the speed and throughput of standard fused deposition modeling 3D printers. Designed for manufacturing, the F3300 boosts productivity, print reliability, and part yield with advanced hardware and software technology.

Take a closer look at what makes the F3300 different.

Boost your productivity with the F3300, the new standard in FDM manufacturing technology.


DMG MORI streamlines the production of small parts

It’s interesting to see how DMG MORI has implemented a change in the build plates for its laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) machines to streamline the production of small parts. Using separate round pucks within the overall square plate and their integration into the CNC turn-mill center is a clever approach to enhance efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Incorporating the puck system allows for a seamless transition from 3D printing to CNC machining. Using the puck as a clamping feature for holding the workpiece in the chuck, all CNC machining operations, including cutoff, can be carried out in a single cycle on a lathe with milling capability and dual spindles. This integration between 3D printing and machining is key to reducing the total postprocessing time significantly.

The reported 80% reduction in total postprocessing time for an additive build of 16 spine implants demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. This innovation not only improves efficiency but also showcases the potential for increased automation and process optimization in the production of small parts using AM technologies.

For more information, visit

Round pucks mounted in the build plate streamline the transition from 3D printing to CNC machining.


What is the takeaway from Formnext 2023?

Formnext 2023 has officially come to an end! With more exhibitors and visitors than the previous year, the event could certainly be considered a success. But what exactly were the major trends that we saw this year? What are the main takeaways? From faster printing speeds to more hybrid manufacturing solutions, and everything in between, learn what we noticed at one of the biggest 3D printing trade shows of the years in our dedicated article.

Now that Formnext 2023 has come to an end, we look at some of the main trends from the event.


Speak at the UK’s definitive AM event, TCT 3Sixty

There is now less than a month left to apply to speak at TCT 3Sixty in Birmingham, UK (June 5-6, 2024).

The TCT Group is accepting proposals for the UK’s definitive 3D printing and AM intelligence event. The annual TCT 3Sixty Conference aims to provide a thought-provoking educational program that encompasses technological advancements, business-critical insights, cutting-edge industry applications, and new academic research.

In 2023, attendees heard first-hand from users such as Ocado, JCB, Collins Aerospace, Natural History Museum, LISI Aerospace, and Oscar-winning animation studio Mackinnon & Saunders. We are calling on the entire AM community to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices.

TCT 3Sixty speakers benefit from a wealth of promotional activities, networking opportunities, an exclusive invite to the TCT 3Sixty VIP Reception, and much more.

Submit your abstract here. All will be reviewed on a rolling basis until December 8, 2023.

Take the stage at TCT 3Sixty – submit presentation proposals today.

Metal AM

Metal AM in the aerospace sector: From early successes to the transformation of an industry

Have you read the lead article in our Autumn issue?

Metal AM magazine’s technical consultant, Martin McMahon, provides a comprehensive overview of how the metal AM industry has changed the aerospace sector. He reviews the progress that has been made, shining a light on selected applications that offer insight to those who want to get up to speed with AM in the aerospace industry.

Thanks to everyone who came by our Formnext booth to pick up print copies of our latest issue! For those who couldn’t, download your free digital copy here.

The final assembly of LEAP engines at Safran’s Villaroche, France, location.


Formnext 2023: “The devil is in the details”

We promised to be your eyes and ears throughout the Formnext event. Here, we are trying to keep that promise in this newsletter. The recap below brings raw emotions of an event we are still assessing.

Discover our first post-coverage of Formnext and download the latest edition of 3D ADEPT Mag that was distributed on the show. This year, in particular, everything was aligned: “The Sustainability edition of 3D ADEPT Mag” dropped at Formnext, which was themed around sustainability.

One of many heading to the show floor at Formnext 2023. (Image source: Mesago)

Get the VoxelMatters Metal AM Focus 2023 eBook

Though metal AM is worth only a fraction of the overall metal manufacturing market, there is little doubt about the very real value it brings. This value is especially evident today, as the segment transitions from being primarily dedicated to prototyping and highly advanced production cases towards greater accessibility and scalability.

In this eBook, we are leveraging the latest data from VoxelMatters’ database and soon-to-be-released Metal AM market report to explore the growth of metal AM as well as transformative trends, such as large-format metal 3D printing and indirect 3D printed sand casting as metal AM production methods. As usual, we’re kicking off the eBook with an analysis of the metal AM market based on VoxelMatters Research data.

VoxelMatters’ eBook can be viewed by scrolling through the document above or downloaded for viewing on your favorite mobile device. In our effort to maintain an open discourse and open access to AM news, the publication is free to access.

Read or download VoxelMatter’s Metal VM Focus eBook 2023 here.

Out now: Metal AM Focus 2023 eBook.

Digital Engineering 24/

Design & Simulation Summit

The Digital Engineering virtual Design & Simulation Summit kicked off with a keynote panel on how artificial intelligence can improve and optimize design for AM (DfAM). Senior Editor Kenneth Wong moderated an all-star panel that included Dr. Yaoyao Fiona Zhao of McGill University, Matthew Shomper of LatticeRobot, and Chris McComb of Carnegie Mellon.

You can watch the keynote (and the other sessions) on-demand here.

Watch the program on-demand.

Design World

Celebrating diversity in engineering

The Design World team is pleased to share its first Engineering Diversity + Inclusion magazine as a supplement to our regular October issue. This spawned from our annual Women in Engineering publication and celebrates underrepresented engineering professionals. We hope this effort inspires individuals to value diversity and navigate their engineering careers with courage and acceptance.

Read for free and subscribe! Explore past Design World issues and join our mailing list for digital manufacturing updates and insights.

Read Design World’s Engineering Diversity + Inclusion issue online.

3D Printing

All the news from Formnext 2023

Like many, the 3D Printing Industry team has just returned from Frankfurt. You can catch up with all the 3D printing news from Formnext here.

Visible trends on the show floor included an increase in the number of polymer systems using pellets or tool-changing systems. In metal, speed and specifically machine throughput was a focus, whether via software solutions, including AI-enabled anomaly detection or greater process parameter control, or via innovations such as Renishaw’s TEMPUS method.  The latter system caused many to stop in their tracks and join the queue to look at the system in action.

Away from Formnext, the 3D Printing Industry Awards are approaching. Voting closes on November 28, and the winners are announced at a gala dinner in London on November 30. Full details on voting and buying tickets for the winner’s dinner are here.

Siemens, HP, BASF, EOS, AM Ventures, DyeMansion, and 3D Printing Industry hosted the opening night party at Formnext 2023.