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AMUG Newsletter March 2012

By March 25, 2012October 10th, 2016

President’s Report

Gary Rabinovitz President

Gary Rabinovitz

With just 39 days until our April 22nd inaugural AMUG Users Meeting, the excitement continues to grow by the day.

We have some very important news to announce in this month’s AMUG newsletter.

Newly Appointed Board Members

We are pleased to announce that AMUG has two new directors on its board, Vince Anewenter, manager of operations for MSOE’s Rapid Prototyping Center, and Todd Grimm, president of T. A. Grimm & Associates.

Vince has accepted the treasurer position and is currently working with Guy Bourdeau, our treasurer for many years, in the transition. While the board is happy to have Vince, it is with deep regret that we are losing a committed, hard-working treasurer that took control of all our financial matters. Due to professional and personal reasons, Guy will step down as our treasurer during the business meeting at our April conference. Guy, we will miss you. Vince, welcome aboard.

Todd will bring his 22 years of experience to the table as the additive manufacturing industry advisor. This position, which has gone unfilled for many years, will have great importance as AMUG continues to expand the participation of users and vendors from all additive manufacturing technologies.

Congratulations, gentlemen. We look forward to great things from both of you.

Excitement Builds

As you may have already heard, everything is up this year: sponsorships, exhibitors and attendees. Having been privy to the hard work going on daily, I can tell you that there is a real sense of energy and excitement from all – from the board, the vendors and most importantly, the AM users.

Nearly a year ago, this group voted to expand the user group beyond SLA and SLS. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, but as with any change, there was a lot of risk. And with that risk came anxiety. Would this move prove to be the demise of the users group or its defining moment?

In the to-date success, we have the answer. That vote was a pivotal event in the history of the success of AMUG. We truly have something unique and special. I sincerely hope that you can find the budget dollars and time to attend so that you can be a part of the forward progress of your users group.

In closing I would like to encourage all attendees to register ASAP so that we can continue to plan accordingly for the best users group meting of all time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or things you would like to see at the 2012 AMUG Conference.

Best Regards,
Gary Rabinovitz
AMUG President

Our Mission: AMUG educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies.

VP Report

Mark Abshire Vice President

Mark Abshire
Vice President

Exhibitor Expo & More

Everything for the AMUG Conference is coming together and well underway. I have been working diligently on the Exhibitor Expo this year, and I am very pleased to announce that we have exceeded all previous years with the highest-ever participation.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. There will be over 50 exhibitors that offer services and supplies for all your additive manufacturing needs. You will

be delighted to see many returning exhibitors from previous years and happy to meet new friends that are coming for their first time.

But don’t be intimidated by the crowd! You will want to make plans to attend Sunday evening, April 22nd, and follow-up the following evening to make sure you see them all.

If you have not made your reservations for the AMUG conference this year, I encourage you to do it now. This year promises to offer exceptional opportunities to learn, share and network with fellow AMers. Make your reservation today at

Mark Abshire

Vice President


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Sponsor News – Objet

5 Different Ways Architects Use 3D Printers

Contributed by Piet Meijs, Rietveld Architects.

For the full post, visit the Objet blog, “It’s a 3D World.”

In general, architectural models are made for one reason: communication. However, what you want to communicate varies according to what phase of the project you’re at.
At Rietveld Architects, we try to make 3D printed models for every phase of every project.
Project Acquisition
When developing new business, you have to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise manner. A 3D printed model is very useful for this. It has the advantage of communicating an idea while staying abstract enough to encourage discussion and new inputs.
Preliminary Design: Urban Scale
A building never stands by itself – it’s always part of a wider context. A very nice way to communicate the design’s integration with its surrounds is by 3D printing a model of the existing site with a removable “plug” of the proposed project site.
Preliminary Design: Building Scale
The task in every design phase is to arrive at a cohesive design that includes all the requested requirements, such as program, cost and code compliance. This spatial arrangement can be shown in 2D diagrams, but we also like to use 3D models with facades that highlight the different functions.
Construction: Detail Scale
In interior design, details include hardware, finishes and decorative items. We typically use our Objet 3D printer to create 1:1 scale models of custom designed interior features, such as faucet and lighting fixtures.
Final Presentation
A 3D printed model is great for final display purposes. Clients love to have a 3D model of their latest project on their desk to show off to their potential clients, while the same goes for new tenants. With a 3D printer, this couldn’t be easier.

Sponsor News – Stratasys

How to Design Your Part for DDM


Fortus 900mc – large capacity machine for DDM

Traditional manufacturing methods, like machining and injection molding, have many rules, restrictions and limitations. These rules don’t apply when using Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). Designers are free to concentrate on the best design and not concern themselves with manufacturability.


The shift is so fundamental that the impact may not be fully recognized for years to come. Find out how it’s possible with a free white paper from Stratasys.

Technical Competitions

Tim Gornet Past President

Tim Gornet Past President

Hurry, time is running out. With only weeks until the conference, you need to submit your entries for the Technical Competitions soon. To download contest guidelines and entry forms, visit the competition webpage.

The two categories are Advanced Finishing and Advanced Concepts.

The spectacular work of all whom enter will be on display for all to see. Get some recognition for the great work that you produce.

Tim Gornet

Past President

Treasurer’s Report

Guy Bourdeau Treasurer

Guy Bourdeau

I would like to update everyone on the new online registration process for the 2012 AMUG Conference. There is a slight difference this year related to the sponsor and exhibitors. Follow these guidelines for proper registration.

Conference Attendees:

Registration provides full access to all conference activities. Register as “Conference Attendee Only” if your company is not a sponsor or exhibitor. There is requirement of equipment ownership or operation for registration at this level.

Award Banquet Registration:

This option is for friends or family of conference attendees and exhibitors that wish to attend the Tuesday evening dinner and festivities.


Select “Sponsorship” from the pull-down menu on the first input screen. This selection will direct you to all the options for your level of sponsorship. Please follow all online instructions.

If you are at level of $5,000 or more, please make sure to mark the “Comp Registration” box and enter the employees’ information (next screen) so they can be recorded. You will need to check the “Comp Table” box if you will be exhibiting at the Exhibitor Expo. These levels include one or two tables as part of your sponsorship.

The person registered as the sponsor is the primary “Comp Attendee” if this is included at your sponsorship level. Please send a list of our Comp Attendees to so a code can be generated to register the attendees individually.

Exhibitors (without sponsorship):

Please select “Exhibitor Registration.” The screens that follow will present all available options. Please read all information and fill in all required data.

Your company must be registered as an exhibitor before anyone can be added as an “Additional Associate,” which is required for all those that will staff your table/booth at the expo. Note that Additional Associates must be employees of the registered exhibitor. Sharing space among affiliated companies is a violation of the additional associate policy and could result in an additional exhibitor fee.

Refund Policy

The no refund policy will go into effect after April 1, 2012. In lieu of refunds, you are free to substitute individuals if needed.

If you have question on how you should register, please email me at or phone me at 954-559-3728.


Guy Bourdeau

The Sorovetz Report

Tom Sorovetz Event Manager

Tom Sorovetz
Event Manager

T-minus 39 days and counting until the beginning of our historic inaugural event. I cannot wait. I am so excited to be a part of AMUG and this ground-breaking conference.

The weather in Costa Mesa should be in the mid-60’s during the day and the mid-50’s at night, so please pack accordingly. Remember that the Tuesday night Awards Banquet could be inside, outside or both, so be prepared.

As a reminder, if I can help answer any questions prior to your arrival at Costa Mesa, please call or e-mail me. Once onsite, I am available around the clock for any issues and emergencies. Please contact me if an issue arises.

Although we have a packed schedule for our attendees, you may find some free time to enjoy the local sights. If you are making this both a business and pleasure trip, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. To get an idea of what the area has to offer, visit the attractions page on our web site. Highlights include:

South Coast Plaza: shopping at its finest (and free hotel shuttle to get you there).
Fashion Island: more shopping and dining.
Disneyland: discount passes available to attendees.
Knott’s Berry Farm: America’s first theme park.
Newport Beach: prestigious area with many attractions.
Huntington Beach: the surfing mecca.
Catalina Island: a ferry ride gets you to a pristine oasis.

See you next month in Costa Mesa, California.

Thomas A. Sorovetz

From the Editor

I was blown away and honored by the board’s offering of the AM industry advisors position. This came from out of the blue.

On Friday, March 9th at 12:47 pm, the board made the offer. By 12:47:30, I had accepted the role.

In those 30 seconds, I took pause before saying “Yes”- not to consider the impact on my life or the time commitment I would be making. The pause was only due to being speechless and flabbergasted.

I accepted the position without any understanding of what would be expected of me, what the role requires or what role I would play.

Why do I tell you all of this? I simply want to convey my level of support for and belief in this organization. I’ve witnessed the dedication of the board in countless conference calls and in the mountain of daily tasks. I’ve seen what AMUG provides its members. I’ve enjoyed the open and sharing environment of the conferences.

If you have any hesitancy in attending the April conference or doubt in its value, trust me, your attendance will be well worth the time and expense. Join us just once, and you will also be a believer!

Todd Grimm

About AMUG

3DS Users Group has become AMUG, an organization that educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. The transition to AMUG supports the expansion of the user group to include all commercial additive manufacturing technologies for companies such as 3D Systems, EOS, Objet Geometries, Stratasys and Z Corporation. AMUG meets annually to provide a forum for technical presentation on processes and new technologies. This information addresses operation of additive manufacturing equipment and the applications that use the parts they make.


Connect with members on the organization’s websitebog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube networks.