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AMUG December 2022

By December 15, 2022December 19th, 2022

December 2022

President’s report

AMUG Members,

We look forward to the holiday season as a time to relax and spend with family. Unfortunately, many of us are hurried with shopping and yearend projects at work. Sometimes we’re even too busy to read the entire AMUG newsletter. So, let me point out some of the highlights, and you can get detailed information in the articles below.

Registration: Be aware that our early-bird registration ends on January 6, 2023 (save $200). The number of attendees registered has already doubled what it was last year at this time. We are expecting you to be a part of our crowd.

Pre-conference events: ASTM will be hosting a two-day certification course. Facility tours at equipment manufacturers are available. Potentially, we will have a networking TopGolf event. See the article below for details.

Academic opportunities: As AMUG prepares for the future generation of users, there are a couple of items for consideration in the articles below. Scholarships for a student and a teacher are available. Our scholarship winners also have the opportunity to share their work with our group. Additionally, a student poster board session is being offered.

Technical Competition: This is always a favorite among our attendees. The article below provides information on how you can show off your finishing skills or unique applications. Returning for the second year, we will have the Member’s Choice Award.

Board positions: There is still time to get yourself or a peer on the slate for the AMUG Board elections. Information is detailed below.

New Member reception: Once again, we will host a New Member reception. Date, time and plan are discussed below.

Finally, AMUG has several opportunities for paid contractors. See the article below for information on the positions and how to apply.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon at AMUG.

Mark Abshire

Mark Abshire

AMUG 2023 scholarships—only 35 days to apply

If you know of any students or educators in the AM/3D printing space, please encourage them to apply for the AMUG Scholarships.

Those selected for the scholarships receive expense-covered access to the AMUG Conference. The opportunity to attend the AMUG Conference, where the scholarship recipients are immersed in the AM community, is invaluable.

AMUG awards one student scholarship and one educator scholarship. Learn more and access application submissions here.

Students: The Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship sponsored by Cimquest, Inc.

The 2022 winner, Akila Udage, was exposed to AM while pursuing his master’s degree at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). As a graduate research assistant, Udage’s work focused on integrating AM into LED lighting systems.

Akila said, “In my role as a Ph.D. candidate, I have participated in several conferences, but AMUG 2022 surpassed every experience I have had so far. As a young professional about to enter the AM field, AMUG 2022 allowed me to gain a broader understanding of both lighting (my current focus) and AM to get a holistic view of the industry’s demands and constraints. Further, the opportunity to meet industry professionals and educators in the industry allowed me to expand my network and prepare myself to become a leading industry professional one day.”

Educators:  The Randy Stevens Scholarship sponsored by In’Tech Industries

The 2022 winner, Frank Marquette, has been teaching design and the implementation of automation for fabrication and manufacturing at Troy University. In 2020 he launched a minor and associate of science degree in 3D printing for art and industry.

Frank said, “If you’re considering applying for one of the AMUG scholarships, do it. I didn’t know if I stood a chance, but I applied. You might just be as fortunate as I was to receive this esteemed award and experience. As an educator, I took a particular interest in AMUG as this organization’s intentions and practices have always focused on the user. This aligns with the spirit of being a teacher, as I believe we all share a student-centric spirit that defines our careers. I’ve attended several conferences and trade shows, all of which were industry focused. AMUG is different.”

The deadline to apply is January 23, 2023. Visit the 2023 Scholarship Submission Site to apply.

AMUG is now accepting scholarship applications.

Student poster board session

For AMUG 2023, we are expanding student opportunities with a poster board session.

The goal of AMUG has always been to educate and advance the uses and applications of AM technologies. The student poster board session aligns directly with those core objectives. For a single day, students can experience the conference and the community that AMUG has built.

We plan to host several panels for the students, including insights from industry leaders and guidance for early-stage careers, where students will have the opportunity to ask questions of those who built this industry and those just entering.

We are also proud to say that this student’s day will come at no cost to the student. While this will benefit the students, it will also be a great opportunity for AMUG members. Attendees will have the chance to talk with these students and learn about state-of-the-art research. This could provide some insight into where the industry is heading. Additionally, the very students you will be talking to could be valuable employees on your team.

Applications for students will soon be open, so spread the word!

Technical Competition is open for entries

Showcase your innovative applications and finishing expertise at the AMUG Technical Competition! This one-of-a-kind competition is open to all members of AMUG, whether it is your first conference or you are a returning member.

Participants must complete an entry submission by March 8, 2022 (at 11:59 pm EST). Wherever you are in the process (concept to finished part), we encourage you to enter the competition today. Entries are accepted via the 2023 Technical Competition Entry Form.

The connections and conversations that happen during the Technical Competition are invaluable. This is your opportunity to not only share your skills and knowledge but also to learn from your peers. All entries will be displayed beginning with the AMUGexpo and continuing until the winners are announced.

There are two categories to enter:  Advanced Finishing and Advanced Concepts. A panel of judges will select the top three winners of both categories. The first-place winner in each category is invited to present the work that went into the entry at the 2024 AMUG Conference and receives a complimentary attendee pass for the presenter.

Don’t forget about the Members’ Choice Award! Returning for 2023, this award goes to the entry that receives the most member votes. This winner is also invited to present at AMUG 2024 and receives a complimentary attendee pass for the presenter. For more competition details and FAQs, see the AMUG website.

Questions? Contact

Technical Competition 2022.

Seeking AMUG’s future leaders

AMUG’s Nominating Committee would like to thank all of you who have submitted an application or recommendation for our 2023 board of directors election. As we approach the deadline for candidate submissions (January 18, 2023), the committee is actively reaching out to AMUG Members to encourage participation, but don’t wait for this call if you can contribute to AMUG’s future success.

In case you are wondering about AMUG’s organizational structure, there is a well-done pictorial that illustrates the AMUG team, from members to board to committees. Also on our website are details on the open positions, including job descriptions and position terms.

Over the past few years, the AMUG Board has worked very hard to distribute the workload so that it is more manageable as our organization continues to grow. While the 10-member board works hard, the committee structure eases the demands of the officers and directors.

AMUG’s organization operates as a team. By contributing your time, ideas and insights, the team becomes stronger.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nominating Committee ( or any of our board members.  We are all here to help you in every way possible.  Remember, we have only one more month to accept nominations!

AMUG is “For Users, By Users”. As an AM user, we encourage you to play a part.

AMUG org chart. View here.

Pre-conference activities

If you’re looking to maximize your AMUG Conference experience, consider arriving early to take advantage of a pre-conference certification course or a facility tour. Please note that advanced registration is required, and seats are limited.

ASTM will host their certificate course “Establishing an AM Facility for Critical Part Production using PBF-LB/M.” This two-day course is aimed at individuals with existing experience in AM who wish to understand all the information needed to update an existing facility or create a new facility to manufacture safety-critical parts using the laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB/M) process. More information about the course and registration can be found here.

AMUG is pleased to announce two tours of offsite facilities. DMG MORI Chicago is opening its doors to AMUG members for a tour of their Hoffman Estates facility. The tour will provide an in-depth look at their AM process chain, including the design and programming phase to building and finishing components. Additionally, Impossible Objects is inviting AMUG members for a tour of their Northbrook facility. The tour will provide members with a look into applications of their CBAM composite printing process and a tour of their factory floor. More details, including registration links, will follow.

AMUG is currently exploring the possibility of hosting a networking event at Topgolf.  If you are interested in a Topgolf experience before the start of the conference, please contact Tom Sorovetz ( so that we can get an accurate headcount for a reserved space at the complex.

Pre-conference activities include tours of DMG Mori and Impossible Objects plus ASTM certification course.

Mark your calendar for the New Member reception

On behalf of all the AMUG team, I am personally inviting our first-time attendees to a very special New Members Welcome Reception on Sunday, March 19 at 3:00 pm in the Grand Ballroom. Please join us so that you can learn how to get the most out of the conference.

Below is what will be discussed during this reception:

  • Introduction to the AMUG Conference
  • New Member info table
  • New Member breakfast
  • Brief overview of our program
  • Sponsors
  • Off-site Dinner
  • Distinguished INnovator Operators (DINO) awardees networking
  • Q&A

We look forward to meeting you at the New Member Welcome Reception. If you have any questions, or if I can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out to me.

Kindest Regards,

Derek Ellis
Chairperson, New Member Committee

Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

AMUG is hiring

While AMUG primarily relies on volunteers, our growth finds us in need of some talented paid contractors. We currently have positions available for an Operations Manager, Graphics Designer, and Information Technology (IT) personnel.

Please go to our application form if you, or someone you know, would like to apply for these positions or get more information on job descriptions, responsibilities, and qualifications.

AMUG to hire contractors for three positions.


Dyndrite announces LPBF solution for material scientists and engineers and new partnerships at Formnext

At Formnext 2022, Dyndrite announced that it has entered the end-user laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) software market. The new solution supports the first LPBF file standard, OVF, and major metal AM machines, including EOS, Renishaw, SLM, and others. The new software helps material scientists and engineers make new production solutions that are more reliable, repeatable, and economical. This is especially good news for emerging products that often require new materials and processes, which have traditionally been too time-consuming or cost-prohibitive to develop. For immediate access, join Dyndrite’s “Early Adopter Program.”  Apply here.

Dyndrite has also recently announced a number of new development partnerships, which will help lay the foundation for a new generation of AM advancement. New partnerships include those with RWTH Aachen University, AMC Bridge, Fraunhofer ILT, Novanta, PostProcess Technologies, Scanlab, and Sigma Additive.

At Formnext, Dyndrite announced an LPBF product, as well as multiple announcements with AM companies listed above.

Stratasys makes strategic investment in Axial3D

“Many of the world’s leading hospitals are already benefiting from our MediJet and Digital Anatomy™ 3D printers for medical models,” said Dr. Yoav Zeif, CEO of Stratasys. “We believe that by working together with Axial3D, we can remove the barriers to entry for the remaining majority of hospitals in many countries around the world, dramatically growing the use of 3D printing in pre-surgical planning so it is truly a standard part of patient care.”

Creating a 3D-printed model from a patient’s scan data normally takes several hours, requires a high level of technical expertise, and demands expensive software. Axial3D’s algorithms enable healthcare providers to segment CT and MRI scans for these models without significant investments in time, specialized skills, and large upfront costs.

Read the full announcement.

Patient-specific, 3D-printed anatomic model of a nasal cavity tumor (scan data prepared by Axial3D; printed by Stratasys).

New blog post: The Reality of 3D Metal Printing Without Supports

The potential benefits of support-free 3D printing using DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Solidification) make it a very attractive avenue of development. The impact of printing without supports could have on material usage, print times, and the post-processing phase alone pays testament to the appeal of support-free printing. It’s an exciting prospect in the AM world, but with the rumor mill churning about what’s possible and what’s not, it’s hard to uncover the true reality of support-free metal 3D printing technology.

In our latest blog post, Additive Minds team manager Davy Orye sets the record straight on the subject of support-free 3D printing with DMLS technology, with a detailed explanation of the process of AM with and without supports.

Find out more about the challenges posed by 3D printing with supports, where there are opportunities to get closer to a support-free printing method, and what benefits might come from advancements in this exciting AM area.

Read it now.

Read “The Reality of 3D Metal Printing Without Supports” blog post today.

Würth Additive

Supply chain transformation with AM

The Würth Additive Group is proud to support AMUG 2023. As we look to integrate industrial 3D printing globally, we want to learn from and connect with users of AM in all its facets. What have you learned and observed in 2022? What are your expectations for 2023?

This past year we saw strong interest in supply chain consolidation at many of our industrial customers. Mikhail Gladkikh, Ph.D., global director of technology and technical projects, has extensive experience in AM integration. You can read his insights and a future in “Supply Chains of the Future, an Interview with Mikhail Gladkikh.”

We look forward to our time together, learning from one another, and creating a future where AM is widely adopted in every industry.

Read more here and send us a message.

Supply Chains of the Future, an interview with Mikhail Gladkikh, global director of technology and technical projects, Würth Additive Group.

Meltio… more channel partners, innovations, and new milestones to continued growth in 2023

At Meltio, we end the year with our sights set on new challenges to remain an indispensable partner that enables industrial local metal parts production at the point of need and cost reductions. Our wire-laser metal 3D printing technology (DED) has become a reliable partner for applications such as material research, prototyping, tooling, final parts, and repairs across various industries, from defense and mining to automotive and consumer goods.

This has allowed Meltio, over the three years since its founding, to increase turnover by 75%, to install more than 175 Meltio solutions, to recognize 44 new partners around the world (technology centers and universities), and to reach a total of 85 employees. The number of resellers exceeds 40 worldwide, 10 more compared with 2021!

During 2022, we continued our commitment to innovation. We launched a new metal wire materials range to complete our portfolio with stainless steels, tool steel, nickel alloys, Invar, mild steel, and titanium.

In 2022, we presented another two innovations: Meltio Horizon Software and Laser Calibration System. Meltio is currently developing its software ecosystem to allow the generation of 5-axis G-codes.

Visit our website and keep an eye on our LinkedIn for the latest news and updates!

Meltio Factory wire laser metal 3D printing machines on the assembly line in Spain.


Digital Engineering 24/

December issue feature Technology Outlook

The December issue of Digital Engineering magazine features the results of our annual Technology Outlook survey, including how our readers use (and plan to use) AM technology. In addition, the issue includes features on 4D printing, CAD interoperability, how AI is transforming simulation, and digital twin evolution.

You can download the issue here here.

Download the latest issue for the Technology Outlook and more.

3D Printing

AM experts wanted: apply within

Since launching in 2016, we’ve hosted our awards event in London at venues across the city. This year is significant, as it marks two major changes.

First, after two years online, the 2023 3DPI Awards will return to a black-tie gala at an exciting venue. The traditional after-party will allow celebrations to continue until the early morning.

Second, we are currently in the process of assembling several expert committees to assist in selecting winners for 2023. If you’re interested in learning more, then please get in contact.

By the time you read this, this year’s winners will be announced. Visit our website for the complete list.

Happy holiday to all from 3DPI.

Medical Device

What makes a good material for 3D printing devices?

Advances in the world of 3D printing have been a key enabler in the production of certain medical devices – especially as medicine continues to move towards more individualized treatment approaches.

Depending on their use, some materials have risen above others as substances of choice for manufacturers. Medical Device Development’s Michele Brailsford speaks to Professor Mika Salmi and Professor Anthony Atala about what makes a good material for 3D printing devices used inside and outside of the body.

Read the story here.

Discussion of AM materials for various medical device applications.


Join the TCT Additive Manufacturing Network

This month, TCT launched the TCT Additive Manufacturing Network. This new 24/7/365 digital platform allows you to collaborate with other AM users and learn from our world-renowned conference, podcast, and webinar content.

This one-stop-shop will be a place for the AM community to learn, network peer-to-peer, engage with experts in our Knowledge Bar, access editorial live streams with leading industry figures, search AM machinery and suppliers, and share ideas.

Throughout December, we’re sharing a piece of content daily in our TCT AM Network Advent Calendar, such as keynotes from the Natural History Museum and Boeing and a live session with TCT editors covering the biggest AM stories of the year. There are currently over 70 on-demand conference presentations available to watch for free, and this is just the beginning.

Become a member of the TCT AM Network today for free.

The TCT AM Network is now live.

Make Parts

Tips on working with copper in AM

Copper is viewed as a material that will accelerate future aerospace production. For example, the privately funded company Ursa Major delivered a copper-based, 3D-printed rocket engine combustion chamber from its AM lab in Youngstown, Ohio. However, a challenge is that the supply chain for high-temperature metal alloy components is limited. Yet, development continues.

Dr. Ankit Saharan, senior manager of metals technology at EOS North America, discusses how copper and AM can accelerate aerospace production and potentially other areas.

Read his insights here.

Dr. Ankit Saharan (EOS North America) discusses copper, AM, and aerospace.


AMTECH reinforces commitment towards AM startups with the first 3D Printing Startup Challenge in India

AM is an emerging technology, and startups are the key drivers for its growth and broader adaptation. To foster the development of startups working in AM, the 3D Printing Startup Challenge was organized  at AMTECH 2022 with active participation from AM Ventures, ASTM International, and NCAM (National Centre of Additive Manufacturing).

Bone Graft 3D, a startup based out of IIT Hyderabad, and Prayasta 3D Inventions Pvt. Ltd won the first 3D Printing Startup Challenge.

The event highlighted the potential of AM startups to serve society and solve a broader range of problems.

Read the full story.

Highlights of the 3D Printing Startup Challenge at AMTECH 2022. & – Your channel to the German-speaking market and beyond is the most successful web magazine about AM in the German-speaking area. Since 2010, the magazine has provided comprehensive information and news on all aspects of 3D printing, from technology and materials to applications and industries. It targets both professionals and hobbyists. Its English-language sister magazine,, has become a leading source of information for 3D printing in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Both magazines have a vast network of industry experts and reports on current developments and trends. They also offer numerous tips and guides for getting started with 3D printing. A particular highlight of the magazine is the job center, the newsletters, and the 3D printing calendar.

Get your news and insights at and & – Your channel to the German-speaking market and beyond.


“Triple bottom line”—Extensive coverage in latest issue.

The goal of finding a balance between preserving safety measures and “greenness” is a hard one to strike. AM companies tend to forget the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) that embodies a true sustainable vision to only focus on developing a sustainable product – for which it’s often hard to deliver data.  This edition of 3D ADEPT Mag puts things into context. It presents this “triple bottom line” through eight exclusive features and demonstrates how it should be taken into account in a “sustainability vision” that includes additive manufacturing.

Exclusive features:

  • DOSSIER | Can Additive Manufacturing play a role in driving hydrogen fueled gas turbines?
  • Software | “Blockchain technology has just overcome its days of extreme hype.” The journey now needs to converge AM & Sustainability
  • Executive Interviews on the lead up to AMTC
  • How to post-process resin 3D printed parts?
  • Materials | Precious Metals AM in Jewelry: the ideal business case in regard to circular economy, but a sector that struggles to scale up. Why?
  • AM Shapers |The virtuous circle: the triple bottom line and the confluence of forces changing the manufacturing landscape of (3D printed) valves
  • Interview of the Month | Entering a new age of real low-cost Titanium for Additive Manufacturing with IperionX.
  • Guest Column | Where is Big Data in AM?

Read the interactive digital mag.

The latest issue of 3D Adept contains exclusive features on the “triple bottom line.”

Why did HP kill off its full-color 3D printer?

HP’s full-color 3D printer series was unlike anything else on the market. So, why did the company discontinue it? Were the parts weak? Was there no profit margin? investigates. Read the story here.

Full-color parts from the 300/500 series.