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AMUG November 2022

By November 17, 2022

November 2022

President’s report

AMUG Members,

Seasons are changing, autumn is leafing leaving, and holiday celebrations will soon be jingling in. But your AMUG team is steadily marching forward with just four months until our 2023 AMUG Conference. And in accordance with this harvest season, AMUG has abundant opportunities available to our members.

This year’s conference marks the 25th anniversary of the DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) award. Our DINO Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations to recognize members who have made a dedicated contribution over time to the AM industry and AMUG’s success. For information on requirements, process, and nominations, please visit DINO Nominations.

The Volunteer Committee has opportunities to serve for pre-conference activities or during the conference. These include bag stuffing, registration, session moderators, hosts, and more. If you are willing to give back to AMUG, just fill out a volunteer form on our website.

Let’s not forget about the next generation of members; AMUG offers scholarship programs to attend and present at our conference.

Our Nominating Committee (see article below) is also searching for candidates to fill the upcoming Board or Director positions available for the next term. Members can apply by self-application or by recommending others. Job descriptions, responsibilities, process, and application information is posted on our website under the  About / Board of Directors menu.

Members, please take a look at the new AMUG organizational chart on our website. It shows you, our members, at the center of our organization, surrounded by an array of directors and committees, all part of the membership that have stepped forward to volunteer with AMUG. AMUG relies on member participation for success. But to be a member, you must register for the annual AMUG Conference. Please consider registering before standard rates kick in on January 6, 2023, and secure your hotel reservation before our room block is sold out.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at AMUG.

Mark Abshire

Mark Abshire

Diana Kalisz selected for the 2023 Innovators Award

AMUG has selected Diana Kalisz, vice president, materials for 3D Systems, for its 2023 Innovators Award. Previous recipients of this esteemed award include Chuck Hull, Scott Crump, Carl Deckard, Fried Vancraen, Gideon Levy, Hans Langer, and Andy Christensen.

Diana has been instrumental in AM’s growth and development over her 30+-year career at 3D Systems. She has also played an important role in AMUG during its foundational years.

Mark Abshire, AMUG president, said, “Diana’s contributions to innovation in additive manufacturing center around bringing innovative ideas to life. In that vein, she has played a pivotal role in delivering new machines, materials, and software. And she not only nurtured innovations, but she also enabled those around her to innovate.”

Diana has managed, in various capacities, the engineering and development programs for 3D Systems’ hardware, software, and materials solutions. Presently, she focuses on developing production applications for the company’s Figure 4 platform.

AMUG members will have the opportunity to get to know Diana, hear her story, and benefit from her insights during the Innovators Showcase at the 2023 AMUG Conference. Her on-stage appearance will be yet another not-to-be-missed episode in the hugely popular Innovators Showcase.

Congratulations, Diana.

Diana Kalisz to receive 2023 Innovators Award.

AMUG 2023 scholarships are live

Students or educators in the AM/3D printing space are encouraged to apply for one of two scholarships. The AMUG scholarship applications are live at

Those selected for the scholarships receive expenses-covered access to the AMUG Conference. The opportunity to attend the AMUG Conference, where the scholarship recipients are immersed in the AM community, is invaluable.

Many past winners, like Sean Dobson, John Sorvillo, and Kate Schneidau have become an integral part of AMUG and the AM community, continuing to participate and give back to the community.

There are two distinct categories:

Students: The Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship sponsored by Cimquest, Inc.
Educators:  The Randy Stevens Scholarship sponsored by In’Tech Industries

The deadline to apply is January 23, 2023. Submissions are accepted here.

AMUG is now accepting scholarship applications.

Board of Directors election

AMUG Members,

The Nominating Committee is tasked with the responsibility of getting great candidates on the election ballot. The AMUG Board puts in an enormous amount of work, so we need candidates with the skillset and commitment to get the job done right. To help everyone understand what this entails, our website now has detailed information on the positions and the process.

I urge you to review this information under the About > Board of Directors menu item on the AMUG website. You will see details for the organizational chart; leadership commitment; position descriptions, requirements & expectations; responsibilities & commitment; application & election process; and the elections. This information will help you understand what positions will be open, the details of what is expected, and how to get involved. If you know someone you feel would be excellent to nominate or you would like to self-nominate, please complete a submission form. We will then reach out to discuss the opportunities and requirements so that there are no surprises before the ballot is submitted.

We are working to build a team capable of leading us into the future of AM. We are here to help make this process smooth and give visibility into what each position will take. A submission is a great first step to understanding the roles  before confirming your inclusion on the election slate for Secretary, Director-Conference & Education, Director-Sponsors & Exhibitors, Director-Event & Hospitality, and Treasurer.

Thank you,

Carl Dekker
Past President | Nominating Committee Chair

Carl Dekker
Past President & Nominating Committee Chair

Plan ahead; don’t miss pre-conference activities

For those that want to make the most of the AMUG Conference experience, plan to arrive early to take advantage of several pre-conference educational and networking opportunities. These will take place on Saturday and Sunday before the conference starts.

Calling all golfers: Although the weather in Chicago can be unpredictable in March, Topgolf can provide a unique social and entertainment golf experience in a climate-controlled atmosphere. If you are interested in a Topgolf experience before the start of the conference, please contact Tom Sorovetz so that we can get an accurate headcount for a reserved space at the complex.

Last year, DMG MORI opened its doors to AMUG members for an exclusive tour of their Hoffman Estates facility. It was a massive success with over 100 AMUG members in attendance. AMUG is working again with DMG MORI and other AM companies in the Chicago area to develop off-site tour opportunities for 2023. More details to follow.

AMUG is also working with our educational program sponsors to provide professional development opportunities by offering pre-conference certification courses. Participation in these courses requires their own registration, separate from registration for the AMUG conference. More details to follow.

Topgolf, anyone?

New member/first-time attendees

Hello, first-time attendees.

With great pleasure, the New Member Committee welcomes you to your first AMUG Conference.  By now, you should’ve received a welcome letter with a link to FAQ 101 and 202 guides informing you of what to expect from the conference.  If you did not receive this welcome letter, please be patient—one will be sent to you soon.  Please visit the FAQ page if you want to check out the two guides.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at, and I’ll provide the answers.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

Derek Ellis
New Member Committee Chair

AMUG is hiring

While AMUG primarily relies on volunteers, our growth finds us in need of some talented paid contractors. We are currently looking for an operations manager and a graphics designer. Also, we will be posting for an information technology (IT) contractor in the near future.

Please go to our application form if you, or someone you know, would like to apply for these positions or get more information on job descriptions, responsibilities, and qualifications.

AMUG to hire contractors for operations manager and graphic designer.



Now broadly available: Shop System™ Forust Edition

Desktop Metal is showcasing the world’s first high-speed 3D printer for upcycled wood parts, the Shop System Forust Edition. Wood designs printed with the proprietary Forust process can be finished like standard unfinished wood products, and they are suitable for an array of end-use applications, such as lighting, decor, or automotive interiors. Visit us at Formnext in Hall 12.0 Booth D101 to see commercial products created with the Forust process, such as the Cocoon decorative light from London-based HagenHinderdael.

The Shop System Forust Edition.

Need added 3D printing capacity?

Whether you need a technology you don’t have in-house or run out of a specific material, GoEngineer can help you get your one-off 3D print job or end-of-year projects printed to meet the demands of your customers. Our 3D Printed Parts Service can help you with our stereolithography, PolyJet, FDM, Origin One, SAF, CNC, overmolding, and more.

As a special incentive for AMUG readers, reach out to our team with promo code AMUG20 for 20% off your first PolyJet 3D Printed Parts order. Get started today.

3D Printing Lab in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan.

Two on-demand manufacturing behemoths adopt ultrafast LSPc 3D printing from Nexa3D

When it comes to high-throughput, ultrafast 3D printing, one company is currently making a strong argument as being the fastest with an offering of high-speed industrial resin, powder-bed SLS, and even desktop resin 3D printers–that company is Nexa3D. Now two of the largest manufacturing service providers have taken notice, with both announcing the adoption of Nexa3D’s 3D printers to upgrade their existing additive offerings.

Quickparts and Xometry will incorporate Nexa3D’s NXE 400Pro and XiP 3D printers as an upgrade to their existing offerings–giving them the ability to produce high-resolution parts in high-performance materials in less than half the time of many of their existing solutions. Quickparts is also a foundational adopter of Nexa3D’s breakthrough QLS 820 SLS system, which is about 60% faster than the current industry standard with double the average packing density.

Learn more about Nexa3D’s On-Demand Manufacturing Partner Network.

A row of NXE 400Pro ultrafast industrial 3D printers from Nexa3D.


Evonik launches three new photopolymers for 3D printing

Evonik continues its materials campaign in 3D printing with three new INFINAM® photopolymers for industrial 3D applications used in common UV-curing 3D printing processes, such as SLA or DLP.

INFINAM RG 2000 L is a photo-resin for the demanding eyewear industry. The clear liquid formulation cures quickly and is easy to process. It is suitable for manufactured eyewear frames and applications such as microfluidic reactors.

INFINAM RG 7100 L was specially developed for DLP printers, enabling the production of parts with isotropic properties and low moisture absorption.

INFINAM TI 5400 L is another example of application-focused product development. With this formulation, Evonik is responding to customer requests—especially from the Asia region for a PVC-like resin used in the rapidly growing market of limited-edition designer toys.

For more information, visit or INFINAM Material Grades.

INFINAM® by Evonik—Ready-to-use materials to elevate 3D printing.

Formnext 2022

As our biggest annual event in Europe, Formnext 2022, comes to an end, Tekna would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers, partners, suppliers, and new faces for the great discussions we had during these days.

We hope that you have enjoyed meeting us and that we have provided you with the information you needed about our powders and plasma technology.

If you have any questions about our products or need additional information, feel free to contact our team.

Great discussions in Tekna’s Formnext booth.

13 new validated materials and open material options now available from Stratasys

Stratasys is partnering with materials providers Covestro, Kimya, and Victrex plc to make Stratasys Validated materials available, starting with the Fortus® 450mc 3D printer. Stratasys has validated these materials with basic reliability testing to accelerate the expansion of material options available in the marketplace. In addition, several existing materials are now available in colors as Validated materials.

“The polymer materials industry is investing in additive manufacturing like they never have before, and we want our world-class customers to be able to take full advantage of those innovations in chemistry as quickly as possible. Our hybrid materials strategy does just that because the world urgently needs to make this shift to additive manufacturing at scale,” said Stratasys CEO Dr. Yoav Zeif.

Read the full announcement.

Flame-retardant, high-performance ULTEM™ 9085 thermoplastic material now comes in several colors, opening up more end-use parts applications in which aesthetics are important, such as in aircraft interiors.

New blog post: The Reality of 3D Metal Printing Without Supports

The potential benefits of support-free 3D printing using DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Solidification) make it a very attractive avenue of development. The impact of printing without supports could have on material usage, print times, and the post-processing phase alone pays testament to the appeal of support-free printing. It’s an exciting prospect in the AM world, but with the rumor mill churning about what’s possible and what’s not, it’s hard to uncover the true reality of support-free metal 3D printing technology.

In our latest blog post, Additive Minds team manager Davy Orye sets the record straight on the subject of support-free 3D printing with DMLS technology, with a detailed explanation of the process of AM with and without supports.

Find out more about the challenges posed by 3D printing with supports, where there are opportunities to get closer to a support-free printing method, and what benefits might come from advancements in this exciting AM area.

Read it now.

Read The Reality of 3D Metal Printing Without Supports blog post today.


Bioprinting market analysis

In its latest report, Bioprinting: Markets and Opportunities, SmarTech Analysis has estimated the bioprinting market to reach nearly $1.2 billion by 2028, compared to just $182 million today. Having monitored the segment for years, the firm has put together its findings, complete with significant analysis and 10-year projections. Among the conclusions is the estimate that almost 70 percent of bioprinting industry revenue opportunities will come from applications and services, while bioprinting hardware alone will bring in around $100 million by 2031.

Read the story.

SmarTech Analysis projects the bioprinting market to reach $1.2 billion by 2028.

Digital Engineering 24/

DE’s October/November issue out now

The October/November issue of Digital Engineering takes a look at electronics design issues, including failure-proofing and repairability. In addition, we take a deep dive into the AM Forward initiative and what it could mean for 3D printing, as well as the effect of the CHIPS Act on U.S. manufacturing moving forward.

You can download the issue here.

Electronics featured in new Digital Engineering issue.

Medical Device

Radiology innovations in 3D printing in latest edition of Medical Device Developments

Radiotherapy is one of the most effective cancer treatments. But while it successfully destroys cancer cells, it can also damage the surrounding healthy tissue. Historically, the devices used to protect healthy tissue had limitations, often because they failed to match individual patient anatomy.

The advent of 3D printing makes it possible to create tailored devices that better protect the patient. MDD’s Kim Thomas spoke to James Robar, professor and chief of medical physics at Dalhousie University, and James Byrne, assistant professor of radiation oncology at the University of Iowa, about the types of devices used and the processes used to create them.

Read the story here.

The article, Targeting the Dose, is in the latest issue of Medical Device Developments.

Metal AM

The autumn 2022 issue of Metal AM magazine is out now

Packed with the latest industry news and eight deep-dive articles, this issue is all you need to stay informed as the industry grows. View the preview below for a taste of what’s in store in this issue:

✔️ A visit to General Motors’ Additive Industrialization Center, with exclusive news on new machine installations from Velo3D and EOS.

✔️ A deep-dive into AM in the arts and what benefits can be found when the two are brought together.

✔️ A status update on the Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion industry.

✔️ An overview of how carbon capture efficiency can be improved by AM, from experts at 3D Systems, AirCapture LLC, and the University of Oxford

✔️ An outline of the DirectPowder™ process and how it could change metal AM from the technology’s co-creator John Barnes

✔️ An insight into how metal AM can help to drive emissions reduction and how a consortium of companies is educating the workforce of the future in the use of AM.

✔️ Takeaways from the 20th Plansee Seminar, with a focus on advances in the AM of refractory metals and hard materials

✔️ A discussion of why AM needs you and your company to get involved in standards development

Download your free copy here.

The latest issue of Metal AM magazine is out now.


Share your AM insights at TCT 3Sixty 2023

By the time this newsletter reaches inboxes, we’ll be over halfway through the TCT Conference @ Formnext, which means we’ll have already heard how the likes of Jack Wolfskin, Boeing, and GE Healthcare are applying 3D technologies. But as one conference comes to a close, the call for papers to another commences, and we’re looking to hear from end-users, expert analysts, and researchers to share their insights on the latest AM technologies and capabilities at TCT 3Sixty in the UK. TCT is committed to the evaluation, adoption, and optimization of AM technologies, and this two-day conference program (June 7-8, 2023) will feature keynote talks, presentations, fireside chats, and panels across that entire adoption journey.

We are calling on the entire AM community to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices for this year’s program. Abstracts can be submitted here or via email to Lu Tikrity at

Call for speakers now open for the 2023 TCT 3Sixty Conference.