The programs listed below are available only to AMUG Conference attendees and are NOT included with AMUG Conference registration. Participation requires separate registration and is at an additional cost.

NEW! ASTM Certificate Course

Quality Assurance for Additive Manufacturing

This course is aimed at individuals with existing experience in AM who wish to understand the routes to releasing products requiring quality assurance and control (such as aerospace). Note that safety aspects will not be covered (this is covered in other training courses).

  • Date/time: Saturday, May 1, 2021 (8:00am – 5:00pm) & Sunday, May 2 (8:00am – 3:00pm)
  • Cost: $649/person (when registering before April 4, 2021)
    • $799/person (when registering after April 4, 2021)
  • Register: On ASTM’s website (here)
  • Martin White, Head of Additive Manufacturing Programs – Europe Region, ASTM International
  • Shane Collins, VP and General Manager North America Operations, Additive Industries

As additive manufacturing continues to mature as a production manufacturing method, it becomes more important than ever to demonstrate quality assurance to create quality products.

This course will provide guidance for what is key to control quality output and demonstrate compliance to requirements. The approaches here will be based on ASTM Additive Manufacturing Standards and how they can be combined with the ‘traditional’ manufacturing toolkit, including:

  • Quality Management Systems for Additive Manufacturing
    • “Make a plan, stick to the plan”
    • Facility (machine qualification, supply chain, post-processing)
    • Process
    • Materials
    • How can standards help?
  • Linking Quality to Certification & Qualification
    • Fundamental requirements for regulated industries
  • Demonstration of Suitable Qualified & Experienced Personnel – People are key
  • Lean Manufacturing Methods – Driving towards ‘right first time’
    • “Haven’t we done this before?”
  • Configuration Management & Change Control – What is essential?
  • How can we track performance, prevent deviations, and what to do if quality deviates?
    • How do we use NDT, in-process monitoring, and other AM tools?

The 2-day course will be followed by an exam that will be conducted 2 weeks after the training event, held online. After successful completion of the course and passing marks for the exam, the participants will receive the ‘ASTM AM Qualify Assurance Certificate’.

Additive Manufacturing—Technician Review Program

Become the additive manufacturing expert your organization needs. Demonstrate leadership, stay up-to-date, and prove your knowledge by earning the Certified Additive Manufacturing Technician (CAM-T) from Tooling U-SME.

Participate in a review program and take the CAM-T exam at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference. This collaborative program between Tooling U-SME and UL is the gold standard in additive manufacturing certification. Combining UL’s multi-tiered training program and Tooling U-SME’s professional certification, it’s a single resource from two industry leaders.

1 1/2 day of instruction; 1/2 day exam

The Technician certification is ideal for a candidate with a two-year associate’s degree in additive manufacturing or is currently enrolled in a college program, and/or has one or more years of working experience in a manufacturing-related field.

Successful (passing) completion of the exam yields the designation of Certified Additive Manufacturing–Technician (CAM-T). The exam will be administered on Sunday, May 2.


The certification covers key roles and responsibilities for an additive manufacturing technician, the additive manufacturing process chain, design for additive manufacturing, materials and process selection, secondary processes, and key safety considerations.

The prep course is a discussion-oriented and interactive session in which participants receive comprehensive application-based knowledge of the 3D printing industry. Covering key roles and responsibilities for an AM technician, the AM process chain, design for AM, material and process selection, secondary processes, and key safety considerations, you will begin to understand how to apply AM in your organization.

The certification exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions.


  • Summarize the AM process chain, materials, technologies and economic drivers
  • Evaluate designs for AM covering general guidelines, file formats, build factors and optimization strategies
  • Evaluate differentiating factors when selecting AM materials and processes
  • Describe the end to end manufacturing chain from build preparation to quality assurance
  • Explain how to leverage AM to support various traditional manufacturing methods
  • Describe the impact of AM on the manufacturing environment and key risk and safety considerations