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AMUG Recognizes Distinguished Service

By April 21, 2014September 28th, 2016news

CHATSWORTH, CALIF., April 21, 2014 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) announced recipients of awards for excellence and service. The awards were presented at the 26th annual users group conference in Tucson, Arizona.

During the annual Awards Banquet, the association named five DINOs (Distinguished INnovator Operator), an award that recognizes industry veterans for years of experience as well as contributions back to the additive manufacturing industry.

The newly named dinosaurs are:

  • Mark Barfoot, Hyphen
  • Scott Crump, Stratasys
  • Stewart Davis, CRP USA
  • Jason Dickman, American Precision Prototyping
  • Jim Reitz, Rapid Tech Consulting

Bret Bordner, outgoing president, said, “Without question, this is one of the most prestigious awards in the additive manufacturing industry. While there were many deserving candidates among the hundreds of highly skilled, seasoned veterans that attended the conference, these five men best represent what the DINO Award is all about: excellence and service.”

Barfoot, Davis and Dickman were recognized for their years of service to, and in support of, AMUG as board members, presenters and collaborators. Crump was recognized for his role in establishing the additive manufacturing industry as co-founder of Stratasys and his avid support of AMUG during its transition to a technology-neutral membership. Reitz was recognized for his role in promoting AMUG sponsorship and contributing to the industry as a whole.

Mark Barfoot (right), AMUG vice-president, receives the DINO Award from Bret Bordner, president.
photo by Ed Winters Photography

Scott Crump (left), Stratasys chairman and chief innovation officer, receives the DINO Award from Kim Killoran, AMUG secretary.
photo by Ed Winters Photography

Stewart Davis (right), CRP USA director of operations, receives the DINO Award from Mark Abshire, AMUG advisor.
photo by Ed Winters Photography

Jason Dickman (right), president of American Precision Prototyping, receives the DINO Award from Tom Sorovetz, AMUG event manager.
photo by Ed Winters Photography

Jim Reitz (right), principal consultant for Rapid Tech Consulting, receives the DINO Award from Mark Abshire, AMUG advisor.
photo by Ed Winters Photography

About Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG):

AMUG is an organization that educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. AMUG members include all commercial additive manufacturing/3D printing technologies for companies such as Stratasys, Concept Laser, ExOne, Renishaw, HP Inc., SLM Solutions, EOS, Prodways, Carbon and 3D Systems. AMUG meets annually to provide education and training through technical presentations on processes and new technologies. This information addresses operation of additive manufacturing equipment and the applications that use the parts they make. Online at