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AMUG April 2021

By April 15, 2021

April 2021

President’s report

It’s ON! We are only two weeks away from the start of the AMUG Conference. It has been an odd, challenging, and grueling trek to make the conference come alive. But with the amazing job done by the AMUG Board and Committees, we have succeeded, and we believe that you will find this to be an amazing, memorable event.

For those that are joining us, we are anxious to see you, to share insights, and to move the AM needle forward. For those hoping that approval to travel comes through, we are pulling for you. For those that can’t join us, you will be missed.

Our conference program kicks off Sunday (May 2) afternoon, and as usual, is jam-packed with activities through the Thursday night dinner (May 6). By the end, you will be exhausted and stuffed (with information and nourishment). And if you haven’t made new friendships and expanded your network by the close of the conference, find me so that we can work things out.

I can’t wait to enter the lobby of the Hilton Orlando, the portal to the unique experience of an AMUG Conference. And I can’t wait to reconnect with those I know and connect with those I don’t.

But I am getting a bit too far ahead. There are pre-conference details to cover, which are discussed below or will be communicated by email. Among them is the Mobil App. It has been a staple for years, but this year, its functions have grown. For example, it will be the tool for casting your votes for AMUG Directors and Officers. Make sure you download it and spend some time getting comfortable with all that it provides.

Safe travels…see you in Orlando!

Carl Dekker

Carl Dekker

Technical Competition—entries being accepted

Let your expertise shine – Enter AMUG’s Technical Competition!

Now is the time to showcase your amazing AM projects as entries in the AMUG Technical Competition.  This event is a must-see for AMUG Conference attendees and an opportunity for you to share your accomplishments. The categories are Advanced Concepts and Advanced Finishing. More details and the entry form can be found here.

The deadline for submissions is April 25, 2021, so enter today!

Questions?  Contact

Maddie Frank and Bill Braune celebrate 2019 Technical Competition wins.

Book your hotel stay

At every opportunity, we remind you to make your hotel reservations, but some of you haven’t heeded that advice. Don’t delay, make your reservation today. $129/night (excludes taxes and city fees)…and the resort fee has been waived.

If phoning in a reservation, or using methods other than the link above, please convey the group code ‘AMU’ to secure the $129 rate.

And if by chance you made reservations at another hotel to save a few bucks, consider canceling it and booking a room at the Hilton Orlando. Staying off property will put you out of sync with the activities and networking that continue after the presentations conclude.

Hilton Orlando.

AMUG election: candidate slate

AMUG Director and Officer elections are approaching (May 3), and the slate of candidates has been finalized. To cast informed votes, please review the slate, which is available for download.

To offer more insights into the candidates’ qualifications, each will also have a one-minute video introduction during the opening session of the conference.

Cast your votes and do so wisely—these positions require hard work, which is vital to AMUG’s future success.

Program, planner and app

Download the 2021 AMUG Program here. Read the AMUG Program now and start planning your time at the conference.

The AMUG Online Planner and Mobile App will be available on April 19. When they go live, you can start building your personal schedule and highlight your favorite sessions to attend.  The Online Planner will be available from the AMUG website home page. Instructions for downloading the Mobile App are in the 2021 AMUG Program (page 7).

Mobile App and Online Planner to be released April 19.

Scholarship winners announced

We thought the pandemic would put a damper on scholarship applications, but we were pleasantly surprised. The number of applicants and the quality of their achievements made it tough for the Scholarship Committee to pick the most deserving candidates.

After much debate, we have selected John Sorvillo for the Randy Stevens Scholarship and Sean Dobson for the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship. Both will be joining us at the AMUG Conference, and they will share a bit about themselves Monday, May 3, at 9:30 am.

John is a director at the Westwood Prep Academy at New Beginnings (Youngstown, Ohio). He has built programs that use 3D printing as a tool to help at-risk students that are in residential care at the academy.

Sean, who is working towards a Ph. D in material science at the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio), discovered an affinity for metal AM and for sharing his passion with others. He also works for Vertex Manufacturing, who’s CEO, Greg Morris, said, “The passion that Sean exhibits for this field of work on a daily basis is inspiring, even for those of us that share the same passion.”

Congratulations, John and Sean. And thanks to Cimquest, Inc. and In’Tech Industries for the financial support that makes the scholarships possible.

John Sorvillo (top) and Sean Dobson, AMUG’s 2021 scholarship winners.

New members / first-time attendees

In just a few weeks, you will be attending the AMUG Conference in Orlando, FL. Not registered? Head to AMUG Conference registration to be a part of our unique event. Also, don’t forget to book a hotel room at the Hilton Orlando.

The AMUG Conference is different from all others. Taking advantage of those differences is what will shift your experience from good to great. To help you do that, we have a new member meeting on Sunday, May 2, at 3:00 pm in the Orange Ballroom. There, and throughout the week, you will see New Member Committee volunteers in red shirts. Turn to them (or any board member, committee member, or volunteer decked out in AMUG shirts of various colors), to kickstart networking and to get questions answered.

To make the most of AMUG 2021, start planning your week now:

  • Conference Program available for download
  • Online Planner will be released April 19 (see article above)
  • Mobile App is will be released April 19 (see article above)

The AMUG team is looking forward to meeting you!

P.S. Clear, delegate, or reschedule actions on your to-do list. You will want to be a part of the information exchange throughout the days and into the nights.

Derek Ellis
Chair: New Member Committee

Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

Pre-conference courses

Would you benefit from a QA in AM certificate? How about a Certified AM Technician accreditation? If so, there are two programs available just before the AMUG Conference kicks off…

…but you have to pre-register (not included in AMUG Conference registration) and pay an additional fee.

ASTM is offering the Quality Assurance for Additive Manufacturing course. Tooling U/SME are offering the Technician Review program.

Both programs take place on Saturday, May 1, and Sunday, May 2. For details and links to registration, visit the training & certification page.

Packing for Orlando

The AMUG Conference is a comfortably casual event that shifts between indoor and outdoor activities throughout the days/nights.

Tip 1: Dress for comfort
Nice jeans or khakis with a polo shirt is the common attire but make it your own. All we ask is that your clothing is appropriate for a diverse community (age, gender, culture).

Tip 2: Check weather forecast
Some daytime activities will be outdoors, such as lunches, so consider layers to compensate for the transition from A/C in the conference halls to the warm (hopefully) Florida sunshine. Also, pack items like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Also consider layering for evening activities. Orlando may have a 20 °F (7 °C) temperature swing (overnight lows in the 60s [16s]). It is best to have a jacket or sweatshirt at the ready if you get cold. We are scheduled to be outdoors (weather permitting) for the Wednesday- and Thursday-night gatherings, and Thursday’s dinner will be poolside, so a swimsuit is an option. Tuesday night is where you have to be prepared for the unknown. The off-site event isn’t disclosed in advance, and it may take place indoors, outdoors, or both

Tip 3: Pack a swimsuit
The AMUG Conference isn’t a vacation in disguise…the days are filled with education and training. But you will find some opportunities for downtime. One option for decompression is the pool. Attendees tend to converge on the pool after a hard day. Recognizing that, the pool will be heated to 85 °F (30 °C) 24 hours a day. So pack a swimsuit if you’d like to enjoy a refreshing morning dip or a relaxing evening soak.

Be Social: #AMUG2021

In the run-up to the AMUG Conference, consider a post on your favorite social media channels that lets all know that you will be heading to Orlando to participate in the AMUG experience.

And while you are at the conference, we encourage you to post throughout the week…what you heard, what you learned, what you liked or how your experience has been.

Tag those posts with #AMUG2021. If the AMUG team sees the post, it may amplify your thoughts with a share, like, or repost.


Essentium showcases advancements in additive at scale

Essentium has been at the forefront of AM-at-scale innovation for more than seven years, enabling manufacturers to take AM from short-run prototyping to industrial-scale production on the factory floor. A third-party research study commissioned by Essentium showed a significant increase in the use of large-scale AM, with double the number of manufacturers using 3D printing for full-scale production runs compared to last year (40% in 2019; 21% in 2018). The trend is set to continue at an accelerated pace: 62% of executives reporting that their use of 3D printing will increase “dramatically” in the next three to five years, and 68% report 3D printing will have cost benefits, up significantly from 46% last year.

At AMUG 2021 Essentium, Inc.® will showcase AM technology advancements. The company will introduce new and advanced capabilities of the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSETM) 3D Printing Platform and new high-performance materials that enable the processing of AM parts at unprecedented speed, scale, and economics.

While at the AMUG Conference, please visit Essentium at booth D10.

See new and advanced capabilities of HSETM and materials at AMUG 2021.

ExOne to showcase new Metal Designlab™ Printer and X1F Sintering Furnace at AMUG 2021

ExOne is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the 2021 AMUG Conference and to feature its new Metal Designlab™ Printer and X1F Sintering Furnace in Orlando, FL. Attendees can view the original two-step method of 3D printing bound metal parts for direct sintering without debinding. The ExOne Metal Designlab™ by Rapidia is made possible with innovative HydroFuse™, a water-based paste containing metal or ceramic powders.

We will also have our Innovent+® metal 3D printer, the world’s best-selling binder jetting system for metals and ceramics, at the show. Visit us at booth D14 to view our innovative 3D printing products and talk with an ExOne expert about how we can help you assess and adopt the 3D printing technologies that will drive your businesses forward in 2021 and beyond. Also, mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 4. Rick Lucas, ExOne CTO and VP, new markets, will present a Diamond Sponsor Program on “The Holy Grail of Metal Binder Jet 3D Printing” at 1:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing you and for another great year at the AMUG Conference!

See the Metal Designlab Printer and X1F Sintering Furnace at AMUG 2021.

AM is about to hit a productivity wall; do you know how to solve it?

3D printers are getting more sophisticated. They are coming with increased build sizes, finer resolutions, and enabling more complex toolpathing, with more parameters. End users are designing bigger and more complex parts and assemblies, with more features, while expecting to nest more parts. But with the constraints of current computing platforms and manual software workflows, 3D printing hardware capabilities and end-user expectations are colliding. It is purely a matter of time before end users’ data simply cannot be processed and printed. Read about it here.

Visit Dyndrite at booth #D15 to see previews of the HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite software and to find out how our Accelerated Computation Engine solves data- and performance-related issues plaguing production-oriented solutions.

  • Turbocharged hybrid geometry engine capable of slicing/rastering native CAD & massive geometries.
  • Hyper-performing and scalable toolpathing—connected to, or inside your machine.
  • Automate using Python, the world’s most accessible language, and create workflows in minutes.

At AMUG 2021, LuxCreo launches Lux Dental Solution with Wu Orthodontics

Wu Orthodontics achieves same-day clear aligner, retainer, and night guard service with LuxCreo’s advanced DLP dental 3D printing solution and artificial intelligence software focused on streamlining the dental production workflow. LuxCreo’s latest generation Lux 3 Dental printer, enabled by LEAP™ (Light Enabled Additive Production) technology and LuxAlign AI dental software, simplifies model creation while eliminating polishing steps required to make clear 3D printed retainers, night guards, and splints. Learn more.

LuxCreo at AMUG Conference


  • May 3rd: Wu Orthodontics—Revolutionary “Same Visit” Fast and Clear 3D Printing Transforming the Aligner and Retainer Business
  • May 4th: On-Demand Production with Cloud Connected Printers & Smart Factory
  • May 5th: Case Study—BRAGi Eyewear – Mass Customization – Direct Print Color Frames


  • May 3rd: Direct Print Clear Aligner Simplified—LuxAlign Dental Software
  • May 6th: Practical Guidance for Designing 3D Printed Elastic Products for High-Volume Production

Lux 3 Dental prints clear, significantly reducing post processing and enabling same-day aligners.

Forward AM by

Post-processing possibilities for flexible materials

A wealth of possibilities are opened up by post-processing—enhancing the appeal, durability, and overall quality of 3D printed parts. Besides chemical etching to create a smooth TPU part, the right coating can improve the properties of the part significantly. Think enhanced surface haptics, abrasion resistance, UV protection, chemical resistance, dirt repellency, and even breathability. In short, with the right coating you can give your TPU part the decisive edge.

BASF Forward AM offers Ultracur3D® Coat F—a flexible coating specially developed to give TPU parts the final colorful touch. With excellent adhesion and outstanding elasticity, it is the perfect fit for applications like lattice structures. The successfully completed Rossflex test of 100,000 bending cycles proves its durability and strength even for demanding applications.

Besides a broad range of standard colors, customized color shades can be developed to address individual customer requirements.

Find out more here or visit BASF’s experts at booth D8 at AMUG Conference.

Ultracur3D® Coat F applied to flexible midsole.



TCT Industry Roundtable: 3D Printing & Supply Chain

After a year that saw countless examples of 3D printing used to plug supply chain gaps and rapidly manufacture emergency components, there was no question around what the subject of TCT’s first Additive Insight Industry Roundtable would be.

Kicking off this new podcast series, TCT Head of Content Laura Griffiths was joined by three experts to discuss the opportunities for 3D printing in supply chain—two words we have no doubt will be on the lips of AM users at this year’s AMUG Conference as the role of AM in increasing supply chain resilience continues to be debated.

Our panelists are Dr Jennifer Johns, Reader in international business, School of Management, University of Bristol, Ramon Pastor, HP’s worldwide general manager of 3D printing, and Sam Onukuri, head of 3D printing & customer solutions at Johnson & Johnson.

Watch or listen on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

Experts discuss AM & supply chain on the first Additive Insight Industry Roundtable.

3D Metal Printing

Virtual 3D Metal Printing Experience slated for June

We’ve wrapped the Spring 2021 issue of 3D Metal Printing, which you’ll see at AMUG 2021, and we look forward to meeting you and learning about the latest AM technologies and trends at the event.

Our 6th Annual 3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour is going virtual. Taking place over two days, June 22 and 24, the event, free to attendees, features eight AM experts discussing the latest technology and developments in 3D metal printing. Topics covered include:

  • Process Standardization, Data Collection and Transference
  • The Importance of Consistent Power Supply
  • Making the Business Case for Metal AM
  • Design for AM
  • Environmental Impacts of Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Printed Parts in the Rail Industry
  • Increasing the Industrialization of Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion.

Find out more and register here.

Look for 3D Metal Printing’s Spring 2021 issue at AMUG 2021.

Make Parts

How AM helps the semiconductor industry

Like so many other markets and industries, the COVID pandemic has affected the supply of components used to make semiconductor processing equipment. Semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers are turning to AM to help repair the supply chain and enable designers to design for function first. Leslie Langnau spoke with Scott Green, principal solutions leader for semiconductors at 3D Systems on this subject. Read highlights here.

Function first (for design) in this 3D printed wafer plate.


New issue with AM focus

The April edition of Digital Engineering includes a special focus on AM, including features on how design-for-additive approaches are affecting CAD tools; simulation for AM; and new advances in materials.

You can download the issue here.

April issue of DE focuses on AM.

Metal AM Magazine

Collect your free copy of Metal AM magazine at AMUG 2021

It’s been a long time since we were able to tell you that you can pick up our latest issue at the next conference on your calendar, and we are thrilled to be able to say it again, at last, for AMUG 2021.

The feature-packed Spring 2021 edition of Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine—which promises to be one of our largest and most exciting issues yet—can be collected at the 2021 AMUG Conference.

So if you’ll be there, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on the print copy.

If not, no problem—as always, we’ve got you covered with our digital edition, available to read in your browser, on your iOS or Android device via the Metal AM app, or as a PDF download.

If you’re new to Metal AM magazine, why not start by checking out our Winter 2020 issue, browsing our extensive archive, and signing up for our biweekly newsletter.

Metal AM’s Spring 2021 edition available at AMUG 2021.

Results from 3D Printing Sentiment Index show global growth despite pandemic

Every year, Ultimaker conducts a global study analyzing the use of AM and its adoption, as well as awareness and understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by users of the company’s 3D printers. The 3D Printing Sentiment Index gives a score to each participating country according to its degree of maturity in the realm of AM. This year, the top three leaders in 3D printing according to the results are the United States followed by the United Kingdom and Germany. The survey was conducted by Savanta at the end of 2020 and drew from 2,525 professionals from 12 countries. Globally, there was greater adoption of AM in 2020 compared to 2019. Additionally, more respondents stated that they had more skills in the field.

3Dnatives’ took a closer look at results and broke down what it suggests for the future of AM. See our breakdown here.

3Dnatives took a closer look at Ultimaker’s 3D Printing Sentiment Index to see how the use of AM changed in 2020.

AM for space: who are the players

Undoubtedly the most exciting frontier for human exploration, outer space is a gateway to probing promising worlds, looking for biosignatures in the atmospheres of exoplanets, or pushing the boundaries of our scientific and engineering limits. Nonetheless, steering the course of human space exploration beyond the far side of the moon could take decades. It has been 49 years since the last Apollo 17 crewed mission landed in the lunar Taurus-Littrow highlands, and it could be at least five more years before we see humans navigating the moon’s lower-gravity atmosphere.

If our species will ever settle on the Red Planet or voyage into the distant regions of the outer cosmos, the space industry will need to thrive. At, we found 50 space companies using 3D printing to help create an off-Earth ecosystem, displayed in a helpful infographic and also included in our new Space Zone. Predictably, 62% of the companies develop spacecraft and technology to travel to LEO and some 220 miles above Earth to the International Space Station (ISS). Although 72% of these 50 businesses originated in the U.S., startups are cropping up everywhere, from Germany to India.

Read it here.

New insights in reporting on 3D printing for space.

Additive Manufacturing

Enter your parts in The Cool Parts Showcase

The Cool Parts Show video series from Additive Manufacturing Media is launching its first-ever contest! The Cool Parts Showcase is seeking cool, innovative, and unique 3D printed parts that solve real-world problems—whether one-time custom solutions, proof-of-concept prints, or full-scale production parts. The contest is open to manufacturers, designers, makers, students and more.

Finalists will be invited to display their parts at the Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo in October and receive free admission to the event. Winners will be chosen by popular vote and will see their parts featured on the show.

Submissions are open until August 13. To enter, visit Cool Parts Showcase.

Enter Cool Parts Showcase contest.

Mechanical Engineering

Is 3D printing the future of manufacturing?

Whether it was face shields, nasopharyngeal swabs, or respiratory masks, AM rose to the challenge to fill in the gap caused by a disrupted supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some industry observers are starting to ask whether 3D printing could be the future of manufacturing.

Read their thoughts here.

3D printed CIIRC RP95 half-mask. (Image credit: Research Institute CII RC CVUT)

The Additive

Robotic 3D printing system builds large architectural structures

Branch Technology manufactures large-scale, 3D-printed building facades, walls, and other architectural structures. Learn how the Chattanooga, Tenn., company combines industrial robots, 3D printing, and powerful algorithms to fabricate polymer structures in free space. (Read here.)

Other interesting reads on our website include:

  • 3-part video interview the Additive Report Advisor conducted with TRUMPF’s Roland Spiegelhalder that focuses on understanding the different metal AM processes.
  • Report on how vapor smoothing takes the “ugly” out of ABS parts with less effort than many other post-processing techniques. (Read here.)
  • Discussion of how AM is being used more often to make high-end electronics.
  • Blog about the growth of robotic-assisted knee surgeries.

If you don’t receive The Additive Report, please subscribe here.

3D-printed pavilions for an exhibit in Miami. (Image: Branch Technology)

Note: AM is the abbreviation for additive manufacturing.