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By April 27, 2022news, Press Release

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Presents DINO Awards to Three Members

Ben Arnold, Matthew Donovan and Nick Licari recognized at AMUG 2022.

MILWAUKEE, WISC., April 27, 2022 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) presented its prestigious DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award for additive manufacturing expertise and service to three individuals. The awards were presented at the 35th annual users group conference held in Chicago, Illinois.

AMUG representatives presented the DINO Awards in recognition of tenure in the additive manufacturing industry, years of service, contributions to the industry, and active support of the users group. Gary Rabinovitz, DINO Selection Committee Chair and Director at Large, said, “This award recognizes not only experience but also character and passion. Following a lengthy nomination and review process, the committee selected three deserving individuals from over 1,800 attendees of the AMUG Conference.”

The newly named DINOs are:

  • Ben Arnold, Massivit 3D
  • Matthew Donovan, Vulcan Form
  • Nick Licari, Computer Aided Technology

AMUG’s 2022 DINOs (from left): Ben Arnold, Nick Licari and Matthew Donovan.

The new DINOs’ efforts behind the scenes and in public forums have advanced the technology and the applications that leverage its capabilities. Through direct contributions of time and energy, all have played a role in making the AMUG Conference a positive experience for those seeking insights and information.

Gary Rabinovitz, Shannon VanDeren, a member of the DINO Selection Committee, Derek Ellis, Chair of the New Member Committee, and Mark Abshire, incoming President, presented the DINOs to Arnold, Donovan and Licari.

Rabinovitz said, “Ben Arnold is well known in the additive manufacturing industry and often described as a mentor, educator or coach brimming with passion. And he is always ready to step up to help out, as he did last year when we needed to fill a last-minute gap in our presentation agenda.”

VanDeren noted the same of Matthew Donovan, “He has been willing to participate as a speaker when things don’t go to plan.” She continued, “Matt has been a consistent presenter and panelist over the years. And when he participates in other industry events, he is quick to speak out on the value of AMUG.” Donovan also contributes to the industry by serving on the ASTM F42 committee, which works to standardize additive manufacturing.

Ellis, a former co-worker of Nick Licari, said, “Nick has been on the New Member Committee since the beginning. He strives to keep the committee fresh by introducing new ideas. As chair of that committee, Nick will be my righthand man moving forward.” Ellis also cited Licari’s work ethic and willingness to share.

The DINO Award recognizes those who have contributed to additive manufacturing to advance the industry as a whole or advance the skills and knowledge of individuals. At the heart of this award is a passion for and dedication to additive manufacturing that is coupled with a desire to share and to be accessible to others.

Carl Dekker, AMUG President, added, “AMUG’s tenet is ‘For Users, By Users,’ and its success comes from a community where individuals share their experiences to help one another. Our three DINOs have actively participated in the sharing and have volunteered for activities that build the foundation of the community and the AMUG Conference experience.”

Over its 35-year history, AMUG has awarded only 177 DINOs. Nominations for 2023 DINO candidates will be accepted beginning October 1, 2022.

About Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG)

AMUG is an organization that educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. AMUG members include those with industrial additive manufacturing/3D printing technologies used for professional purposes from companies such as Covestro Additive Manufacturing, Desktop Metal, DMG MORI, Dyndrite, EOS, Essentium, ExOne, fabWeaver, Formlabs, GE Additive, Hexagon, HP 3D Printing, LuxCreo, Meltio, Nexa3D, Stratasys, and Tekna. AMUG meets annually to provide education and training through technical presentations on processes and new technologies. This information addresses operation of additive manufacturing equipment and the applications that use the parts they make. Online at