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AMUG February 2024

By February 15, 2024

February 2024

President’s report

We are one month out from our AMUG 2024 conference! This means we are one month from all the deadlines we need to meet to be ready to meet you in Chicago.

As we wrap up our loose ends and ensure all needed materials are in place to execute AMUG 2024, are you wrapping yours up as well? Are you registered? Did you book your hotel rooms using our group rate? If you’re exhibiting, have you completed your tasks in the service center portal?

How can we better support you leading up to our conference? If you have questions or need further support related to any of your activities that will preface your arrival in Chicago for a March 10 start date, please do reach out! How may I assist in making your investment into AMUG more impactful? Our team of volunteers is ready to be an extension of you… you simply tell us what you need.

I’m eager to spend days with you at AMUG 2024. I want to meet you in person, hear your impressions, and learn how AMUG impacts you, your workflow, and your deliverables. You are the very reason we get to have an AMUG Conference each year. The cycle of genuine AM adoration continues – you are investing in AMUG, and AMUG is investing in you!

Appreciating you,

Shannon VanDeren

Shannon VanDeren

Your ticket to the latest in AM

Whether this is your first or 36th AMUG Conference, there is always something new to learn at an AMUG event.

Our track leaders have been working to secure presentations featuring advanced technologies and applications for everything from small jewelry and dental implants to cars and space shuttles.

There are a few new additions this year. To kick things off, we have added an extra evening of the AMUGexpo for you to explore solutions from our sponsors and exhibitors. Since we all like a little competition, we’ve also added the AMUGderby. But if cars aren’t your thing, don’t worry, the Technical Competition is still here. Our off-site event has moved to Wednesday night, and we’ll be rockin’ some 80s vibes.

Meet with old friends and make plenty of new ones at the conference that provides networking opportunities like no other. Register to secure your place in AM history.

The registration team is waiting to welcome you!

Welcoming team at our conference registration desk.

Preliminary agenda released for AMUG 2024

AMUG has released the preliminary agenda, providing a glimpse into the diverse array of topics and discussions slated for the event. Scheduled to take place from March 10 – 14, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois, the AMUG Conference aims to bring together thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts from around the world to explore and address key challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape of AM.

Key Highlights from the preliminary agenda:

  1. Pre-conference tours and course: The 2024 AMUG Conference officially starts on Sunday afternoon, but you can get in on even more learning as early as Saturday morning! Two pre-conference training courses are available for registration: Certified AM Fundamentals taught by SME and Qualification and Certification of AM taught by ASTM.  Additionally, two new pre-conference tours have been added to the schedule. EDM Network’s showroom and Sciaky’s facility are pleased to host tours and lunch.
  2. Keynote speakers: Jason Lopes, Director – Additive Manufacturing at Gentle Giant Studios, will take the stage on Tuesday, March 12. Olaf Diegel, Professor of Additive Manufacturing at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, will engage the audience on Thursday, March 14.
  3. Workshops and technical sessions: Attendees will have the opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest through interactive workshops and technical sessions. These sessions will provide practical knowledge, hands-on training, and actionable strategies for addressing real-world challenges and leveraging emerging technologies effectively.
  4. Networking opportunities: The conference will offer numerous networking opportunities for attendees to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. From an extended AMUGexpo to dedicated networking breaks, fishbowl lunches, and a themed Special Event & Dinner, participants will have ample opportunities to expand their professional networks and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
  5. Awards and Technical Competition: The conference will offer AMUG’s Innovators Showcase (featuring Greg Morris, the 2024 Innovators Award winner), DINO Awards, Technical Competition, and the first-ever AMUGderby.

The preliminary agenda for AMUG 2024 promises an enriching and dynamic experience for attendees, featuring a blend of insightful keynotes, interactive technical tracks, practical workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. As technology continues to shape our world at an unprecedented pace, this conference serves as a vital platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among industry experts. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as the conference approaches.

Download the preliminary agenda at

Check out the preliminary agenda to see what is on tap for AMUG 2024.

2024 scholarship recipients

Congratulations to Alex Campbell and Phil Rufe, AMUG’s 2024 scholarship recipients. Both men will be at the AMUG Conference for the entire duration, seeking to add to their AM insights and networks of AM peers. Both will also take the stage on Tuesday, March 12 to share their work (and passion) in AM.

Alex Campbell is a fourth-year aerospace engineering student at Ohio State University (OSU). He caught the AM bug in middle school while working with a MakerBot printer. He said, “What began as a hobby has evolved into a cornerstone of my skill set, making additive manufacturing an integral aspect of my professional identity.” At OSU, he is an undergraduate research assistant in the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence and a Buckeye Space Launch Initiative project manager.

Recently, Alex completed an internship at Castheon (an ADDMAN Group Company), where he developed validation and verification processes, helped install an SLM 280 HL, and learned the additive production process.

Phil Rufe is an associate professor in the School of Engineering at Eastern Michigan University. In the myriad of courses he teaches, such as manufacturing processes, lean manufacturing, DFMA and AM, he has successfully integrated AM into the curriculums. He also makes AM accessible to those in other courses, and he manages the 3D Printing/AM Lab. The information and guidance he offers range from ‘how to’ to ‘should I.’

Phil is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer with mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and education degrees.

Alex Campbell (top) and Phil Rufe, AMUG’s 2024 scholarship recipients.

2024 board of directors elections

Your Nominating Committee has completed its work to develop the slate of candidates for the election of President, Vice President, and Director of Membership, as well as candidates for the appointed position of Director at Large. We have a strong roster of great candidates for these positions.

Thank you to all who considered running for a position and to those who submitted applications!

Next up is a review by the AMUG Board to approve the slate. Then, it will be your turn to make an investment in AMUG’s future by carefully reviewing the candidates so that you can cast an informed ballot.

Candidate information will be available in the AMUG mobile app (available to all registered conference attendees) around February 23. Please take some time to consider each candidate’s qualifications before the conference starts. The candidates are barred from campaigning, so the information in the app and their brief introductions on the conference stage will be your sources of information on those running.

We ask that you do all you can to make the best decision for the future of AMUG.

Candidates for the 2024 AMUG Board elections will be announced soon.

Enter the 2024 Technical Competition

Last Call! It is time to take your amazing AM project on a trip to Chicago, but first, make sure you submit your entry by February 23, 2024, at the 2024 Technical Competition Entry site.

Whether you enter in the Advanced Concepts or the Advanced Finishing category, you will find yourself in a fun environment to showcase your work, to share knowledge, to converse with others trying to solve similar problems, and will have another opportunity to grow your network. If that’s not reason enough, you also have a chance at being recognized by your AM community and winning an award. All entries are evaluated by a panel of AMUG DINOs, and all AMUG attendees should make sure to vote in the mobile app for their favorite entry to win the Members’ Choice Award.

2023 Technical Competition.

The Technical Competition is one of the must-see events at AMUG Conferences. Entries will be on display in Salon B during the AMUGexpo on both Monday and Tuesday evenings, with the awards announcements on Thursday morning. Make sure you also plan to attend the past winners’ presentations on Thursday morning. From their talks, we’ll hear more about the 2023 winning entries from Custom Prototypes and the partnership of the US Air Force with the University of Dayton Research Institute.

The AMUG Technical Competition is open to all attendees. Learn more here or go straight to the 2024 Technical Competition Entry Form to enter now. Entries are accepted through February 23, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET, but there is no reason to wait!

Questions? Contact

Dimensional disruption: Gear up for AMUG 2024!

Greetings, valued sponsors and exhibitors! Prepare to witness the dimensional disruption as the 2024 AMUG Conference unleashes a wave of innovation and connection!

Why AMUG 2024 is your portal to disruptive success:

Be at the center of the dimensional disruption.

Unleash Your Vision: Immerse attendees in your dimensional disruption through cutting-edge exhibits, captivating presentations, and dynamic interactions. Witness paradigm shifts in real-time as you forge powerful connections with thousands of decision-makers, engineers, and industry shapers.

Shatter Barriers: Disrupt traditional boundaries within the AM landscape. Gain access to a sea of qualified leads and build partnerships that propel you to the forefront of this transformative technology.

Dominate the New Dimension: Secure your 10 x 10 booth space – limited spots remain! Don’t miss your chance to occupy a prominent position within the dimensional vortex of innovation.

Forge Confidential Connections: Take advantage of our exclusive private meeting room rentals. Conduct intimate technical sessions or strategic sales meetings with key clients, transforming the conference into your personalized command center for the week.

The dimensional rift is opening! Don’t be left behind as the future of AM unfolds. This is your unique opportunity to elevate your brand, shatter limitations, and solidify your position as a leading force in the disruptive world of 3D printing.

Visit our website for more details and registration:

Join us at AMUG 2024 and be a part of the dimensional disruption!

Tours and training – register now

Maximize your time at the AMUG conference by attending a pre-conference tour or training! Get the inside scoop on printers or post processing with facility tours of Sciaky, Inc and EDM Network on Sunday, March 10. Transportation and lunch are included in your pre-registration. Limited spots are available, so reserve yours now.

If classes suit your fancy, ASTM and SME are hosting courses to enhance your knowledge about additive fundamentals and qualification of parts. These courses also have limited space (additional fee required), so sign up soon to guarantee your spot in an exciting training session.

Course (and tours) are available before AMUG 2024 kicks off.



DMG MORI USA and OMIC R&D partnership: Pioneering the future of manufacturing

DMG MORI USA and the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC) have embarked on a transformative partnership aimed at driving the adoption of smart AM technologies. Central to this collaboration is the introduction of DMG MORI’s LASERTEC DED hybrid machine at OMIC.

LASERTEC DED hybrid machines have the flexibility of AM with the precision of milling. The combination allows for 5-axis milling and turning for AM and complete 6-sided machining of parts. The build envelope of this cutting-edge machine enables researchers and educators to explore the potential of hybrid manufacturing, employing a single build-up process that seamlessly incorporates multiple materials through material swapping, blending, or active changes during operation.

Consortium partners associated with OMIC R&D will have access to this advanced technology, facilitating the validation of diverse applications. As OMIC develops its project plan, the partnership promises to drive innovation and provide invaluable insights, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that impacts the future of AM.

Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC).

Something brand new in AM is about to happen…

The countdown has begun…at the beginning of March, the Spanish multinational Meltio will present its AM innovation worldwide. This machine will represent a leap forward in the adoption of its unique and patented wire-laser metal 3D printing technology by industries around the world.

A new reliable hardware for industries worldwide— aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and mining, among many others—will open up the horizon for new applications. You will be able to discover the innovation first-hand at AMUG in Meltio’s booth DIA-7 Salon C at Hilton Chicago.

Visit Meltio at AMUG 2024 to learn what this image is all about.

While Meltio is preparing for its new product launch, its technology integrator, One Off Robotics, launched a new plug-and-play solution to the US market powered by Meltio.

Meltio has announced its collaboration with One Off Robotics, an American industry leader in robotic AM. This partnership introduces the US to the One Off Robotics Cell powered by Meltio, Made in the USA, a turnkey metal AM workcell.

The One Off Robotics Cell powered by Meltio, Made in the USA, is a system using a Wire Laser Metal Deposition (W-LMD) system designed to produce cost-effective, finely printed metal parts for applications in industries including automotive, aerospace, mining, oil & gas, and many others. The new turnkey system can be quickly and easily deployed into any factory environment.

This system includes high-touch customer service and comprehensive support to assist end users in any industry.

For more information, visit our website and keep an eye on our LinkedIn.

New VIP program launched: AM-rich educational content available to AMUG members

SME and AMUG are committed to advancing additive manufacturing and adding tremendous value to the AM community. With our continued commitment to this industry, we’re thrilled to announce a new VIP program available to AMUG members only!

If you register or are already registered for AMUG 2024 (March 10-14 in Chicago), you can purchase the AMUG VIP Full Conference Pass to RAPID + TCT (June 25-27 in Los Angeles) for $780 (over $500 in savings).

The AMUG VIP Pass gives you access to 3 full days of the RAPID + TCT Conference, including all keynote and panel presentations, over 200 technical presentations, daily lunches, access to the show floor with more than 400 participating exhibitors, the AM Industry Celebration, Discovery Zone and AM Pitchfest Competition.

The first 100 VIP registrants also receive a special hotel rate, including customized on-site concierge services, daily shuttle service to and from the Los Angeles Convention Center, and much more!

Only AMUG members can purchase the RAPID + TCT 2024 conference pass and receive this exclusive offer. Please use this link to register, and don’t forget to enter “AMUGVIP” when checking out.

For more information, stop by SME’s booth at AMUG (Salon C DIA-8) or email We look forward to seeing you in Chicago and Los Angeles!

New VIP program offers a discount when attending both AMUG 2024 and RAPID + TCT 2024.

Join HP for groundbreaking AM Workshops at AMUG

We are in full swing preparing for our presence at AMUG 2024! This year, we will be in Booth DIA 5 at Salon D, and we have created super interesting workshops and showcases.

Unlocking Potential in Additive Manufacturing: Dive deep into the capabilities of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. Our interactive workshop is designed to transform your MJF challenges into success stories. Bring your parts and join us in a hands-on exploration to master MJF process optimization through real-world applications. Tuesday, March 12 at 4:30 pm in Willford B 3rd floor.

HP Metal Jet: Revolutionizing Mass Production: Together with our customer INDO-MIM, we will go through a journey to explain how binder jetting technology is shaping the future of metal AM. In our focused session, we’ll cover the latest advancements in printhead and binder systems, aiming to enhance speed, quality, and efficiency in large-scale metal production. Wednesday, March 13 at 1:30 pm in Willford B 3rd floor.

But this is not all! We will also have a private session—under registration only—in which we will be exploring HP’s Evolving Material Landscape. To register for this session (on Monday, March 11 at 1:30 pm in Willford B), click here!

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with HP’s experts, uncover new insights, and explore the cutting-edge of HP’s technology. See you at AMUG 2024!

HP Jet Fusion factory floor.

GoEngineer is with you every step of the way

GoEngineer has been at the forefront of technical innovation for over 40 years, helping engineering, manufacturing, and product design companies stay competitive. With solutions and support for 3D printers, 3D scanners, and post-processing equipment, as well as software for CAD and simulation, our team is here to ensure you have everything you need to complete your project.

Stop by booth D4 in Salon D to see the latest advancements from our partners at Stratasys, Creaform, and Artec, including the J55 PrimeF370CROrigin OneCreaform HandySCAN MAX, and Artec Leo.

Stay on top of all the industry progress. Make sure to add our presentations and workshops to your calendar:

Monday, 1:30 – 2:30 pm, PDR 2 (3rd Floor): The Journey from Additive Missteps to Mastery

Tuesday, 4:30 – 5:30 pm, Williford A (3rd Floor): Snap, Crack & Pop: Hands-on Material Testing [Bring your GoE/AMUG Giveaway]

Wednesday, 10:30 – 11:30 am, PDR 2 (3rd Floor): 3D-Printed Medical Devices: Navigating Approvals & Predicting Market Trends in Regulated Sectors

Thursday, 3:00 – 4:00 pm, Williford A (3rd Floor): Digital Anatomy Creator SW for Hospitals and Medical OEMs

We look forward to seeing you soon in Chicago!


University Hospital Birmingham improves craniomaxillofacial tumor surgery using 3D-printed tailored surgical guides

University Hospital Birmingham is improving patient outcomes for head and neck cancer patients while reducing surgery times by up to three hours with the use of tailored, 3D-printed surgical cutting guides.

This success is attributed to the integration of a Stratasys J5 MediJet™ 3D printer that enables the hospital to create highly accurate, patient-specific cutting guides ahead of operations, transforming the way tumors are removed from head and neck cancer patients.

Using 3D printing, the surgical team can produce highly accurate devices from patient scans. These are produced in Biocompatible Clear MED610™ material, a rigid, transparent resin suitable for applications requiring long-term contact (more than 30 days) with intact skin and limited contact (up to 24 hours) with tissue, bone or mucosal membranes.

View the full story.

University Hospital Birmingham is improving patient outcomes and reducing surgery times with the integration of tailored, 3D-printed surgical guides from the Stratasys J5 MediJet™ 3D printer.


Metal AM

Let’s talk at AMUG 2024

With AMUG 2024 just around the corner, Metal AM magazine is getting ready for the event, and we’re excited to be a key media sponsor once again!

As the leading media channel for the metal AM industry, we are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry developments. We’re looking forward to connecting with AMUG attendees at this year’s event.

Metal AM magazine’s Jon Craxford and Technical Consultant Martin McMahon will be present in Chicago from March 10 to 14. We invite you to drop them an email (jon@inovar-communications) to schedule a chat on how we can collaborate!

As always, attendees can pick up copies of our latest issue at the AMUG Conference.

Won’t be attending? Download your digital copy today.


Join us for the first Additive Talks session of 2024

We are back with the fourth season of Additive Talks, our series of virtual panels that gather AM users and insiders around a specific topic so that they can discuss challenges and solutions raised by AM in a given vertical industry. This new season will be filled with new guests and new topics across vertical industries adopting AM technologies, and the very first session will start with a topic trending across our community: New Space & AM| Current applications driving industrialization & technological challenge.

With AM users who are willing to share their wins and their lessons, this first session will provide insights into an industry that covers several other fields and where it makes sense to leverage AM the most. This first session will feature Boeing VP of AM Melissa Orme and Collins Aerospace Director of AM William C. Haddad.

Save your spot and have a look here.

VoxelMatters releases Polymer AM Market 2023 report

VoxelMatters Research, a leading market analysis company specializing in tracking the global AM  industry, released its new study on polymer AM. The report, titled Polymer AM Market 2023, reveals that the core polymer AM market (made of hardware, materials, and parts produced by service bureaus) generated $5.6 billion in 2022. The market is forecasted to grow to $45 billion yearly in 2032 at a 23.3% CAGR.

The new Polymer AM 2023 market report spans over 450 pages and includes nearly 200 charts and data tables, focusing on all polymer technologies and materials used in AM to produce prototypes, tools, and end-use parts across various key industrial segments, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, energy, and consumer products.

By leveraging VoxelMatters Directory—the largest global directory of verified AM companies, currently consisting of nearly 7,000 companies—the research team has identified 233 hardware manufacturers, 211 material suppliers, and 455 service providers (including 42 new companies from the previous edition). The underlying dataset for this market study comprises over 190,000 data points.

Detailed information about the report, including the complete table of contents and figures, can be found on the company’s website. A key insights document from the report is available upon request.

Read the full article here on

New— Polymer AM Market 2023 report


Out now: Redesigning the Power Grid

The January/February issue of Digital Engineering focuses on how engineers are rethinking the power grid. The issue includes features on using AM to create new carbon capture solutions, as well as tips on simplifying simulation models and a report from Autodesk University 2023.

You can download the issue here.

Rethinking the power grid in the latest issue of Digital Engineering.

Design World

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) within precision AM

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a growing concern in AM as electronic components become smaller and more critical for medical devices and precision parts. In this podcast, John Kawola, CEO of Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), and Olga Ivanova, director of technology at Mechnano, discuss ESD materials and how they open doors for AM.

Also, check out Design World’s first issue of 2024, featuring leadership in engineering and the 2023 LEAP Awards Winners. Read for free and subscribe!

Tune in to this podcast on ESD materials for AM.


Exclusive AMUG interview: Olaf Diegel’s odyssey on design for AM and value addition through AM

In this exclusive interview by AM Chronicle, we delve into the journey of Olaf Diegel, a leading figure in the field of AM. From pioneering the use of AM in rapid prototyping to becoming a Professor of Additive Manufacturing at the University of Auckland, Olaf shares insights into his evolution in the industry.

Read the full story.

Olaf Diegel.

3D Printing

3D Printing Industry Executive Survey: Helping users adopt AM

Our annual survey of leaders across the AM sector is now published. We asked executives for insights into the most important trends, the future of 3D printing, and how to help customers overcome pain points and adopt AM. Our study also assesses the economic outlook for both operating and business conditions in the industry.

Over 80 experts, analysts, and executives were consulted to compile the survey. Want to give your perspective? Get in touch!

Access the 2024 3D Printing Industry Executive Survey here.

68 of the over 80 3D Printing Industry Executive Survey contributors.

HPP vs. metals: Which material should you use for 3D printing?

In 3D printing, materials are key as their properties and characteristics can significantly impact the resulting part. But what about when two entirely different material groups can be used for advanced end-use parts?

The best example is undoubtedly in comparing high-performance polymers (HPP) and metals. Though it would seem obvious that metals and polymers are completely different, due to their nature, HPPs rival metals in many cases. But why should you use one over the other? What are the major differences between the two? We took a closer look at these questions and more.

You can read our comparisons here.

Learn more about using metals vs. high-performance polymers in 3D printing.


TCT Magazine: AM in 2024

For our first issue of the year, the TCT editorial team provides a snapshot of the year ahead with the biggest AM application areas and trends to look out for in 2024. We also gathered thoughts from our TCT Expert Advisory Board, who gave us their views on everything from stronger 3D printing recruitment to sobering acknowledgments of turbulence in the global economy.

Inside this issue, we also look at developments in software, particularly the significance of AI and digital threads, and creative applications of 3D printing through conversations with designer Anouk Wipprecht and this year’s AMUG keynote speaker Olaf Diegel.

You can read all this and more by picking up a copy at the AMUG Conference or subscribe here to get your print copy of TCT Magazine posted directly to your door for free.

TCT Magazine’s first issue for 2024.