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AMUG Newsletter May 2012

By May 10, 2012October 10th, 2016

President’s Report

Gary Rabinovitz President

Gary Rabinovitz

The 2012 AMUG Conference was a total success in many ways. For those of you who attended, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those that participated – too many to mention by name – my thanks for your tireless work, without which this event could not have been a success.

The Exhibitor Expo was packed with vendors and attendees for a total of nine hours over a two-night period. Monday morning started off with a video offering a pictorial history covering 24 years of AMUG. This was followed by several award presentations: one to Guy Bourdeau, 3D Systems, for his 12 years of dedication and commitment as the treasurer of AMUG; one to Charlie Norton, NCP Leasing, for his continued financial support of AMUG as well as to the entire additive manufacturing industry.

The week was filled with keynote presentations, hands-on training, certificate sessions and lots of networking opportunities. As always, the Awards Banquet was spectacular. The conference finished up with a visit to RapidTech where 84 attendees saw what this program has to offer. The evening finished up with a good old-fashioned BBQ and networking session back at the Hilton.

We are putting the finishing touches on the conference proceedings. When ready, all attendees will receive a link and a password to access them.


In closing, I would like encourage everyone who attended to please invite those who did not to get involved and to join us next year in Jacksonville, Florida.

I will be in Atlanta for RAPID next week. I hope to see your there.

Best Regards,
Gary Rabinovitz
AMUG President

Our Mission: AMUG educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies.

VP Report

Mark Abshire Past Vice President

Mark Abshire
Past Vice President

Conference Recap

Thanks to all our sponsors, exhibitors, presenters and attendees for making our 2012 conference the most successful event ever.

The Exhibitor Expo was overflowing with a record number of vendors offering equipment, supplies and services.  In addition, I was overwhelmed when I saw the number of first-time attendees raise their hands at our opening session. I am sure they received the same value from presentations and networking that the “old-timers”‘ have taken advantage of for many years. I know that they were impressed with the openness and willingness to share solutions. This spirit of cooperation will increase the use and quality of additive manufacturing technologies.

Our sponsors and exhibitors are essential in maintaining cost and delivering value to our participants; please take the time to thank them by considering their products and/or services first.

This was a banner year for AMUG. I look forward to working with our new AMUG board to make 2013 even better.


Mark Abshire

Vice President

2012 Sponsors


Moving Forward

Mark Barfoot Vice President

Mark Barfoot
Vice President

I have enjoyed attending the AMUG Conference for the last five years and owe a lot of my knowledge of additive manufacturing to many of the AMUG participants. Every year I’m amazed at the new applications and developments that are being made in this industry.

I am very excited about being on the AMUG board this year and look forward to working to improve the event even more. Specifically, Bret Bordner and I would like to get your feedback on anything you’d like to see improved with the Exhibitor Expo. Are there any technologies or organizations that you think would be beneficial for us to have exhibiting at the expo?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any of your suggestions.


Mark Barfoot

Conference Value

Brad Van Dike Yazaki North America

Brad Van Dike Yazaki North America

Considering attendance at AMUG, I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure if having users from all the manufacturers in one location was such a good idea. I thought that it might cause people to keep information close to the vest. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong, and I was wrong. It was first apparent during Todd Grimm’s keynote presentation when he asked the crowd to introduce themselves to the stranger next to them. The conversations began; five minutes later Todd needed to interrupt and get his presentation back on track. Everyone seemed eager to participate.

There were members of top-level management available to answer pertinent questions about product development and company direction and end users to help troubleshoot and work around difficulties one may have encountered. In the atmosphere created by AMUG, all of these people are in one setting, and you find that many have been in your situation and faced your challenges.

The greatest benefits at AMUG are the attendees’ willingness to share information and the networking sessions. If you ask someone for advice and they do not have firsthand experience on the topic, they probably know someone who does. There is a sense of camaraderie, and there is no hesitation to introduce you to others so you can find the answer you need.

Besides renewing contacts that have been made in the past, I was able to make new ones that will assist me in obtaining materials necessary to meet the goals set forth for R&D projects on which I am currently working.

With the exception of 3D Systems, all the major manufacturers were in attendance. This allowed us to see presentations on all additive manufacturing (AM) equipment that we were considering for purchase, and speak to users to gain in-depth technical knowledge regarding each piece of equipment. I was able to talk to salesmen face-to-face without the distractions of everyday tasks to interrupt the exchange of information. Product demonstrations were right there for firsthand experimentation.

It was good to see all manufacturers represented, and I look forward to the AMUG conference next year, which I expect will have double the attendance.

Brad Van Dike

Yazaki North America

Sponsor News – Stratasys

Stratasys Soars in First Year of AMUG Sponsorship

In our first year of active participation at the annual AMUG conference, Stratasys trained users on FDM tips and tricks, presented new applications, gathered customer feedback, connected with old friends and met some new ones. While the week focused on users, Stratasys gained as much as it gave. “The benefit of being face to face with users of our technology as well as other technologies is invaluable,” said Terry Hoppe, Stratasys manager of applications engineering. “That interaction keeps us in touch with their needs and helps us develop applications and future products that more closely meet those needs.”

Just some of the Stratasys team at the AMUG Conference.

Just some of the Stratasys team at the AMUG Conference.

It seems the enthusiasm went both ways:

“I really enjoyed building existing relationships and starting several new ones. It was a proud yet humbling moment having been introduced as a valued partner of Stratasys. That’s quite a status to sustain.” Rick Meachum, RLM Industries Inc.

“Thanks to all for the learning and hospitality! Made some great new friends and touched base with some “older” ones.” Duane Byerley, Xerox Model Shop

Special kudos to the Stratasys staff at AMUG who stayed tight-lipped about the new product reveal that followed just days after the close of the meeting in Costa Mesa: the new Mojo 3D Printer! Watch the video or learn more about this new all-in-one 3D printing package for just $9900.

Sponsor News – Objet

Celebrating Fenway Park’s 100th

Objet hit a home run at the 2012 AMUG Conference. JUst a few weeks before, it did the same in recreating Fenway Park in miniature.

Here’s what had to say, “You might not think the people at Objet Ltd. — a global company known for creating high-quality, inkjet-based 3-D printing systems — would be interested in Fenway Park’s 100th year. But you’d be wrong. Run by longtime Red Sox fans and frequent visitors to the legendary ballpark, Objet decided the best way for the group to commemorate the historic anniversary would be to use its 3-D printing technology to create a large-scale replica of the stadium.”

“The 3-foot-by-5-foot model was printed at Objet North America’s Billerica, Mass., headquarters, less than 20 miles from Boston. The massive creation is about 1/200th scale, includes 40 separate printed sections and weighs in at around 105 pounds. The detail of the piece, however, is meticulous enough to capture not only the Green Monster, the Pesky Pole and the exact number of lights, but even the famous red Ted Williams seat in right field.”

“Objet’s replica made the rounds in late April by appearing on local TV, and being on display at Game On! Bar & Restaurant and the Museum of Science in Boston. Now, Playbook Visuals gives you an inside look — with high-resolution images and the world premiere of the latest video, which shows just how the replica was made and how fans have reacted to it.”

Objet 3D Printed Fenway Park Model Tours Boston!
Objet 3D Printed Fenway Park Model Tours Boston!

2012 – 2013 Board

AMUG’s elected and appointed officers for 2012 – 2013 are:

  • President: Gary Rabinovitz, Reebok
  • Vice President: Bret Bordner, Laser Reproductions
  • Vice President: Mark Barfoot, Christie Digital Systems
  • Secretary: Brad Palumbo, Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies
  • Event Manager: Tom Sorovetz, Chrysler LLC
  • Past President: Tim Gornet, University of Louisville
  • Treasurer: Vince Anewenter, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • AM Industry Advisor: Todd Grimm, T. A. Grimm & Associates

AMUG Grows

By every measure, the 2012 conference was a success. Below are the numbers and percentage growth over 2011.

  • Attendees: 278 (70%)
  • Countries represented: 15 (67%)
  • Exhibitors: 53 (96%)
  • Sponsors:  31 (24%)

Just as impressive was the number of first-time attendees. By a show of hands, 35% had never been to AMUG before 2012.

New on the Website


The AMUG website ( now has highlights from the 2012 conference and a preview page for the venue. New items include:

  • 600+ photos: view
  • 10videos: view
  • Hotel and attractions: view

So, visit the site to reminisce, see what you missed or picture yourself at the 2013 conference.

The Sorovetz Report

Tom Sorovetz Event Manager

Tom Sorovetz
Event Manager

Well, the inaugural AMUG Conference has come and gone, and it was a huge success, I might add. If you were not able to attend, you missed a “stellar” (as Tim Gornet would say) conference.

From a logistics point of view, I hope no one had any issues with their travels or the hotel.

The 2013 AMUG Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida, April 14-18, 2013.  As information becomes available, it will be added to our website (, so please check back often.

I encourage everyone to reach out to find new attendees and vendors and have them participate next year. If there are training sessions or presentations you would like in 2013, please contact Gary Rabinovitz so that he can work them into the agenda.

In regards to AMUG sponsors and exhibitors, please do your best to use the companies that support our organization. I know we all have current suppliers that do not participate in the conference, but if it is possible, get them to exhibit, or move your business to our supporters.

Have a great Memorial Day holiday.

Hope to see you in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2013!

Thomas A. Sorovetz

From the Editor

Todd Grimm AM Industry Advisor

Todd Grimm
AM Industry Advisor

I can’t say it any better, so why try? Here are a few of the many testimonials received after the 2012 conference.

“…AMUG provides an opportunity to meet the people that will change my future,” Daniel Maas, ExOne

“AMUG is the heart of the additive manufacturing industry and the conference keeps your finger on the pulse,” Brian Palacios, Fabricastl

“This conference allows me to collect the same information that would have taken me two or three different events in the past. As a result, this conference is more easily justifiable and more advantageous from a cost / benefit stand point,” Mark Wynn, Yazaki North America

“Great information… Great networking… Great conference!.” James Hockey, Directed Manufacturing

If you have a few words you’d care to share, please forward them to me at Sharing your experience will help us to grow the conference.

Todd Grimm

About AMUG

AMUG is an organization that educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. As a users group, AMUG has expanded and now supports all commercial additive manufacturing technologies for companies such as 3D Systems, EOS, Objet Geometries and Stratasys. AMUG meets annually to provide a forum for technical presentation on processes and new technologies. This information addresses operation of additive manufacturing equipment and the applications that use the parts they make.

Connect with members on the organization’s websitebog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube networks.