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AMUG Newsletter June 2013

By June 10, 2013October 7th, 2016

President’s Report

Bret Bordner President

Bret Bordner

Your board is already hard at it. We have dates and a location for the 2014 conference (April 6 – 10, 2014, Tucson, Arizona … see The Sorovetz Report below for details), and we have just concluded a grueling weekend strategy meeting and a successful exposition at RAPID 2013.

I want to thank the board members for their contributions over the two-and-a-half day strategy meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Goode for facilitating a very productive meeting. In that time, we hammered out the 2014 agenda, modifications to the exposition and sponsor programs, and countless details that will make your 2014 conference the best ever.

I want to also express thanks from AMUG to our sponsors that took time from their busy pre-RAPID schedules to meet with the board. The insight and suggestions, as well as the overwhelming support of AMUG, are key to us making the users group conference an exceptional event. Those companies included Stratasys, SLM Solutions, Somos Materials by DSM, ExOne, Concept Laser, EOS, Renishaw and Optomec.

As part of our strategic planning session, we reviewed the input from our survey. I am pleased to say that what we heard is that the AMUG Conference was outstanding. Yet, there were lots of comments that proved instrumental in our discussions of how to make it even better. Specifically, we:

  • Modified the sponsorship programs
  • Altered the presentation agenda
    • Created new tracks for metals and electronics
    • Identified new hands-on workshops
    • Created tracks specific to leading technologies
  • Identified changes to the registration process
  • Mapped out a new, interactive Exhibitor Expo web tool

To make the last item, the interactive expo map, come to life, we need our sponsors and exhibitors to act early. We will have every square inch of the Hilton El Conquistador dedicated to AMUG, but to plan the facility layout, we need to know who will be there in 2014.

I know I have a great team working alongside of me. The dedication and passion were “plain as day” as we ground through 12-hour meetings. With a team like that, I am absolutely positive that your 2014 AMUG Conference will be a “can’t-be-missed” event. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Respectfully yours,

Bret Bordner
AMUG President

Our Mission: Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies.

Vice President’s Report

Mark Barfoot Vice President

Mark Barfoot
Vice President

Your AMUG Board was busy during the SME RAPID event. After a weekend of board meetings to plan next year’s conference, we ended on the Monday with meetings with some of our previous sponsors. We took additional time during the actual RAPID show to meet and talk with many of the sponsors that were present. We are working hard to add more sponsors, especially those that will bring equipment for you to inspect and for hands-on training sessions. We’ve also found some additional exhibitors that will be coming to Tucson to join us. Stay tuned for more details as sponsors and exhibitors finalize their commitments.

The AMUG booth at RAPID saw a flurry of activity. Thank you to all that stopped by for a visit. We had a lot of interest from those that have not previously attended an AMUG Conference. Of those that have attended, the common theme was “If you are looking for answers to your technical questions, AMUG is the place to go!”

Mark Barfoot
Vice President

Sponsor News – Stratasys

Pseudo-Composite Material Draws Praise

A Stratasys patent for a pseudo-composite material took the gold award at this year’s Concours Lépine International Inventions Exhibition, which awards innovation paired with economic viability.

Read the news release here.


SSYS Stock Evaluation

Barring substantially adverse shocks to the global economy, Stratasys has the essential elements in place to trade much higher than current share prices. “Into the stratosphere” may be taking some artistic license, but given their current leadership position in the 3D printing industry, the Objet merger progressing smoothly and ahead of schedule, historic and projected earnings growth, a strong moat of patents and a breakneck expansion of R&D investments, Gary Anderson doesn’t see the stock heading south.

Read the rationale at


The Sorovetz Report

Tom Sorovetz Event Manager

Tom Sorovetz
Event Manager

Well, its official — the 2014 AMUG Conference and Exposition will be held April 6 -10, 2014, at the Hilton El Conquistador ( in sunny Tucson, Arizona. We have had the AMUG Conference and Exhibition here twice before, and everyone who attended wanted to go back to this great property.

hilton_el_conThe Hilton El Conquistador is nestled at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains and surrounded by acres of high Sonoran Desert terrain with a spectacular view of Pusch Ridge. The Hilton El Conquistador is approximately 25 miles from Tucson International Airport (I am working on round trip transportation at a reduced fee) and 100 miles from the Phoenix International Airport (for those of you who are planning to fly into/out of Phoenix let me know, and I will see about arranging transportation at a reduced rate as well).

The hotel has plenty of things to do if you arrive early or stay the weekend after the conference. It has a nine-hole golf course (Pusch Ridge Course) as well as bike trails, horseback riding (no, Roger, you can’t go horseback riding this time) and tennis courts. The pool area has a slide, a hot tub, a cold plunge and of course a great pool area (open 24 hours and heated to 85+ °F}, so bring your swimwear. The hotel also has a country club a few miles away with 36 holes of golf. Local area points of interest include the Biosphere 2, Jeep Tours and a whole lot more.

The Hilton El Conquistador has 428 sleeping rooms; reservations will be opening within the next few weeks. The 2013 AMUG Conference had 362 attendees plus vendors so I would suggest booking as soon as we start taking reservations to secure a room … you can always cancel prior to the conference if necessary. For those who have to go through a travel group, I would speak with them to see if it would reserve your room early.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at

Hope to see you at the 2014 AMUG Conference and Exposition in Tucson, Arizona

Have a GREAT summer,

Thomas A. Sorovetz
Event Manager