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AMUG October 2023

By October 19, 2023

October 2023

President’s report

As I was thinking over my message to you this month, I couldn’t help but flip back to a quote I had seen recently. “The beauty of uncertainty is infinite possibility.” Oh, how this resonates with me on so many levels!

Let’s keep it to AMUG for the sake of this offering. Each year, the board of directors, the committee chairs, the committee members, and our operations team work together to build the next conference. While we have the past ambitions, exercises, and outcomes to lean on…there remain uncertainties as we adjust and pivot to become better, stay relevant, and challenge ourselves to deliver the best conference we can. We’ve made some changes (some things added, some things reduced) to our 2024 conference. While the changes are based on member/sponsor feedback, there can be trepidation in introducing modifications. That said, there can be excitement and enthusiasm at the same time. Change is hard, yet change is growth.

As you likely know, registration is open. Members and sponsors alike have the opportunity to register right now! For attendees (members), take advantage of early bird pricing… it’s worth it. If you are a sponsor, secure your booth now and get your spot in the queue for booth selection. Keep in mind that Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Sponsors’ logos are already showing on the website. We are ready and waiting to welcome you and eager to display your support for AMUG 2024 to our website visitors.

We’ve got some other things open and ready for you, too. (1) Speaker submissions are open (email, and the track leaders are building the conference content. We want presentations, panels, roundtables, workshops…come share/coach/teach. (2) Scholarship applications are open…we grant one student and one educator scholarship each year. You can find the application process here. (3) Technical Competition submissions are open…both Advanced Concepts and Advanced Finishing categories are waiting for your masterpieces. You can find this on our website on this page. (4) DINO Award nominations are open…nominate one of your peers who meets the DINO requirements or even self-nominate. You will find the requirements, as well as the nomination form, on the DINO page.

The AMUG conference is an event designed for collaboration, connectivity, coaching, learning, and networking, all for the cause of further broadening awareness, application, adoption, and growth of this industry. Whether you are a returning member or a first-time attendee, we welcome you with the same joy and enthusiasm!  We can’t wait to join you and discover the possibilities that await.

Shannon VanDeren

Shannon VanDeren

Registration is OPEN

Registration is officially open for the 2024 AMUG Conference. We’ve seen quite a few people already register, which not only secures their spots but also ensures they receive the early bird pricing of $1,295.00. Whether you’re newer to AM or you’re an industry veteran, there’s always something to learn – from new technologies and workshops to updated tracks – along with networking opportunities that are unmatched.

Paul DeWys, owner of Forerunner 3D, said, “AMUG has provided a massive amount of value every year I have attended. When I was first getting into the industry, it gave me experienced people to ask questions to and network with. Now that I have been around a few years, it’s turned into my yearly in-person catch-up with all my industry contacts as well as a great way to keep up on trends in the industry. All while having a REALLY good time.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend. Register today to save.

Attendees queue up to receive their 2023 AMUG Conference badges.

2024 Innovators Award: Greg Morris selected

Greg Morris, CTO of Zeda, Inc., will be the ninth individual to receive AMUG’s Innovators Award. Greg will be presented with the award following his chat in the Innovators Showcase at the 2024 AMUG Conference.

While Greg has been involved in many aspects of AM over the past three decades, his role in additive metals was central to his selection for the award. As an early adopter, Greg led research, development, and technology refinement while sharing his knowledge with the AM community.

Shannon VanDeren, AMUG president, said, “Greg is continually in a mode of coaching. He genuinely wants to see not only the industry grow but also the individuals working within it.”

His story is fascinating; his thoughts are pivotal; and his backstory is intriguing. AMUG members will hear all about him and his thoughts on the industry during the Innovators Showcase (March 13, 2024), which is structured to be an intimate conversation between two acquaintances witnessed by AMUG Conference attendees.

Greg Morris will receive the Innovators Award at the 2024 AMUG Conference.

AMUG 2024 call for speakers closes November 3

The AMUG Conference agenda consists of two sections: AMUG technical tracks and Diamond/Platinum Sponsor tracks. This call for speakers is specifically for the AMUG technical tracks, focusing on providing training and educational talks, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions.

Sessions within the AMUG technical tracks are intended to be led by users of AM technology and geared toward the users in attendance. If you are an OEM, please consider allowing one of your users to share their knowledge and expertise. Commercial presentations and sales pitches will be rejected.

Call for speakers closes soon; don’t miss out on the opportunity to inform AM users.

When responding to the call for speakers, we ask interested presenters to contact the Track Leader Committee Co-Chairs, Nate Schumacher and Alex Roschli, at Based on your topic, they will put you in contact with the appropriate track leader, who will continue to work with you to ensure your proposed session will be valuable to the AMUG members.

The tracks for the 2024 program are:

  • Aerospace/Transportation/Defense/Military
  • AM Metal Technologies
  • AM Non-Metal Technologies
  • AM Materials
  • Casting Metal
  • Education and Training
  • Healthcare (Medical and Dental)
  • Scanning & Metrology
  • Software

We are still accepting submissions for all tracks, but we are especially seeking submissions for the Aerospace/Transportation/Defense/Military, Software, and Dental tracks.

AMUG 2024 scholarships – now accepting applications

If you know any students or educators in the AM/3D printing space, please encourage them to apply for an AMUG scholarship. Details and a link to applications are available at

Those selected for the scholarships received expenses-covered access to the AMUG Conference. The opportunity to attend the AMUG Conference, where the scholarship recipients are immersed in the AM community, is invaluable. There are two distinct categories:

Students: The Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship sponsored by Cimquest, Inc.
Educators:  The Randy Stevens Scholarship sponsored by In’Tech Industries

The deadline to apply is January 15, 2024.

Here’s what some of our past recipients had to say.

As I reflect on AMUG, I realize the AMUG family is kind, welcoming, and supportive. The AMUG events are big, bold, and fun. My message box has never been so full of potential collaborations and partnerships. I returned energized and charged with an abundance of passion to continue expanding our AM research and teachings.
Les Kelman – 2023 Randy Stevens Scholar

The Guy E. Boudreau Scholarship is a key gateway for emerging AM talents to enter the world of innovation, inspiration, and cutting-edge collaboration that defines the AMUG experience. AMUG reinforces one’s commitment to the AM field and to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
Brent Griffith – 2023 Guy Bourdeau Scholar

I did not anticipate how personally meaningful the AMUG scholarship experience would be to me. I wouldn’t trade my AMUG experience for anything and can’t wait to help next year and see my friends again.
Sean Dobson – 2021 Guy Bourdeau Scholar

Nominations now accepted for 2024 elections

It’s hard to believe that we just entered fall and are already looking at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. These events defined my childhood and brought me the most joy, so I’m not planning on skipping the festivities, but we are already deep into planning our next users group meeting in March of 2024.

Part of the role of our attendees at these meetings is to be part of the organization and management of this annual event. For those of you with years of experience in AM and an AMUG  member in good standing, we’d like to invite you to throw your name into the hat to serve in some capacity within the  AMUG organization. We are currently vetting a list of candidates for the following roles:

President, Vice President, Director of Membership, and Director at Large.

So, as we go throughout the fall and approach these glorious holidays, remember that Christmas can’t happen without Santa Claus (or mom and dad)…and AMUG can’t happen without you. If you’d like to join the team, start by completing the submission of interest. The Nominating Committee will then follow up with you.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

David Leigh
Nominating Committee Member

David Leigh
Member – Nominating Committee

It’s time to enter the AMUG Technical Competition

The AMUG Technical Competition is not only a chance to be recognized with an award but also an excellent opportunity to highlight the success of your work and of your team. Past participants have shared gratitude for the amazing conversations and connections they made by entering and displaying their work.

Enter your AM part or project in Advanced Concepts or Advanced Finishing. The top three winners in each category will be selected by a panel of AMUG DINO judges. All entries are eligible for the Members’ Choice award, which is decided through member voting. The first-place winners in Advanced Concepts, Advanced Finishing, and Members’ Choice receive a complimentary attendee pass for AMUG 2025!

The AMUG Technical Competition is open to all attendees of AMUG, whether this is your first conference or you are a returning member. If you have any questions on requirements, check out the Technical Competition webpage and FAQ.

Entries are accepted through February 23, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET, but there is no reason to wait!  Start your submission today and finalize it before the deadline. The submission form can be found here: 2024 Technical Competition Entry Form.

Questions?  Contact

Discussing the University of Dayton Research Institute’s (UDRI) winning entry, micro-turbine engine, during the 2023 Technical Competition.

AMUG 2024 student poster board applications are being accepted

Building on the success of last year’s pilot, we are thrilled to announce the return of the Student Day & Poster Board Session at the 2024 AMUG Conference. As part of our mission to educate and advance the uses of additive manufacturing technologies, we are committed to providing the next generation with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the conference, engage with the community, connect with industry leaders, and showcase their academic work in the AM field.

The Student Day & Poster Board Session is a full one-day itinerary for students to experience all AMUG has to offer, provided at no cost to them. Selected students will attend the day’s keynote speech, ask questions during the industry leaders & early career panels, and present their work during the poster board session.

If you know any students in the AM/3D printing space, please encourage them to apply. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2024. Submissions are being accepted here.

Student explaining his UAV work during the 2023 Student Poster Board Session.



3D Systems expands portfolio of jewelry pattern manufacturing solutions with new printer & wax material

3D Systems has expanded its portfolio of end-to-end solutions for jewelry manufacturing with the addition of the MJP 300W and VisiJet® Wax Jewel Ruby.

The company’s new MJP 300W is the most advanced and flexible of its wax 3D printers, capable of addressing a variety of jewelry manufacturing workflows with enhanced productivity, efficiency, quality, and design freedom. Additionally, 3D Systems’ new VisiJet Wax Jewel Ruby material is a tough, temperature-stable pure wax that provides the optimal combination of flexible material properties and good dimensional stability in high-temperature environments. As a result, it is possible to maintain details of the most intricate jewelry designs during molding, reducing the likelihood of breakage or distortion to enable a flawless final piece.

The combination of this print platform and material allows producers of wax jewelry patterns — from high-volume manufacturers to custom jewelry makers — to more efficiently achieve new designs with greater design freedom and improved surface finish.

Jewelry patterns made with VisiJet Wax Jewel Ruby material on the new MJP 300W.

Accelerating path to advanced 3D print production at scale

HP is keeping its focus on enhancing 3D printing capabilities with a strong emphasis on automation, sustainability, and materials in both polymers and metals. The HP Jet Fusion 3D Powder Handling Automation Solution and HP Jet Fusion 3D Automation Accessory, introduced during Rapid + TCT, streamline workflows, increase productivity, and cut costs for high-volume 3D production. These systems reduce manual labor while ensuring quality control.

We want to update the AMUG community about recent additions to our HP DMP (Digital Manufacturing Network). A select group of premiere parts service providers certified by HP through onsite assessment to ensure they are equipped to meet the highest standards for manufacturing expertise, part quality, and reliability. HP has recently promoted Athena, Endeavor 3D, and The Technology House (TTH).

HP’s efforts are geared towards providing efficient, sustainable, and scalable 3D printing solutions for a wide range of industries in both polymer and metal applications.

For more details, read our press release.

HP Jet Fusion 3D Powder Handling Automation Solution: a pneumatically connected, closed-loop material processing system.

GrabCAD Print Pro: Adding labels to FDM parts

In the world of 3D printing, customization and personalization are key. Whether you’re a professional engineer, an artist, or a hobbyist, there’s often a desire to add that extra touch to your 3D-printed creations. GrabCAD Print Pro understands this need and offers a powerful feature to meet it – the Labels Tool.

Learn more on our blog, and sign up for a 60-day free trial of GrabCAD Print Pro.

Label parts easily in GrabCAD Print Pro.


3D Printing

Vote now in the 2023 3DPI Awards

Public nominations are counted, the committees have deliberated, and with a record number of entries, we are very pleased to announce:

The shortlists for the 2023 3D Printing Industry Awards are now public. You can vote now and view the full list of nominations online.

Join us on November 30 when the winners will be announced in London.

Please complete the form here if you’d like to join the expert committee to help select next year’s winners.

AM in India

While the United States, Germany, and China have rapidly embraced AM, India has lagged in its adoption. However, the Indian manufacturing sector is increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of AM for economic and social development. This article delves into the evolution of AM in India, examining the country’s national 3D printing strategy, targeted industry sectors, and practical applications.

AM research by country shows India in 8th place.


TCT 3Sixty 2024 call for papers is now open

The TCT Group is now accepting proposals for the TCT 3Sixty Conference – the UK’s definitive event for 3D printing and AM intelligence.

The annual TCT 3Sixty Conference aims to provide a thought-provoking educational program that encompasses technological advancements, business-critical insights, cutting-edge industry applications, and new academic research.

In 2023, attendees heard first-hand from users such as Ocado, JCB, Collins Aerospace, Natural History Museum, LISI Aerospace, and Oscar-winning animation studio Mackinnon & Saunders.

We are looking for speakers who can inspire an engaged audience in Birmingham, UK on the 5th or 6th of June 2024, and are calling on the entire AM community to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices.

TCT 3Sixty speakers benefit from a wealth of promotional activities, networking opportunities, an exclusive invite to the TCT 3Sixty VIP Reception, and much more. Submit your abstract here. All will be reviewed on a rolling basis until December 8, 2023.

Call for speakers now open for TCT 3Sixty.

Metal AM

Metal AM Autumn 2023 issue out now

The Autumn 2023 issue of Metal AM magazine is out now. As well as featuring industry news highlights from the last quarter, this issue includes the following deep dive articles:

  • Aerospace metal AM: from early successes to the revolution transforming an industry
  • Slowly but surely: Industrialising metal AM the Norwegian way
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing and AM: How to improve product quality and productivity for critical applications
  • The convergence of Additive Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence: Envisioning a future that is closer than you think
  • ADAXIS: On a mission to reduce the layers of complexity in robotic AM
  • Exploiting your metal AM data assets: Faster industrialisation and new revenue streams

You can download your full digital copy here.

For more unparalleled insight into the world of metal AM, please join our mailing list.

The Autumn 2023 issue of Metal AM magazine is out now.


Connect with 3D ADEPT Media at Formnext 2023

We’re back at this time of year when all our minds are focused on preparing for the biggest show in the industry: Formnext 2023. In preparation for this show, the 3D ADEPT Media team has been working hard on its September/October edition of 3D ADEPT Mag dedicated to aerospace, energy, and sustainability. This issue, as well as our International Catalogue of AM Solutions, will be exclusively distributed at Formnext in Hall 12.0, P02.

Do you want to be the first to receive our Formnext issue, or do you want to discuss collaboration opportunities at Formnext? Reach out to us at

Visit Hall 12.0, P02 at Formnext to get your copy of the September/October issue.

VoxelMatters releases new reports on the technical and traditional ceramic and sand AM markets

After conducting extensive research over the past several months, VoxelMatters Research, a leading market analysis company specializing in tracking the global AM industry, has released the results of its new comprehensive studies on the AM markets for technical ceramics and traditional ceramics (including sand).

The two reports, titled Technical Ceramic AM Market 2023 and Traditional Ceramic & Sand AM Market 2023, collect information on sales and business activities from all major companies operating in these rapidly growing segments, with many new applications both in direct additive production (mainly via photopolymerization or binder jetting) and metal casting.

According to the new reports, the technical ceramic AM segment is projected to grow from $113 million in 2022 to $2 billion in revenues by 2032, at 33.5% CAGR. The traditional ceramic and sand AM segment is expected to grow from $137 million to $1.7 billion in revenues, growing at 30.4% CAGR during the same period.

The executive summary for both reports is available at no cost upon request (write to The full studies are available at the following links (or as a bundle):

Two new reports on ceramics are now available.

Digital Engineering 24/

Latest special focus issue tackles industrial manufacturing

The new Digital Engineering Special Focus Issue on Industrial Manufacturing explores new developments in digital manufacturing – including PLM, virtual manufacturing scenarios, and manufacturing optimization via emerging approaches like AM. You can download the issue at this link.

Industrial manufacturing explored in the latest special focus issue.


Printing for hydrogen

In Design World’s October issue, we share how 3D-printed ceramic parts are being developed for hydrogen production to support a greener energy infrastructure. We also cover density determination technology and porosity’s impact on part integrity.

Read for free and subscribe! Explore past Design World issues and join our mailing list for digital manufacturing updates and insights.

Read about 3D printing technology in Design World’s October issue.